Nightlife in Sapa - A Different Lifestyle in the North of Vietnam

Nightlife in Sapa - A Different Lifestyle in the North of Vietnam

What to Do at Night in Sapa, Vietnam

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Jan 03, 2020

Sapa has been widely well-known for its splendid scenery and special ethnic minority’s lifestyle, which bring out a totally different image from Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam. However, you might be hesitating when it comes to Sapa’s nightlife activities. Don’t worry, this article will give you some suggestions of nightlife in Sapa!

1. Saturday Night- Love Market

Saturday Night Love market in Sapa
Photo: @wecheckinvn

If you are luckily on a weekend tour, or unintentionally get here on Saturday night, you can join in one of the most unique and romantic occasions in mountainous areas of Vietnam- Love Market. It is definitely not literally the market where love is purchased, it is more of a huge stage welcoming performances of boys and girls from surrounding hamlets. They all wear their traditional clothes representing which ethnic groups they come from.

H’mong boys blow bamboo pipe-shaped instruments while pretty girls dance rhythmically in their circle skirts with umbrellas. They sing about family and their love for Vietnamese Northwest breath-taking scenery, in their own language. Needless to say, music is getting people closer to each other, and in fact, helping many to find the true love of their life, which makes the vibe more romantic and exciting than ever.

2. Cau May Walking Street

When the sun has disappeared over the horizon, it means the best time to have a stroll. If Hanoi has walking streets on which no vehicles are allowed to go inside at the weekend, Sapa has Cau May walking street. A handful of luxury hotels and fine restaurants have been built along the street to serve high-end customers. The street which is unavoidably more crowded, bustling and colorful on weekends will act as a cultural corner, shortening the gap between the locals and travelers through traditional crafts and culinary display.

3. Sapa Lake

Sapa Lake

The idea of Sapa lake comes from the stream flowing from Hoang Lien National Park and Mountain. The locals desired to build a lake with green trees around so that people can ramble along and admire the beauty of this small town. Their dream came true and the lake is the soul and touristy spot of Sapa.

It gets a bit foggy and breezy at night, the surface of Sapa lake is just like a flat mirror reflecting the sparkling LED lights and slowly trembling willows. Holding someone’s hands and walking around will be wonderful in the night time.

4. Ancient Rock Cathedral

The cathedral was built in the center of Sapa by the French back in 1895, keeping all the original ancient Western architecture, especially Roman Gothic.

You can both enjoy the peacefulness in your heart when looking at the colored glass windows demonstrating the life of Jesus, and the noise and happiness outside in a large square in front where young people and kids get together and chit-chat. Unlike the archaic and mossy appearance you realize in daytime, the cathedral seems to be extremely mysterious and attractive in the dark. It’s definitely worth paying a visit for nightlife in Sapa.

5. Bars and Café

Hmong Sisters bar in sapa

5.1 The Hmong Sisters

Known as one of the most highly recommend bars in Sapa, The Hmong Sisters is located in a modern surrounding and provides laid-back cosy atmosphere. They have a nice sized pool table and a great playlist of classic rock music loud enough to catch your attention even when you are wandering outside. What people love the most is the range of drinks here, from Margarita, Mai Tai, Piña colada to Vietnamese beer, all at amazingly reasonable price, let alone “Buy one get one” promo in Happy hour. It’s such a cool place to chill out, release stress and have fun with friends.

5.2 Bebop Bar

Despite its name, Bebop somehow is more similar to a café than a bar; because on its second floor is a corner designed for ones who love drinking a cup of hot strong coffee while looking out the downtown street counting each and every second passing. On the first floor there is a section for music lovers, no matter what kind of music you listen to, how well you perform or just when you got an improvisatory guitar rhythm, you are welcomed to express yourself and bring joy to everyone.

Dao Cafe sapa
Photo: @meo.kem

5.3 Dao cafe

Dao café is not crowded most of the time, so you can feel your own space whenever you drop by this little vintage café. From furnishings, accessories, pictures on the wall, you can tell the staff have been taking excellent care of this place, which temporarily separates us from those hustle and bustle outside, in a comfortable and elegant way.

Once getting in, you will be given a menu and astonished at so many drinks and dishes including egg coffee, milk tea,baguette, pastries and sandwiches. All of them are carefully made by hand, nicely decorated and very tasty. It will be great for a quick breakfast or lunch for the very first time in Sapa.

5.4 Mountain Bar & Pub

Famous for being an intimate atmosphere extremely suitable to spend a freezing night on, Mountain Bar & Pub offers you an array of wonderful cocktails and beers. Why not coming in and warming yourself up by some fun games, apple pines or hot coffee? What’s more, an open fire inside will be reminiscent of snowy winter days in your home country.

6. Night Market

A young vendor at Sapa night market
Photo: @chawinyafoto
Local food at Sapa Night market
Photo: @merrynhera

If you are not only looking for some places to meet the locals in their traditional costumes, but also something to eat and buy as souvenirs, Sapa night market should undoubtedly be in your list.

Most people there belong to Red Dao or H’mong Ethnic group. They sell their handmade purses, handkerchief, key chains or clothes that you can buy back home. You will be attracted right away by fragrant odor from food stalls and then, within a minute, those mouth-watering stuff that you have never seen before will be served to you.

The nightlife in Sapa owns its unique beauty. It’s the perfect combination of noise and quietness, natural romance and deeply imbued ethnic cultures, together with the simplicity and hospitality of the locals, which all help turn your trip into an unforgettable experience. If you have already had such a nice nightlife experience in Sapa, please share with us about it in the comment box below.


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