Hoi An

Hoi An

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The UNESCO-listed Hoi An Ancient Town is known as one of the most charming and atmospheric towns in Vietnam. Located on the bank of the Thu Bon River, this well-preserved town reflects a harmonizing fusion of both indigenous and foreign cultures that have combined to create this unique heritage site. From 15th to 19th century, Hoi An used to be an important trading port which attracted number of merchants from different countries to settle here.
Nowadays, Hoi An still retains its reputation. A peaceful town with sacred temples, a delightful spot with coloured lanterns and yellow walls and an ancient locality with lots of historic architecture. The original historic and cultural features illustrate the outstanding universal value of the town. From Hoi An, tourists can visit many other spectacular places in the central Vietnam like Cu Lao Cham Islands or Cua Dai Beach.

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