Is It Smart to Visit Halong Bay in February?

Is It Smart to Visit Halong Bay in February?

Weather & What to Do in Halong Bay in February

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published May 07, 2020

Here comes February, the most festive month of the year! Lunar New Year often falls in this month, making it a special occasion for celebrating a brand new start with your family and friends. Checking out Halong Bay in February is a spectacular choice. It’s going to be dry and a bit foggy, but warmer than in January.

In short:

  • February is the early spring in Vietnam. It’s generally dry, cool, a bit chilly and foggy in the early morning.
  • It’ll be great for most outdoor activities. Swimming can be hindered on cold days.
  • Expect to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Halong Bay!
Halong Bay Weather in February

1. Halong Bay’s Weather in February

The average temperature is 18°C, a bit warmer than in January. It’s still pleasant for most foreign tourists, with occasional extremes fluctuating between 5°C and 29°C. Humidity is slightly higher than in January, with an average relative humidity of 88%. The number of days with rain/drizzling is 9 days. 

MonthTemperatureAverage hours of sunlightRelative daytime humidityDays with rain/drizzling
Feb5-15-21-297 hours88%12 days

Generally speaking, February is still a perfect month to hang out in the sun. As it’s the early spring in Vietnam, the sunlight is not intense, wiping off the fear of sweltering heat as in summer. However, as humidity increases, Halong Bay can be extremely foggy in the early morning. A hampered visibility might in turn create a fairy-tale look for this magnificent UNESCO Heritage.

2. Halong Bay in February – Pros and Cons


  • It’s pleasantly cool and dry on most days. Outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, cruising and swimming are all available.
  • It’s not likely for your cruise trip to be cancelled due to bad weather.


  • It’s the high season in Halong Bay. Expect to witness waves of both local and foreign tourists flock here.
  • It might get really cold on some days.
Events in Halong Bay in February

3. Events in Halong Bay in February

If you fancy a lively, exotic Halong Bay, February is the best month for you.

The Lunar New Year festival in Vietnam often falls in the first half of February, making it one of the most vibrant times for visitors to come. During the Lunar New Year (Tet holiday), many state and private organizations will be closed, as well as shops and restaurants. It typically takes 7 days for them to come back to business.

While it’s fantastic to celebrate New Year on a cruise, you can also check out the nearby festivals held within this period. Yen Tu Festival and Cua Ong Festival are two of the most notable ones. Both of them will take place in Quang Ninh Province, not far from the Halong Bay complex itself.

What to Pack When Visiting Halong Bay in February

4. What to Pack When Visiting Halong Bay in February?

Packing is on the lighter side. You are recommended to bring light clothes, jackets, sunscreens and possibly a raincoat.

Some other useful stuff to pack include:

  • Insect repellent
  • First-aid kits 
  • Hats, flip-flops and sandals
  • A hoodie or sweater for cold days
What to do in Halong Bay in February

5. What to Do When Visiting Halong Bay in February?

5.1. Swimming and cruising

A deep swim is unarguably the best thing to do in February! Aim for a sunny day, and you’ll have the best swimming, kayaking and hiking experience ever. However, you should only stay in the water when the sun is shining. The temperature will drop gradually after sunset, making it an unfavorable time to be in water.

Traveling on a cruise trip will be another unforgettable experience. Most cruise operators will organize a special feast on the last day of the lunar year. You will be treated with Vietnamese exquisite food and traditional performances, while admiring the panoramic view of Halong Bay by night. Absolutely perfect for those traveling with family or a group of friends.

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5.2. Checking out Hon Ga Choi Island

It will be such a shame to fail to mention Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year! If you’re traveling with a partner and seeking a romantic getaway, Hon Ga Choi Island surely is a fit for you. From afar, it looks like two chickens kissing each other, making an astonishing scenery over the emerald water of Halong Bay. You are strongly recommended to take a memorable couple photo with this spectacular sight in the background.

6. Local Tips for Visiting Halong Bay in February

In order to fully enjoy your stay in Halong Bay, you should keep in mind a few things:

  • Prepare for both cold and hot weather. Bring warm clothes for cold days and sunscreens for sunny days.
  • Book well in advance to avoid overpriced services.

Traveling to Halong Bay in February is a great choice. The weather is nice, pleasant and dry. Halong Bay might be a bit packed with tourists, but you’ll still be able to enjoy a wonderful trip if you book well in advance.


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