Vung Vieng Fishing Village: a Fairyland with Wonderful Scenery

Vung Vieng Fishing Village: a Fairyland with Wonderful Scenery

What to Do and See in Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Nov 03, 2020

Vietnam, in common, and the north area in Vietnam, in particular, is blessed with plenty of natural landscapes that have made a name for Vietnam in the world tourism map. However, besides very-famous and popular attractions such as Halong Bay, Trang AnBai Dinh, Sapa, there are still a lot of other beautiful and majestic destinations worth discovering that not many people know. One of them is Vung Vieng fishing village, one of the four most ancient floating fishing villages in Quang Ninh province still existing until now. 

Coming to Vung Vieng fishing village, not only will you be made an impression by the majestic scenery, but you will also immediately be attracted by the friendliness and hospitality of the locals here. Let’s discover the unique village to add an amazing destination to your options for the next trip to Vietnam. 

I. Overview of Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Overview of Vung Vieng fishing village
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Vung Vieng is located in the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay, a small bay next to Halong Bay, in the northeast of Vietnam, about 25 kilometers far from the mainland in Quang Ninh province. Bai Tu Long Bay in the past was a well-known trade gateway crowded with ships and boats from China and other countries coming here to exchange goods. Therefore, Vung Vieng village was a wealthy fishing village and had its reputation for culturing pearls. Until now, there are some vestiges of a famous commercial port that tourists can find on the way to visit the village to demonstrate for a glorious period. 

Since Vung Vieng fishing village belongs to Bai Tu Long Bay, which is not as famous as Ha Long Bay, the village still remains the idyllic beauty that has enchanted a lot of tourists visiting these.

II. Best Time to Visit in Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Best time to visit Vung Vieng fishing village
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The typical feature of the Vietnamese sea is usually having storms and depressions, especially from July to August. Therefore, if you intend to pay a visit to Vung Vieng in particular and Vietnamese beaches in common, you are highly advised to avoid these two months. 

The period from October to September every year is a suitable period for visiting Vung Vieng fishing village when the sea is calm, the weather is cool and it coincides with summer vacation so there will be many interesting activities held to welcome tourists.

III. Highlights of Vung Vieng Fishing Village

The first image of Vung Vieng fishing village in tourist’s eyes is such an idyllic village with the majestic natural landscape that there is nowhere to be found.

Vung vieng village surrounded by limestones
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1. Surrounded by Green Limestone Islands

Surrounding the village are high green limestone islands standing side by side to enclose and protect the small village from big sea waves. Those limestone islands were formed thousands of years ago by the movement of the earth’s surface. Until now, the wave has still abraded isles still day and night to create unique shapes. Limestone islands are covered by plants, which make them look like green pearls floating on the sea.

On some islands, there are also existing endemic animals such as monkeys, buzzards, types of birds. Sometimes, you may see birds such as eagles, seagulls,…flying in the blue sky. 

2. Ideal for Those Who Want to Escape from the Noise

Because the village lies far from the land, the life of people there is quite quiet, idyllic and nearly not affected by outside life. It is the reason that the village is highly recommended to be a suitable destination for anyone who wants to have a great vacation and exit the noise and bustle of city life.

Vung Vieng fishing village contains about more than 100 families living in floating colorful small houses close together. Most of them have lived here for three generations and do a living by catching fishes. These houses seem no different from land houses with enough furniture from gas stoves to television, radio. Maybe, the only different thing is instead of motorbikes, cars, each family has their own small boat to move from their houses to the land or for children to go to school. In front of each house are cultured pearl cages and fish cages with enough types of fish to provide food for the locals and tourists who want to buy extremely fresh seafood to bring back as presents. 

IV. What to See and Do in Vung Vieng Fishing Village?

Join fishing activities in Vung Vieng fishing village

On the itinerary to discover Halong Bay, one of new seven natural wonders, it is a pity to miss overnight tourist boat experience in Vung Vieng fishing village. When coming here, visitors have a chance to have unforgettable experiences that they find it difficult to have on other trips. 

The first is to feel the peace, quiet of the floating village. All sides surrounding the village are islands, which bring you the feeling as you are in a big lake. Rowing a boat through caves to visit islands or drift your boat along the water to see the scenery around is really exciting experience to help you immerse yourself in nature. 

The second is that tourists are able to join in fisherman-being experience in a day to catching fishes with the locals when the night falls and come back at dawn to enjoy your achievement that is extremely fresh seafood. Especially, catching cuttlefishes is a very-popular activity well-liked by foreign tourists and you can grill caught cuttlefishes once you are still on the boat. If you have the intention of visiting Vung Vieng fishing village soon, don’t miss this interesting experience. 

If you are not interested in catching fish, there are still plenty of activities and beautiful destinations for you to choose such as swimming at pristine beaches on islands, paying a visit to Mat Quy island which is famous for its unique shape, Bay Gieng cave, visiting the primary forest in Tra Ban island, etc. 

V. How to Get to Vung Vieng Fishing Village?

Similar to visit other floating fishing villages in Halong Bay, firstly, you have to go by a ship from the land to Halong Bay and then go by a small boat to reach the village. There are plenty of ships to get to Halong Bay that you can directly buy a ticket at the ticket office, but normally, tourists always contact and book through tourism companies to obtain cheaper prices.

To visit Vung Vieng fishing village, tourists have to row a boat (a small boat used to use at the fishing village) to go pass Hang Cao – a renowned cross-water cave in Bai Tu Long Bay, which is regarded to be a natural village gate of Vung Vieng fishing village. After that, tourists will come to visit Hang Luon – another cave on the way to reach Vung Vieng fishing village. 

VI. Extra Tips

As Vung Vieng fishing village is quite far from the land, it is inevitable due to the lack and inconvenience. The best way is you should prepare carefully for the trip in advance. Below are some helpful experiences for your reference.

  • Read experience sharing reviews as much as possible before the trip.
  • Bring a jacket or a thin blanket because it will be colder on the sea.
  • Bring at least a flashlight, power banks since electricity in the village is created from generators and people give priority to using for necessary things.
  • Bring mosquito repellent, anti-motion sickness medicine, cold medicine, and some usual medicine because if you get sick at night, it takes much time to take you to hospital.

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