Vietnam Cities and Islands

All You Need to Know about Vietnam

This is a list of the most prominent cities and islands, and top-rated destinations in Vietnam. The country is developed enough to offer most comforts but still wild enough to provide off-the-beaten-path adventure for tourists. It does not matter if you want to enjoy a world-class beach in the south or go trekking to the mountains in the north, Vietnam will not let you down. 

Big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are bustling centers of commerce and activity while UNESCO-recognized towns like Hoi An and Hue will take you to travel back in time with ancient temples and pagodas, Buddhist shrines, street markets, and colorful lanterns along the riverbank.

Head to both famous and hidden attractions in Vietnam to contemplate the beautiful natural landscape, enjoy the delicate and unique cuisine, and experience the warm hospitality of local people. Our detailed guide will help you understand more about Vietnam.

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