13 Best Places for Shopping in Hoi An: Buyer Guide & Tips

13 Best Places for Shopping in Hoi An: Buyer Guide & Tips

What to Buy & Where to Shop in Hoi An, Vietnam

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Dec 10, 2019

Hoi An shopping scene looks busier and more crowded than its neighbor, Da Nang. You can find plenty of prominent stores and local markets within the ancient town that are worth spending your morning and evening. Most of them are easily reached on foot as they are set close to the town’s tourist sites. Read our helpful guide on shopping in Hoi An to find out what to buy and where to shop (of course, the best places) in this UNESCO Heritage Site of Vietnam.

I. What to Buy in Hoi An?

There are a lot of things to buy in this ancient town. Let’s see which one should be included in your shopping list.

1. Tailor-made Suit 

Tailor-made suit in Hoi An
Photo: citypassguide.vn

Hoi An is well known for its tailoring which outnumbers any other types of vendors in Hoi An. A few tailors have earned themselves a good reputation as skillful practitioners. You can get a tailor-made suit, one of must-try things to do in Hoi An, from different materials like cashmere, wool, linen, velvet, silk, and cotton. Just tell the tailor which kind of suit you want, they will make it and deliver it to you in 1 or 2 days.

Recommended shops: 

  • A Dong Silk
  • Vanda Tailors

2. Shoes

In Hoi An, getting custom leather shoes just for your foot at an affordable price is possible. You also can think of coming home with these unique souvenirs. When visiting a leather workshop, you can discuss with the artisan about a pair of shoes that you want, choosing the leather type and color. Then, they will measure each foot so the pair of shoes will fit your foot perfectly. We are sure that you will be surprised when receiving yours. If you are wondering what kind of shoes to make, we would recommend pointy-toe flats, sandals, loafers and boots.

Recommended shops: 

  • Friendly shoe shop

Address: 18 Tran Phu street, Hoi An

  • 09 shoes

Address: 28 Tran Hung Dao street, Hoi An

3. Leather Bags

Leather bags in Hoi An
Photo: ceagesp

Leather bags and other leather-made goods are among worth-buying items in Hoi An, Vietnam. If you are looking for leather bags, some shops like Tu Chi Leather Bags and The Friendly Leather Bag Shop can meet your expectations. These shops can make different kinds of bags: travel bags, handbags, bags for laptops or wallets. You can tell them about your desire for the fabric, design and size of the bag. And, in less than one day, you can receive it.

Most shops have a long history of making leather bags. If you are interested in their process of making, you can ask them to visit their factory and discover it.

Recommended shops: 

  • The Friendly Leather Bag Shop

Address: 44 Phan Boi Chau, Hoi An

  • Tu Chi Leather Bags:

Address: 24 Phan Boi Chau, Hoi An

4. Lanterns

The influence of the Chinese and the Japanese can be seen throughout the city. At night, the city lights up with colorful lanterns while people from everywhere gather and mingle along the river.

As a thing to remember this ancient town, you can buy a lantern as a souvenir. Made of bamboo frame and Vietnamese silk, Hoi An lanterns have many different shapes, sizes, materials and colors and they cost from USD 4 to USD 22. Lanterns can be easily bought in the town and are best purchased at night when you see them in their all glory. And, shopping for lanterns in Hoi An would be one of your most beautiful nighttime shopping experiences in the world. 

Recommended shops: 

  • Lifestart Foundation Workshop

Address: 14 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An

  • Hoi An lanterns shop

Address: 424 Hung Vuong street, Hoi An

  • Ha Linh Lantern Manufacturing Unit

Address: 72 Tran Nhan Tong street, Hoi An

5. Silk

Silk in Hoi An
Photo: lodyhelp

Silk should be one of the most special and impressive gifts to buy in Hoi An. As you may know, it is the paradise for luxury authentic Vietnamese textiles. There are some traditional craft villages that you can visit to buy silk. The local artists normally use antique wooden looms to process and weave the silk into different products like quality garments, handicrafts, and tapestries.

Due to the high quality of its products, the silk price range is higher than most silk shops in other provinces, but it’s well worth the extra expense. You also can get a chance to harvest mulberry leaves, feed silkworms, and learn how to differentiate true and synthetic silk.

Recommended shops: 

  • Bibi Silk

Address: 67 Phan Chu Trinh street, Hoi An

  • Metiseko organic cotton

Address: 142 Tran Phu street, Hoi An

6. Clothes, Jewelry & Accessories

Much more than a maze of tailor shops, Hoi An is also famous for its fashion stakes. Its local and expat designers have combined their talents and efforts to bring to the innovative and fashionable stylish offering. With many inspired designs, you have a lot of options to choose, from the softest silk dresses to the funky casual wear to children’s wear, to gorgeous pieces of jewelry like bracelets, charms, rings, and necklaces with beautiful designs. Most clothes, jewelry and accessories are sold at a reasonable price.

Recommended shops: 

  • Bebe Tailor 1

Address: 11 Hoang Dieu, Hoi An

  • Lotus Jewelry 

Address: 82 Tran Phu, Hoi An

  • Duong Jewelry and Objects

Address: 130 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An

7. Conical Hat (Nón Lá)

Conical Hat in Hoi An
Photo: @taybrooke.e

Non La is a traditional conical hat that is worn as a part of the traditional outfit by the local people. Made from palm leaves, it is considered a symbol of the rice-cultivating culture of the country. For a complete traditional look, most people prefer wearing the Non La with Ao Dai. The hats not only look beautiful but also protect people from the heat of the sun and rainy weather. A conical hat normally costs from VND 30.000 to VND 50.000, the price in the big markets is cheaper than in tourist shops and spots.

Recommended shops: 

  • Hoi An Market

Address: Tran Quy Cap street, Cam Chau ward, Hoi An.

8. Round Straw Bags

Vietnam is known for various types of straw such as seagrass and rattan. They are durable and long-lasting materials to make bags. Passing the streets of Hoi An ancient town, you may see a lot of round straw bags. To make these bags, the straw is collected, dried under the sun before skilled artisans make the bags from it. Having a product like this, you will not only highly appreciate the beautiful skills of Hoi An artisans but also enjoy something else from the product like the smell of sun-dried straw.

Recommended shops: 

  • Sunday in Hoi An

Address: 25 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Minh An ward, Hoi An

  • Maytredecor

Address: 82A Tran Phu, Hoi An

9. Scarves and Ties

Scarves and Ties in Hoi An
(source: kimtravel)

Hoi An scarves and ties with high quality seems to be great gifts for your family and friends back home. Once part of the legendary maritime silk road, Hoi An has great artisans who can make extremely soft and lustrous scarves and ties. The best material for scarves and ties might be silk which is woven from individual fibers from cocoons of the silkworm. You can find many shops that sell silk scarves and ties in the ancient town. The price is reasonable, just around VND 150.000 (~USD 7) for a scarf or tie.

Recommended shops: 

  • Cocoon

Address: 55 Tran Phu street, Hoi An

  • Blue Chic Tailor

Address: 3 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Hoi An

  • Thang Loi

Address: 92 Phan Chu Trinh street, Hoi An

10. Home Decorating Items

There are so many home décor shops that you can find in Hoi An. They sell different decorating items such as wall arts, photo frames, clocks, lamps, lanterns, and vases,… Some are designed in traditional Vietnamese style while others have more Ikea-style designs. Strolling around the ancient town, you can find pretty much things to buy for your house.

Recommended shops: 

  • Cocoon

Address: 55 Tran Phu, Hoi An

  • Blue Chic Tailor

Address: 03 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An

  • Bibi silk

Address: 67 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An

11. Artworks & Souvenirs

Artworks and Souvenirs for shopping in Hoi An
Photo: citypassguide

Wandering the streets, you may find out that Hoi An is a treasure trove of souvenirs, gifts and artworks. The markets are the best places to hunt for the best souvenirs at a reasonable price. Besides, Hoi An also offers handicraft workshops where you can learn about the ancient craft, buy or create your own bamboo masterpiece to take back home. Oil and water-color paintings are also great works of art which are particularly popular with local artisans.

Recommended shops:

  • HAHA – Art in Everything

Address: 155 Tran Phu street, Hoi An

  • Rehahn Gallery

Address: 7 Nguyen Hue street, Hoi An

II. Where to Shop in Hoi An?

1. Hoi An Central Market 

Location: Nguyen Hue and Tran Phu street on the Thu Bon River

Opening hours: 5 am – 4 pm

Hoi An Central Market offers you an unmissable shopping experience. It’s the place where you are immersed in the smell of fragrant herbs and spices, and the vibrant colors of Vietnamese traditional silk. The market is busy throughout the day. In the morning, it is crowded with local buyers diving in to get the best fish. Inside the market, there are many tied ducks and chickens ready for sale in front of the row of Vietnamese cooking ingredients. For Asian silk and textiles, you can find these products on the east side of the market.

Editor’s tips: You can expect plenty of stallholders pushing their goods on your hands, the best thing you could do is to simply smile and continue on your way.

2. Hoi An Night Market

Hoi An night market for shopping in Hoi An

Location: Nguyen Hoang Street, opposite the Japanese Covered Bridge

Opening hours: 5 pm – 11 pm

Hoi An Night Market is a favorite spot for Hoi An youths and foreign visitors. Containing almost 50 stalls along a 300-meter street, the market offers various types of goods and souvenirs. This is the place where you can feel Hoi An nightlife at its best. You can join in purchasing atmosphere by buying handicraft products from local people such as traditional lanterns, lovely Tohe, clothes and silk, and pottery products. You also can enjoy Hoi An specialties here.

Editor’s tips: Don’t forget to bargain down the price to a quarter or even a half if you want to buy any items.

3. Stores, Boutiques & Shops on the Main Streets in Hoi An Old Town 

The main streets in Hoi An include Tran Phu, Bach Dang, Nguyen Thai Hoc, and Le Loi streets. On these streets, there are so many stores, from clothes shops, bags shops, to cafés and restaurants offering plenty of items to buy for shopaholics. Especially, you should not miss the shops selling gorgeous colorful silk lanterns.

Recommended shops on the main streets:

  • Metiseko (clothes shop)

Address: 140 Tran Phu street, Minh An ward, Hoi An

  • Quoc Huy Silk (clothes shop)

Address: 39 Tran Phu street, Minh An ward, Hoi An

  • Chu Chu Juice Bar

Address: 74 Tran Phu street, Minh An ward, Hoi An

  • Serene Garden (restaurant)

Address: 70 Le Loi street, Minh An ward, Hoi An

  • Boulevard Gelato & Coffee

Address: 2 Le Loi street, Minh An ward, Hoi An

4. Hoi An Silk Village

Hoi An Silk Village for Hoi An shopping
Photo: Chien Le Hoang

Location: Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Hoi An

Located about 1 km from the center of Hoi An Old Town, Hoi An Silk Village is an ideal place to look for a good piece of quality silk. There are a lot of things to see in the village, but the first place to visit should be the showrooms of silk products where exhibit thousands of textiles and various completed costumes. There is also a gallery of “ao dai” and a collection of 54 ethnic minority groups’ costumes. You will surely be surprised by the elegance of these products that you may want to get one for yourself.

5. B’lan Silk

B’lan Silk is an attractive shopping place which is located in a 200-year-old house. It offers visiting tours around the house for those waiting for finishing their outfits. You can find the best items that you want at a reasonable price at B’lan Silk. As the oldest house in Hoi An, it welcomes every tourist with free entrance fee. The house owner will guide the visitors in English or French about history and every part of this house. Besides, if you want to exchange or purchase old antiques from famous artists, you can ask him for more details. 

6. Yaly Tailor Shop

Yaly tailor shop in Hoi An

Among more than 400 tailors in Hoi An, Yaly is the name that is mentioned over and over. Most reviews show that it provides the most extensive and finest range of fabrics such as cashmere, custom made local silk, and top-of-the-lien wool. It is also renowned as the destination to have designed and created bespoke shoes. You also can expect any desired items, from suits, ball gowns, wedding dress, pyjamas, boots, heels, hats, to winter coats. To satisfy every customer, they offer endless options of materials and fabrics. 

7. Souvenirs Street

Shopping will be more fun with the souvenir streets. After checking some shops in the center of the ancient town, don’t forget to stop by some souvenir shops such as Au Lac in Tran Phu street and Ky Uc in Nguyen Thai Hoc street. You will feel excited when catching some strange masks, straw bags, simple Tohe, or some sculptures. These are all beautiful souvenirs to give your friends after the trip to Hoi An.

8. Shoe Streets

Shoes street in Hoi An

Shopping for shoes is a unique experience with so many different types of shoes. The most popular shoes are pointy-toe flats, men’s brogues, “gucci” loafers, Chelsey boots, and leather sandals. You can easily get your desired shoes under the guidance of shop owners. About prices, the less well known the shop is, the cheaper the items are, but also the greater the risk is. You can choose to enter some shops in Tran Hung Dao or Hoang Dieu streets to get a pair of shoes.

9. “Paint market” in Hoi An Ancient Town

Location: Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Hoi An

Paintings are also a highlight of Hoi An ancient town. With an area of 3 square km and 100 art galleries, the “paint market” attracts a lot of visitors coming to buy and exchange their paintings. On these streets, they sell various paintings with different prices ranging from several hundreds to millions dong. To name some best galleries, it would be La Gai, Ha Ly, Thon Viet, and Kim Chi galleries. About 20 galleries are selling big and unique paintings from famous artists. The other 80 galleries sell copies of popular paintings so the price is quite cheap.

10. Lantern Streets

Lantern streets in Hoi An

Location: Tran Phu, Le Loi, Nguyen Hue, Nguyen Thai Hoc streets.

Lantern streets are must-visit places for visiting and shopping in Hoi An. The lantern is a symbol of the ancient town which represents skillful hands of Vietnamese artisans. You can buy the beautiful lanterns from stores in Tran Phu streets like Tuoi Ngoc Handmade, Ngoc Thu Lanterns,… and those in Nguyen Hue, Le Loi, and Nguyen Thai Hoc streets. The price is different depending on size, colors, and materials of the lantern. As the price is reasonable, lanterns are perfect gifts for your friends and family.

11. Ao Dai & Dress Streets

Location: Minh An ward, Hoi An

Tailoring in Hoi An is very developed that you can find a lot of tailor shops on the streets. And it would be a great idea to have “ao dai” – the Vietnamese traditional dress, or a dress designed by yourself. You can choose the materials, color, and style and ask the tailor to make it. Though there are many orders each day, it just takes a short time to get your dress. In around 3 hours, you can receive your stylish and high-quality products. In Minh An ward, there are 57 shops selling fabrics and making custom clothes. You can visit these shops: Thu Thuy, Phuong Huy, Thang Loi, and A Dong Silk.

12. Ba Le Market

Ba Le Market
Photo: @graemehudson

Location: Le Thanh Tong street, Cam Chau ward, Hoi An

Compared to other markets in Hoi An, Ba Le market is much smaller. And, to be honest, there is nothing at this market you can’t buy at the Central Market. However, which makes it outstanding is that it gives you truly relaxing time. Here you have a chance to experience the real market in Hoi An as well as in Vietnam. It is banter and barter central which is full of traditional stories purchasing products like butchers, fruit and vegetable stalls, toys, clothes,…

If you are looking for a slice of real “Hoi An” life, you’d better play the market game of searching for the freshest produce and try Cao Lau dish – a must-try specialty in Hoi An ancient town. To experience the whole beauty of Ba Le market and buy the freshest products, you should go early in the morning.

13. Tiger Market

Location: Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Son Phong ward, Hoi An.

Just several minutes from the Old Town, Tiger Market (or Tan An market) gives you an easy shopping experience at fair prices. This is where you can find all kinds of local fresh produce, meat and fish. It is also an expat favorite where you can find many western ingredients such as cheese, frozen pizza bases, yogurt, cans of chickpeas, and olive oil. The market is open from 8 am to 6 pm, offers great vices, relaxed vibe and local feel. You also have a chance to meet female stall owners who truly want to help you buy your goods.

III. Tips on Shopping in Hoi An

  • Be prepared to bargain and double check with other sellers for the best price. Some sellers offer better price if you buy more.
  • When you want to have leather items or fabric, you should see the leather first to make sure the quality is good.
  • It’s better to shop for lanterns at night when they are lit up.
  • Do some research online before you want to buy something.

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