7 Spectacular Beaches in Southern Vietnam To Check-in at Least Once

7 Spectacular Beaches in Southern Vietnam To Check-in at Least Once

Most Beautiful Southern Vietnam beaches

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Oct 17, 2019

It is lucky for a country to be granted numerous breath-taking destinations by Mother Nature – lively bustling cities, peaceful rural villages where paddy fields disappear into the horizon, gorgeous mountains and charming sandy beaches for relaxing. Vietnam nails it in all arenas, especially the beaches. If you have a chance to visit Ho Chi Minh City and its vicinity, remember to make the beaches in southern Vietnam a portion of your trip because they will definitely offer you the most stunning landscapes and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Why Should You Visit Beaches in Southern Vietnam?

In terms of a beach-enjoying trip in Vietnam, southern Vietnam seems to get one advantage thanks to the weather. In the north, the difference among the four seasons is quite apparent, so if you’re supposed to take a dip in the water, you can go in the summer (May to September). However, southern Vietnam is consistently hot with downpours coming and going really fast. It rarely never falls below 20°C (68F) in Ho Chi Minh City, even at night. Therefore, going to the beach is considered a feasible nice choice all year round.

One more plus point for southern beaches lies in the significant quantity. The topography in the north is mainly mountain and territory border with China and Laos, so there are fewer beaches than in the south, though the beauty and services cannot be put into comparison. It means you will have more choices in southern Vietnam.

Top 7 Best Beaches in Southern Vietnam

1. Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne beach in southern Vietnam
Mui Ne beach (@the_daily_traveller)

Highlights: Mui Ne Beach (or Rang Beach) has remained a magnet for tourists to Phan Thiet for years. Stretching over the length of 16 kilometers, Mui Ne is famous for its turquoise water, soft white sand, and endless sunshine. It offers you the best spot under the coconut line, to listen to the waves pounding on the seashore and to see twilight cover the whole wild peaceful scenery with its last ray of sunlight.

What to do: If you can wake up early, why not give yourself a quiet moment walking barefoot on the sandy beach or standing upon the balcony to admire very first yellowish sunlight shining on the water as well as the boats of local fishermen coming back with baskets full of fish and shrimps. Moreover, spending part of your trip on Mui Ne Sandhill nearby is also a great idea. You will definitely be astonished by the constant change of sand dunes in their shapes through every whirlwind, which creates stunning unique landscapes ready for you to go sand surfing or take amazing pictures. 

Location: Xuan Thuy Road, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan Province

2. Co Thach Beach

Co Thach beach
Co Thach beach (@anantaramuine)

Highlights: Co Thach seems less well-known for both domestic and international travelers. If you are looking for a beach which is hardly affected by the hustle and bustle of crowded cities and brings about a wild, strange magnificent beauty, this beach is an ideal place for you. The point here is rock fields formed as a result of the natural abrasion of huge underwater rocks. Depending on your imagination, those rocks may look like an old woman sitting down, a turtle moving towards the sea, Hulk’s tight fist or possibly something else. March is called “moss-hunting season” when the image of rocks’ wearing a green moss coat and sparkling in the sunshine absolutely inspires photography-lovers. 

What to do: Besides paying a visit to the fishing village to see how local people’s daily life is going on, tourists can walk just 100 meters to reach another rock field. It is such a fairy tale world with countless little 7-color rocks scattered everywhere.

Location: Binh Thanh, Tuy Phong District, Bình Thuận Province

3. Ca Na Beach

Ca Na beach
Ca Na beach (@huong2go)

Highlights: Ca Na Beach is said to be The Sleeping Beauty in the woods owing to its primitive alluring beauty. The beach is easily accessible, with crystal-clear water, cliffs and mountains surrounded; therefore, before sunset, it is a great idea to find yourself laid-back in a comparatively high spot above sea level to have an overview of this whole charming combination of blue sea and sloping ridge.

What to do: Needless to say, swimming and trekking are favorite activities of many travelers and these are highly recommended for those visiting Ca Na beach. Spending time discovering the gorgeous caves and snorkeling to see the colorful coral reef, this will make you thoroughly chill out.

Location: Ca Na, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan Province

4. Nhat Beach

Nhat Beach
Nhat Beach @tructhanhjourney

Highlights: Nhat Beach is said to be one of the most untouched, romantic, and quiet beaches in Asia, in general, and Vietnam, in particular. Only exposed during low tide, the beach gives you the first expression as a ribbon of white sand stretching towards the horizon welcoming waves. Lying nearby is a mountain shaped like a couple which symbolizes the hope for eternal love.  

What to do: Nhat beach is part of Con Dao Island, which is extremely famous for its historical, cultural and aesthetic value. In such an exotic paradise, there are a bunch of things you might find interesting to do. Why not getting around, taking fabulous pictures just a few hours before the beaches get covered underwater, and enjoying the sunset from Love Peak, especially if you have a partner?

Location: Ben Đam, Con Dao Island, Ba Ria- Vung Tau Province

5. Bai Mon Beach

Mon beach
Mon beach @loungovietnam111

Highlights: A triangle of sand wedged between rocky headlands, Bai Mon Beach is considered the most attractive beach in south-central Vietnam. The water has the color of Bombay Sapphire on clear days, but sometimes creates small whirlpools coming to the sand as a sulked naughty girl. Several of wooden fishing boats on the bay, the clear water snapshotting image of blue sky and mild weather – all let your soul and spirit fly in a picturesque space.

What to do: Local people reveal that the time to catch the best scene of Mon Beach is at dawn when very first rays of sunlight start to come out and cover the water’s surface with their yellowish-orange color, ideally seen from Dai Lanh lighthouse, as you might browse a spectacular backdrop.

Location: Dong Be, Dong Hoa District, Phu Yen province.

6. Hon Gom Sandbar

Hon Gom sandbar
Hon Gom sandbar @kierancoughlan

Highlights: The list of beautiful beaches in southern Vietnam cannot be completed without Hon Gom – a pearl of Van Phong Bay. Along one side of the sandbar is a set of rocks in different sizes and shapes, such as a flamingo, a bust or even a giant saltwater crocodile lurking underwater. Mother Nature filled up the east side with a long, windswept, and almost uninhibited beach where you kick back and enjoy the best of freedom.

What to do: Nothing is more fascinating and relaxing than swimming in the water, boating on the bay and climbing up the cliff and stone plates.

Location: Van Phong Bay, Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province

 7. Dai Beach

Dai beach - best beaches in southern Vietnam
Dai beach @anastasiiakyslytsia

Highlights: Dai Beach (means Long Beach in Vietnamese) is a 15-kilometer beach located in Phu Quoc Island, having the ideally cool weather in Vietnam due to the primeval forests and sea breeze. Despite rapid emergence of high-rises and five-star resorts, Dai Beach still remains its natural attraction with a tranquil stretch of sand and incredibly clear water reflecting shadows of whispering casuarina trees and coconut trees. Dai Beach serves as a masterpiece of Nature with a perfect combination of sky, sea, and sand, ready to bring you a unique experience.

What to do: Not only can you go sightseeing and swimming as in other beaches, you can also go kayaking, go fishing and hold outdoor BBQ parties with various fresh seafood, go overnight camping, set up a camp-fire or just quietly walk along the sandy beach feeling the ocean-scented wind on a starry night.

Location: Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province.

It is always rewarding and relaxing to indulge yourselves and contemplate an amazingly idyllic view of blue ocean embracing white sandy beaches. These mentioned-earlier beaches in southern Vietnam are highly recommended to those who are looking for someplace to experience your trip in the S-shaped country. If you have already left your footprints in one of them, feel free to comment below and share your memorable moments with other future visitors.


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