Ghenh Rang Beach

Rachel Tran
Rachel Tran | Published: February 20, 2020

Ghenh Rang Beach is a famous beauty spot situated in the south of the poetic Quy Nhon City, 3km from the downtown.

Ghenh Rang is a wild land with green mountains and blue sea. A part of the Vung Chua Mountain protrudes to the sea, creating fantastic scenery. The path to Ghenh Rang is treacherous, with wild flowers growing low clinging to tourists. Ghenh Rang Beach is a picture of rocks, sea waves. The beach is lined with scattering rocks; it turns out to be a golden sand beach at low tide. In the early 19th century, Queen Nam Phuong would bathe and relax there.

From the Queen Beach to the garden of rock “animals” and strange rock eggs are many modest garden houses nestling amid the plants and trees. The path to Ghenh Rang passes by the modest grave of poet Han Mac Tu. Looking at the dazzlingly yellow chrysanthemums, visitors may feel full of pity for the miserable life of this talented poet. The grave all the year round is drenched in sunlight, clouds, winds, moonlight and the murmurs of the sea.  

Visiting Ghenh Rang Beach, you will have a chance to enjoy the marvelous beauty for its vermilion twilight and moonlit nights amidst the vast water and sky…


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