Top Best Vietnam Shore Excursions & Land Tours

Top Best Vietnam Shore Excursions & Land Tours

Best Vietnam Shore Excursions & Land Tours

Vietnam has 3,260 km of coastline with a wide range of seas and river ports. The country can accommodate big international cruises and offer an exquisite destination for all cruises in Asia Pacific. It has recently become an interesting cruise destination and drew an increasing number of overseas cruise tourists.

Vietnam shore excursions and land tours are for travelers visiting Vietnam on cruise ships along Vietnam coastline. Our shore trips are designed for cruise ship passengers at any ports in Vietnam who love to explore the main highlights of Vietnam within a short period of time.  Whether you want to visit historical spots, exciting beaches, vibrant cities, lesser-known mountains, Vietnam has it all. Check out our recommended Vietnam shore excursions below. In case you do not find any Vietnam day tours and trips that fit your needs, feel free to contact us and our tour experts will help you tailor-make a special, unique trip exclusively for you.

Ports & Destinations for Cruise Ships in Vietnam

There are a number of international ports equipped with world-class facilities and professional staff to accommodate big overseas cruises. Browse the list of 07 international ports in Vietnam below:

  • Cai Lan Port (Quang Ninh)
  • Hai Phong Port (Hai Phong)
  • Chan May Port (Hue)
  • Tien Sa Port (Da Nang)
  • Cau Da Port (Nha Trang)
  • Phu My Port (Vung Tau)
  • Nha Rong Port (Ho Chi Minh City)

The timetables of main cruise lines, including arrival and departure times, are subjected to change annually. You can select a port that you are going to visit, and book a tour with us so as to take advantage of your precious time in Vietnam.

Best Vietnam Shore Excursions

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Vietnam Immigration for Cruise Ship Passengers 

To join Vietnam shore trips, cruise passengers to Vietnam can apply for a loose-leaf visa upon arrival in Vietnam international sea ports. It costs from $25-80 for the application fee, depending on the cruise operators you are going with. 

See whether or not you are eligible for visa exemption on Vietnam Visa page.

Process to apply visa to Vietnam is so easy:

► Arrival Procedure

Fill in the online application form provided by your cruise operator. Present the form, your valid passport, and pay application fee for your Vietnam visa. After that, you will be issued a loose-leaf visa.

► Departure procedure

Show your visa and valid passport to the border security officer for the departure confirmation

Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam Shore Excursions

What is the best time to visit Vietnam for Shore Excursions?

Vietnam is divided into 03 main regions so the weather is different in each one. However, in general, the best time to visit Vietnam for shore excursions is from November to April.

What are the best shore excursions in Vietnam?

The best shore excursions in Vietnam according to Vietnam Discovery travelers are:
Chan may port to Hoi An day tour
Cai Lan port to Hanoi full day tour
Cai Lan port to Halong bay full day tour
Phu My port to Saigon half-day tour
See all shore excursions on Vietnam Discovery.

What shore excursions in Vietnam are good for avoiding crowds?

These Vietnam hidden gems might have limited interaction with crowds: 
Chan may port to Hoi An day tour
Cai Lan port to Halong bay full day tour
See all shore excursions on Vietnam Discovery.

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