Vincom Mega Mall Royal City for Fancy Experience in Hanoi

Vincom Mega Mall Royal City for Fancy Experience in Hanoi

Huge Mall for Shopping in Hanoi

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Nov 17, 2020

Invested by Vingroup in 2015, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City Thanh Xuan in Hanoi capital is considered a miniature of a western city and an international Mega Mall system dubbed “all in one” with the slogan: “One destination – all needs – many options” in a high-end space.

Location: No.72A Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi
Opening hours: 09:00 - 22:00 every day
Hotline: 04.6276.7799

I. Highlights of Vincom Mega Mall Royal City Thanh Xuan

Vincom Mega Mall Royal City Thanh Xuan is a complex of shopping centers and entertainment places which was designed with the desire to satisfy any of your demands. Once you set the first step to Royal City, you will definitely be allured and overwhelmed by the deluxe European architecture. There is a square which is 30,000 square meters large surrounded by artistic sculpture works made of white marble and massive apartment buildings setting in semicircular shape in Western style.

Highlights of Vincom Mega Mall Royal City Thanh Xuan

The aboveground entrance area also shows off an attractive fountain model of flying fish metamorphosing into dragons and a pond full of real fish (Koi) attended by a man who blows a whistle if anyone attempts to put their hand in the water. 

Together with landscaped gardens and  broad walking paths, they bring out a feeling of gorgeous lively palpable nature right inside for anyone shopping here.

II. What to Do at the Vincom Mega Mall Royal City Thanh Xuan?

Go shopping in Vincom megal mall royal city Thanh Xuan

1. Go Shopping

The whole shopping area is huge, so you have countless choices. Upon entering the Vincom Mega Mall Royal City Thanh Xuan, you will have the opportunity to purchase furniture, electronics and home appliances on the first floor

If you are a fashion-lover or trend-setter, just go upstairs to have a look at those cosmetics, shoes and jewelry from the internationally-famous brands such as H&M, Adidas, Converse, Lacoste, Zara and so on. Vinmart, the small supermarket belonging to Vingroup, is also located right there, offering you everything you may need, easily acquired by card or cash.  

All that shopping can grow an appetite, therefore, filling up your stomach in the restaurant section afterwards would be a great idea. The food court is home to tons of eating options from unique Vietnamese street food to typical cuisine of China, Japan, Korea, and European countries. Walking around, you might discover a lot of global well-known brands including Paris Baguette, Grand Brothers Buffet, Mon Hue, Royal Food Court, Moo Beef Steak, Lẩu Thái MK, Carl’s Junior, Alfresco, Sumo BBQ and Thai Express. 

What about sitting in a café, milk tea shop or snack bar before taking off? There is a good international mix and these places are high-quality in taste and average in price, which are extremely worth giving a shot.

2. Get Entertained at the Vinpearlland Water Park

What makes Vincom Mega Mall Royal City Thanh Xuan an extraordinary place is the variety of entertaining experience it provides. First, Vinpearlland Water Park is to be mentioned. Covering an area of 24,000 square meters, it offers 14 different new fascinating rides including slides, whirlpools , wave pools and jungle gyms around the area for kids to climb.

Go Ice-skating in Vincom Royal city

3. Go Ice-skating

Last but not least, that would be a mistake if super amazing Ice Rink were not in this list. Not only is it the biggest indoor ice rink in Vietnam, it is also the first internationally standardized one here. Looking almost in Olympic size though in a square shape and 50 millimeters deep, the ice surface is actually decent and it is smack in the middle for many curious onlookers to see. It can serve 150 people at once with available inexpensive services like rentals for skates and Russian professional trainers. It’s like a dream come true when people from a tropical country can have a chance to go ice-skating in such a wonderful place.

4. Watch Movies at the Platinum Cineplex

Secondly, it would be romantic and fun to get in the cinema area to enjoy the latest movies.  The Platinum Cineplex, which contains more than 1000 seats, consists of 10 high-tech cinemas featuring 2D, 3D and 4D technologies playing international and domestic films. As a result, it makes sure you always can have tickets and enjoy your time with large modern screens. 

Vincom Mega Mall Royal City Thanh Xuan at night

III. Extra Tips

  • Vincom Mega Mall Thanh Xuan is immensely crowded on Sunday, because many families want to spend their day-off here. So, take good care of your kids and belongings, or better, have a visit on weekdays.
  • The underground parking area is huge, so remember the number of rows where you park your vehicle, or you will have to spend hours finding yours.
  • Vinpearl Land Water Park is currently closed, unfortunately. Keep updated from its website to know when it’s open again.
  • Fee into Vincom Ice Rink

The entrance fee is VND 79.000 ($3.4) on weekdays and VND 119.000 ($5.1) on weekends. The rent for seal-shaped ice skating aids for kids is VND 30,000 ($1.1).

With modern infrastructure, multi-functions and ideal location, Vincom Mega Mall Thanh Xuan seems to become one of the most attractive destinations for tourism, entertainment and shopping in Hanoi. People who are looking for either a grand shopping mall with upscale products or a beautiful fancy place to take some photos and have a great meal with friends, will love this place.


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