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What and Where to Eat in Hanoi, Vietnam

When it comes to dining, it is not hard to find great restaurants around Hanoi which serve not only unique Vietnamese cuisine but also other countries’ outstanding dishes. Some restaurants come with an exorbitant price, but others are cheap and cheerful. So, if you are a true foodie and want to explore all of Hanoi dining spots, keep reading our updated list to where to find the best restaurants and eating places in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Highway4 Hanoi Restaurant

For many countries, the cuisine is not only physical culture but also spiritual culture. And when mentioning to…

Buffet Sen Tay Ho Restaurant, Hanoi

Being a favorite address for locals and overseas gourmets to enjoy the traditional Hanoi food, the chain of…

Quan An Ngon Restaurant, Hanoi

Regarding dining in Hanoi, its renowned street food of the city is your welcome, but you will also…

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