The Rooftop Bar, Hanoi

The Rooftop Bar, Hanoi

A Stunning Bar and Restaurant for An Exciting Hanoi Nightlife

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Oct 23, 2019

In the impression of most foreign people, Hanoi is an ancient city with a history of a thousand years and a colorful culture. But not many people know that when the night falls, Hanoi also starts a new interesting nightlife with the wonderful The Rooftop Bar and Restaurant being the most lively and outstanding spot. This luxurious and wonderful rooftop destination has become a favorite hangout place for most international visitors.

Location: 19th floor, Pacific Place, 83B Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Opening Hours:
Restaurant: from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM every day
Bar: from 09:30 PM until late
Map to the Rooftop Bar and Restaurant:

Highlights of the Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

1. The inspiration

Bars have been a familiar hang-out destination for most people, but a bar combines a restaurant located at the top of a building is something new. Rooftop Bar and Restaurant model was born in the context of increasingly developing modern life, with improving science and technology, but the result for that is the atmosphere is also continuously polluted and dirty. In the crowded urban space accompanied by dust and noise pollution, people yearn for a clean, quiet and secluded place to be comfortable drinking cocktails and relax their mind. Understanding that simple desire, Rooftop Bar and Restaurant was born.

The rooftop bar and restaurant model has become famous in the world ever since, first in New York, now in the world. And in the breathtakingly capital of Hanoi, this Rooftop Bar and Restaurant in Ly Thuong Kiet Street has been the most famous one so far.

the rooftop bar indoors
the rooftop bar indoors (source: topgo)

2. The position

This popular Rooftop Bar and Restaurant has a very special location: on the 19th floor of the Pacific building in Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi. From this astonishing height, visitors are completely separated from the lively and crowded roads, away from the somewhat annoying noises of a busy city. From such a high place, visitors can find a little peace in the middle of the lively capital of Vietnam, enjoying a cup of cocktail or catch up with friends and loved ones.

To be more specific, the Rooftop Bar and Restaurant is placed at a height of more than 100 meters above the ground. From such a view you can see a whole new perspective of the Hanoi capital, enjoying the wonderful beauty without being disturbed. When the nightfall, Hanoi is shined with thousands of headlights and light poles. It is such a memorable sight that you won’t be able to forget.

When sitting on such height, you also able to enjoy the refreshing air, instead of the dusty atmosphere of the busy traffic. The annoying sounds of the car horns also disappear, in Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, you only smell the clean air and a sense a peaceful time with your loved ones.

space in the rooftop bar

3. The combination of bar and restaurant

Most normal bars only consists of a luxurious place to drink cocktails, wine and have a little chit chat. But true to its name, the Rooftop Bar and Restaurant in Ly Thuong Kiet street even has a fine restaurant with delicious food. What a perfect place to have a romantic dinner and with the top-quality cuisine of Vietnam.

The staff crew of Rooftop Bar and Restaurant are all professional with years of experience working in 5-star restaurants, so most customers are very satisfied with the quality of the food. The place also has a service team who are all trained with international restaurant standards and always keeps updating the best training programs. Some foreign visitors even spend their whole night at the place, first having a delicious dinner, then to enjoy the wonderful bar.

rooftop bar food
rooftop bar food (source: topgo)

4. The menu

The menu of the Rooftop Restaurant is a perfect combination of the most outstanding and delicious dishes of both Asian and Western-style. The restaurant has a diverse food list with all kinds of courses, from American and Australian beef, Asian most popular dishes, seafood and salad. According to most customers, the top dishes of Rooftop Restaurant are grilled salmon, grilled Australian tenderloin with pepper sauce, grilled seabass with lemongrass and chili and pork ribs marinated with honey.

The menu of the Rooftop Bar is also very abundant with all kinds of drink, from Vietnamese coffee, the famous Italian coffee to juices, tea and all types of luxurious beer and wine.

the rooftop bar combo

Some customers enjoy the special cocktails that no other place has. The Rooftop Bar and Restaurant is highly appreciated for its variety of cocktails and dishes. A little romantic jazz music and warm, sparkling golden candles, plus the cool night weather, you already have a perfect night in Hanoi.

Although it has a higher price than other places, each dish of the Rooftop Bar and Restaurant in Ly Thuong Kiet street has a really huge portion, make customers often feel full and satisfied with their experience there. It’s absolutely not a waste of money to spend a night in this amazing place.

Valentine's day at The Rooftop
Valentine’s day at The Rooftop (@therooftophanoi)

5. The design

Each space and corner of The Rooftop Bar is carefully and meticulously decorated while still maintaining the refreshing atmosphere. The main colors of the Rooftop Bar and Restaurant are brown with a little bit of red, giving a luxurious yet cozy feeling. This is a professional yet comfortable and friendly place. The impressive design turns the Rooftop Bar and Restaurant in Hanoi to a completely different world, both mysterious and romantic.

The Rooftop Bar is divided into several areas to meet the needs of each customer. If you go alone, you can go to The Rooftop Bar to enjoy delicious drinks prepared by skillfully and well-experienced bartenders. They will also advise and make you the drink that suits you best. A balcony is also a great place for you to admire the astonishing Hanoi sceneries during the night.

If you want a quieter corner, you can choose the indoor space of The Rooftop Bar, where the chairs and tables are ornately decorated with luxurious style. This place can help you have great moments with your loved ones or discuss business with your partners. In addition, the rooms of The Rooftop Bar have views of the outside landscape. This has created an interesting chance for those who want to sit in the room but still can watch Hanoi from above.

Of course, music is also an integral part of The Rooftop Bar and Restaurant. Besides the special programs and minishows from famous singers, the music of The Rooftop Bar is often American-style, DJ’s live performances or famous trends in the world. However, the music here is moderately loud and soothing, bringing a sense of joy but still not too noisy and uncomfortable.

How to Get to The Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

There are many ways to get to the Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, located in Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi. The cheapest mean of transport is the public bus. In Hanoi, there are many buses that come across Ly Thuong Kiet street. They are buses number 8, 11, 24, 48, 50, 59, 61, 85, 103 and 149. But the public bus in Hanoi only works until 09:00 PM, so after that, if you still want to go to the Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, you will have to take a taxi.

Things To Note

  • Pay attention to the time: If you want to go to Rooftop Bar and Restaurant to see the bustling and mesmerizing nightlife of Hanoi, you should go after 09:00 PM. That is the time when Hanoi is the most lively and exciting, with people hanging out on the streets, restaurants, and shops have their bright lights on and the noise of chatting and traveling echo from everywhere. That is the perfect time to watch Hanoi from 100 meters above the ground.
  • Know what you are drinking: Some drinks with strange names you have never heard of will be used in bars. To know what you should choose, you need to know the basic names of the drinks when going to the bar with friends. Besides, knowing what kind of drink you use will help you avoid being drunk. For example, if you are a poor drinker, you should only use light cocktails or soft drinks.
  • Choosing your outfit: Before choosing your outfit, you should determine what type of bar you will go to. You should wear appropriate clothes to create a comfortable feeling for yourself and the people around you. With the décor of the Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, you should choose formal, polite but still attractive outfits. If you want to see Hanoi night, bring a jacket to prevent the late cold wind.
  • Bring personal documents: It is extremely important to bring your identity card and ID documents when going to late-night bars. From time to time, the Rooftop Bar and Restaurant reserves the right to ask you for proof that you are over 18 years old.

The Rooftop Bar and Restaurant in Hanoi is considered as a symbolic destination of the interesting nightlife in the capital of Vietnam. When you go to Hanoi, you shouldn’t miss a peaceful evening sitting on the 19th floor, staring down at the shining city and treat yourself some delicious drinks. If you share this wonderful experience with your friends or loved ones, your memory will become even more unforgettable. The Rooftop Bar and Restaurant are always ready to serve customers, both domestic and international, whenever you come from.


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