Hanoi Airport Food Options & Restaurants at Terminals

Hanoi Airport Food Options & Restaurants at Terminals

What & Where to Eat at Noi Bai Airport?

Jane Pham Jane Pham | Published Apr 14, 2020

Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat are the 2 most popular Vietnam airports in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Serving a large number of passengers everyday, the services in these airports are quite professional. Waiting for your flight or taking a rest after a long journey, it would be a great idea to try some food at these airports to fill up your stomach before departure. So what to eat at Noi Bai airport? In this article, we will give you the guide to everything you need to know about Hanoi airport food options with the list of the best restaurants inside and near Noi Bai international and domestic airport.

I. Hanoi Airport Food Options – What to Eat at Noi Bai Airport?

1. Pho


At the top list of the must-try dishes, it’s Rice Noodle Soup (aka “Pho”) – one of the most favorite Vietnamese foods by foreigners. If you find it hard to pronounce the word, you can ask the staff for “Vietnamese noodles”. Normally, a bowl of pho is a perfect combination of rare or well-done beef brisket, beef filets, or chicken, and local vegetables and herbs. The bowl is a perfect combination of great flavors and textures. Vietnamese often squeeze lime and add a little chilli to season the bowl. The clear but flavorful broth will surely satisfy everyone’s taste.

2. Banh Mi

Banh mi

Banh mi, or Vietnamese sandwich, is famous worldwide that many tourists may have heard its name. Grabbing one in Hanoi Airport, you may experience the link of the streets of Paris and the streets of Hanoi. It combines the French ingredients like baguettes, pates, and mayonnaise with Vietnamese available ingredients like cucumbers, pickled carrots,… The price for one is cheap and it surely brings you an unforgettable airport experience.

3. Fried rice

Com rang fried rice

Fried rice, or “com rang” in Vietnamese, is normally steamed rice having been stir-fried and mixed with other ingredients like meat, eggs, vegetables,… There are many different versions of this dish, like fried rice with seafood, fried rice with beef,… When ordering the food, you can ask to have extra rice or meats depending on your taste. It is ideal to try fried rice in the cold days of Hanoi’s winters. Let’s try once.

II. Guide to Hanoi Airport Food Court & Restaurants

You can find a wide range of food courts and restaurants inside and nearby Noi Bai International Airport which provide not only Vietnamese but also international dishes. So, what are they? Let’s check out our list.

1. Hanoi Airport Restaurants at T2 Terminal

T2 Terminal was built in 2015, serving all international flights to and from Hanoi. Therefore, the food in this area is more varied with a lot of Western food options.

1.1. Confetti Restaurant

Confetti Restaurant

Location: 2nd floor, T2 Terminal, Noi Bai Airport

Price range: VND 150.000 – VND 200.000

Confetti Restaurant is a good choice for those who are traveling in groups or arrive too early. Here you can find a variety of Vietnamese food. Located on the second floor, not part of the isolation area, you can enjoy nice meals together with your friends before boarding the plane or when your family is united. Understanding the various needs of dining experience, the restaurant always finds new recipes and changes the menu frequently to suit with a majority of the customers. So, don’t miss this restaurant in T2 Terminal.

1.2. Hai Cang Restaurant

Hai Cang Restaurant

Location: 4th floor, T2 Terminal, Noi Bai Airport

Price range: VND 30.000 – VND 300.000

Hai Cang Restaurant would give you a chance to enjoy Hong Kong cuisine which is prepared by native chefs. Here, you can even try many dishes for the Kings in the past including sea ginseng soup, superior seabed discs, and asparagus soup. Though the price is higher than other restaurants in the area, it is worth your money. You can enjoy the meal in a spacious and modern space with beautiful flowers. Hai Cang restaurant is always a prominent place with ideal Hanoi Airport food.

2. Hanoi Airport Restaurants at T1 Terminal

In the T1 Terminal area of Noi Bai airport, you can find plenty of Vietnamese restaurants. So, picking one of these restaurants to try is a good idea to discover a trait of Vietnamese cuisine.

2.1. Ngoc Suong Restaurant

Ngoc Suong Restaurant

Location: 4th floor, T1 Terminal, Noi Bai Airport

Price range: VND 40.000 – VND 300.000

It is not difficult to find this restaurant as it stands out with special traditional design. You will see the bamboo sticks utilized to create an environmentally friendly space for customers. Ngoc Suong restaurant will give you delicious food at an affordable price. There are various dishes, but most of them are Vietnamese traditional dishes. You can find popular and famous dishes like “pho” (noodle soup) or spring rolls. If you go with your friends or family, there are available lunch and dinner sets as well.

2.2. Lucky Cafe & Fastfood

Lucky Cafe & Fastfood

Location: 3th floor, T1 Terminal, Noi Bai Airport

Price range: VND 20.000 – VND 50.000

On the 3th floor of T1 Terminal, you can find Lucky Cafe & Fastfood. As its name suggests, it serves both drinks and delicious food. It is well known as one of the 5-star restaurants in Noi Bai Airport. Its menu offers both Asian and Western dishes. Drinks include smoothies, juices, and yogurt. Apart from Vietnamese basic food like noodles, there are many types of bread, burger, and snacks. Here, you can taste tasty fast food in a cozy atmosphere.

3. Fast food restaurants

3.1. Burger King

Burger King at Noi Bai airport - Hanoi airport food

Location: 3th floor, T2 Terminal, Noi Bai Airport

Burger King is a famous brand worldwide. Right in the Hanoi Airport, you can head to the 3th floor of T2 Terminal to enjoy the tasty fast food from this restaurant. As the major customer is Vietnamese, it has adjusted the menu and strategies. Good customer service and good quality of ingredients including beef imported from Australia, this is truly a good place to go for fast food lovers.

3.2. Popeyes

Location: Noi Bai Airport

For those who are big fans of chicken, you should not miss Popeyes. A long time ago, seven different culinary traditions have been combined together to create unique Louisiana cooking. Now it will be served right in the Hanoi airport. The skillful staff carefully blend their own seasonings and spices, hand batter their famous fried chicken, bring a rich soul-satisfying taste to every customer. Its menu has diverse dishes made from chicken like mild chicken, spicy chicken, rice meals with chicken,… If you come here with your kids, there are also 3 kid meal combos for you to choose in Popeyes Hanoi. The price is quite reasonable, just from VND 35.000 to VND 200.000.

3.3. ATS Fast Food

Location: Noi Bai Airport

ATS Fast Food is truly a good place to try Vietnamese fast food. There are several food options available for you such as Vietnamese sandwich and noodles with chicken or beef. The space is quite large and can serve up to 50 people. You can easily find this restaurant right near gate no. 6. The menu is filled with some kinds of fast food so you can grab some before getting on the plane. The drinks here are also various, including bottled drinks, fresh juice, and cafe. The price ranges from VND 25.000 – VND 50.000.

4. Nearby Noi Bai Airport Restaurants

Normally, the restaurants nearby are always cheaper than those inside Hanoi Airports. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to enjoy your meal in one of these restaurants. There are plenty of restaurants that are close to the airport, but we highly recommend the 2 restaurants below.

Nearby Hanoi Airport restaurants

4.1. Hai Yen Restaurant

Location: 2A Thach Loi street, Soc Son district, Hanoi

Hai Yen Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in this area. It is a really large restaurant with a total area of almost 6000 square meters. This restaurant can serve up to 1000 customers at the same time. It is divided into different areas to serve various customers. There are also VIP luxury rooms for those who are looking for a luxurious eating experience. It provides a wide variety of dishes made from pork, seafood, camel meat, and turkey, etc.

4.2. Pho Nui Restaurant

Location: Highway 2A, Phu Minh, Soc Son district, Hanoi

If you are interested in unique Vietnamese ethnic dishes, you can spend a hour enjoying some of these dishes in Pho Nui Restaurant before departing. Coming to this restaurant, you can choose many different specialties of ethnic minorities in the Northwest Vietnam mountain. The extensive menu offers beautiful pictures of this mountainous area. If you don’t know what to eat, we suggest grilled wild boar and salted turtle. Pho Nui Restaurant is truly a place to enjoy some ethnic dishes without going to the far Northwest mountain. The price ranges from VND 200.000 to VND 300.000.

Above are just some of the best restaurants where you can find delicious Hanoi Airport food. They are sure to be ideal places for spending a couple of hours before your flight. If you have any other suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment below so we can share with other travelers.


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