Highway4 Hanoi Restaurant

Highway4 Hanoi Restaurant

A Warm Space with the Quintessence of Vietnamese Cuisine

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Oct 23, 2019

For many countries, the cuisine is not only physical culture but also spiritual culture. And when mentioning to beautiful Vietnam, the cuisine is always an interesting topic, especially in Hanoi- the capital of Vietnam.

Hanoi is known as a cradle of immensely famous cuisine of Vietnam which shows the city’s culture: a combination of traditional and modern, elegant and subtle features.

It is also a harmonious mix of different ingredients and spices to increase the flavor and appeal of each dish. 

If you are a food enthusiast and would like to explore Vietnamese traditional cuisine, Highway4 Hanoi will be an ideal restaurant to satisfy your passion for a variety of delicious specialties of Hanoi and many other religions in Vietnam.

Location: 25 Bat Su, Hang Bo, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
Opening hours: from 8:00 am to 23:00
Phone: 0913 51 53 51
Website: www.highway4.com.
Specialty type: Northwest food
Price range: 150 000 - 250 000 VND/person
Delivery: Yes
Take out: Yes

Highlights of Highway4 Hanoi

Highway4 Hanoi is the largest Vietnam restaurant system in the world and an honor to be on the list of 500 best restaurants in Asia.

In front of Highway4
In front of Highway4 (@trau_vang)

The restaurant is always proud of quality because of only using foods and drinks which originate from Vietnam and maintains strict specifications for all dishes in the kitchen, which meets the highest standard of quality and safety. 

If you love Vietnam cuisine, Highway4 Hanoi will be a fascinating and wonderful eating place for you to hand on experience delicious nourishment that brings the Vietnamese finest specific characters. 

Inside Highway4 Bat Su

One small thing is that Highway4 Hanoi also dishes up foods according to Fine Basic Elements (metal, wood, water, fine and earth). The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering foods such as Catfish Spring roll, Smoked Pork Ribs, Hemibagrus & Forest Bamboo Shoots Hotpot, Banana Flower Salad, Caramelised Braised Pork & Coconut in Earthen Pot, …

“Catfish Spring Roll” is wrapped into soft rice papers called “bánh tráng”. It got the fish fillet covered by mayonnaise sauce and chili. Catfish Spring Roll has dipped in soy sauce mixed wasabi.

You don’t forget to try on ” Frog roasted with Salt & Betel Leaves” which is scrumptious with soft frog combined with the special flavor of betel leaves that make sure to charm anyone.

Food in Highway4 Hanoi
Food in Highway4 Hanoi (@derikpoh)
Thien Ly Flower Buds dish
Thien Ly Flower Buds dish – one of exciting vegetarian options in Highway4

People often say that delicious foods must be accompanied with good drinks. Thus, when you come to the restaurant, there is a drink you must try and enjoy. It called “Sơn Tinh original Rượu”- reputed alcohol with the ardent flavor of Vietnam herbs and fruits. 

It is the first international-level Vietnam alcohol with many valuable awards in IWSC (England, 2011) and WSA (the Republic of Austria, 2012) under the valuation of the top fastidious examiners all over the world.

Besides that, Highway4 also makes a contribution to enrich and localization many dishes having origin from overseas when combining harmoniously between Vietnam and contemporary cuisine style.

In addition, the restaurant also makes a strong impression on the tourists by staff attitude and service quality. 

The staffs are so professional friendly and enthusiastic, always willing to recommend the most famous specialties of the restaurant for eaters. After you order menu, your foods will be serviced as quickly as possible. 

Architecture and Decoration

1. Architecture 

Highway4 Hanoi was built in 2000. Its design was based on the “Green House” model with green plant systems that create an environmentally friendly space that helps you get close to nature. This model tends to sustainable development as a gratitude to the country and people, the deep concern for the environment, minimizing waste and pollution, absolutely not using food sources from wildlife and always focus on using safe food supplies.

Decoration in Highway4 Bat Su

It’s a wonderful place for you to relax and balance your life after stress working hours.

The restaurant brings harmonious architecture, both ancient and modern beauty. It has 2 floors with a capacity of about 100 people and one private room (about 10 people /room).

With a large and comfortable square, the eating place is suitable for many different aims such as party, reunion,…

2. Decoration   

If anyone has ever been to Highway4’s restaurants’ system, they will realize a common point is a friendly and close space. However, each branch has a special feature.

From the outside, Highway4 Hanoi is decorated very simply with yellow and reddish-brown tones along with the French ancient architectural features which make a difference from other restaurants in Hanoi.

When you come inside, you will feel like you are in a completely different world from the outside- a cozy and luxurious space that makes you fall in love from the first seeing. 

You will never forget the image of a bicycle hanging naturally under the green foliage. Or the image of washing machine cages decorated with yellow light bulbs. 

Picture in Highway4 Bat Su tripadvisor

Another highlight is nice baskets made from bamboo that is folded and hung at the restaurant’s window. The rustic simplicity Northwest space has been reappeared skillfully by the owner in the space here.

At Highway4 Hanoi, there are mainly chairs with high tables to serve the demand of foreign customers. However, the close and cozy space in every table made from pieces, trunk … still remains, imprinting a strong impression on the mind of everyone.

What makes Highway4’s charm is not only delicious dishes hidden hometown tastes but also exotic decorative items on the walls and ceilings.

The architectural space is very carefully decorated. The colorful paintings about terrace fields or streets in Hanoi hung on the wall seem to recreate an old Hanoi or an ancient Hoi An.

Bamboo fishing-tackles are used to make lampshades or earthenware pots, fresh daisy, and- tuberose pots are placed next to rudimental brick walls. All of them make space more ancient and makes eaters interested and have nice moments to relax beside family and friends and commune with space here.

How to Get There

Highway4 Hanoi is located in the west of the Old Quarter, quite near Hang Da market. You can go west down Hang Bo street and go on coming to Bat Dan street. Then, you turn on the right into Bat Su street.

Some transports you can choose to get there is the bus, motorbike, taxi, pedicab, … or even walk depending on your hobby, financial condition, and accommodation.

Because the restaurant is placed on Hang Bo street, belongs to the Old Quarter where the road is narrow and difficult to find, you may be lost. Thus, you must make sure to have a map on hand or phone if you want to move there yourself.

Things to Note

  • Highway4 Hanoi has own website so that you can give your comments about the restaurant after enjoying meals here. 
  • The manager and staffs are always ready to listen to your review, reply you, withdraw experience and try to improve the quality of food and service
  • To attract customers, sometimes, Highway4 Hanoi has special promotion programs and discounts on special occasions such as buy 2 get 1 free, discount 25% for all dishes on Friday and Saturday, give 3 Son Tinh alcohol 68ml for over 2 million dong bills.

Everyone also likes his or her own private space and favorite restaurant so does it. Sometimes, the simple thing only is a peaceful corner with a canopy of green leaves to stop and gather with some old friends.

Highway4 Hanoi is too, bring you a wonderful space to keep your memorable moments besides people you love.

The restaurant deserves to be the tourist culinary trail. Its dishes not only honor the beauty and flavor of Vietnamese cuisine but also spreads its great reputation all over the world. 

Let’s try out foods and drinks here if you come to Hanoi. And don’t forget to share your emotions after enjoying meals in Highway4 Hanoi.


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