Cau Giay Park, Hanoi

Cau Giay Park, Hanoi

A Greenish Corner Downtown Hanoi, Vietnam

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Oct 23, 2019

Cau Giay Park is ranked as one of the most beautiful green public parks in Hanoi for the locals as it contains beautiful artificial landscapes and an attached amusement zone, which are extremely relaxing and fascinating to enjoy the outdoor activities as well as to escape from the hustle and bustle of the inner city.

Address: Thanh Thai Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
Hours: 3am-10p.m
Price: free (if you have a vehicle, park it outside and it costs 8.000 VND)

Highlights of Cau Giay Park

Covering an area of 6,540 square meters including a large crystal-clear lake in the middle, Cau Giay park is divided into three main sections including a playing ground for kids, a sports area, and a square. It attracts your attention right at first sight because of how it is well-organized and lush. The park offers a green tree system that creates a cleaning and cooling atmosphere and looks like a topiary garden.

Inside Cau Giay park
Inside Cau Giay park (@an_nhienk93)

The locals enjoy jogging and running along the paths, fast enough to exercise or slowly enough to feel a peaceful life and fresh air completely contrasting with the turbulence outside. In the larger space, the locals get together in a big group either to play sports such as aerobics, badminton and Vietnamese shuttlecock kicking or meditate and do taichi, which is more popular among middle-aged and elderly people.

The sports area is well-equipped with modern tools and machines supporting you to practice on one or multiple parts of your body. It is common to see lots of old people,  who wake up at about 4 a.m, come to run, cycle, spin their arms, do a push-up and do crunches here before sunrise.

Children play at Cau Giay park
Children play at Cau Giay park (@n.hena_)

Needless to say, the playground for kids is the noisiest area of the park. Kids can play in the clean, soft artificial grass without the risk of falling or injury. They have a range of options for the activities or exercises they want to do, all of which are definitely safe and suitable for their physical development. 

One one side, there is a seesaw, a slide and a swing for little kids. On the other side, there are some fascinating rides for bigger kids. They can learn to climb a cargo net, go roller skating or swing the rope, which all sound so amusing and alluring for adventurous ones. There are also events organized here when kids have more interesting choices such as book fairs, fishing, painting statues, tug-of-war, and folk games.

A number of stone chairs are placed beside the lake. It is such an ideal place for the young to chill out, relax, chit-chat or even date. The placid lake in the sunset brings about a calm cozy atmosphere together with a cool breeze and will definitely help people to wind down and recharge their energy after strenuous days.

Cau giay park at night
Cau giay park at night (@thuuhaa110)

Things to note

Bring your own bags to put the trash and take care of your belongings because there is no trash bin and locker in the playground for kids.

Cau Giay park is the most crowded between 5-6 in the morning and evening because the sunlight then is not too harsh. Feel free to join in any group of sporty Vietnamese people, they will absolutely welcome you.

Cau Giay park is large and wonderful, so it’s easy to find your own space no matter whether you prefer noise or quietness. So, why not give it a try to go somewhere completely special, cover yourself in the green color of trees and sense the on-going simple life of Vietnamese people? Please comment below to share how your first time in Cau Giay Park goes.


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