Cyclo - a Breath in Vietnamese Life

Cyclo - a Breath in Vietnamese Life

Vietnamese Three-Wheel Bicyclo Taxi

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Dec 25, 2019

It is not easy for a particular vehicle to exist, to be honored and loved for generations. However, a rudimentary and simple cyclo in Vietnam has done it!
It is just simple and ordinary as its appearance. No noisy sound from engines, no obscure smoke and no spending too much for commuting. From a long time ago, Vietnamese people have thought of the cyclo as a familiar means of transportation when going out. It is not only close-knit to Vietnamese but also connected strongly with the foreigners as all of them were attracted by this unique means at the first time visiting Vietnam.

An image of cyclo in Hue
Photo: @caarmtus

Cyclo – The Message from The daily Life…

Under the sweltering sunlight, the cyclo driver bends his back over his vehicle. That heavy cycling makes sweat roll down his cheeks. Despite the hard work, he does not want to say farewell to the old cyclo for a more modern, newer vehicle. This is because the cyclo has become an indispensable part of his family. The cyclo has existed for a long time in Vietnamese life, become quite and necessary as the breath in a body.

and the nostalgia of tourists!

Not only is cyclo a mode of transportation in Vietnam but it is also part of Vietnamese culture. Indeed, the Vietnamese feel close to cyclo, foreigners are also impressed by this unique vehicle. You will be fond of sitting on the cyclo for sightseeing tour around Sword Lake or a round on the streets, particularly Tran Phu Street at sunset.  Then, you can take a full view of Vietnam’s water and mountains into your eyes and your minds either. Besides, you can traverse shady streets perfumed with the scent of Hanoi flower or take dreamy and peaceful photos in the ancient citadel.

Cyclo ride in Hanoi

Traveling in a cyclo, one of must-try experiences in Vietnam, is the time for peacefully welcoming windy sunset and bright sunrises on the beach of Nha Trang or Da Nang or elsewhere. How pleasant it is for you to enjoy a relax feeling on the short urban trip.
In big cities, there are more and more cyclos on the streets. The cyclo also have a contemporary practice to feature the “happy days” of marriage couples. It is exciting, jolly and strangely unique wedding ceremony to recall the old days of plain and lovely memories. They want to harmonize the dynamism of modern society and the sincere, peaceful life of the old days.

The Meaning of Cyclo in Vietnam

Meaning of cyclo
Photo: @lescyclopotsdam

Vietnam is becoming more and more modern; however, cyclo still survives through the time and has a stand in the minds of the residents, especially the ladies due to its carefree and gentle manner among the crowded towns and cities. Furthermore, pedicab is becoming an important foothold after the days of being faded away by taxi and “xe om” (motorbike taxi). Besides, one another advantage of going by cyclo is that the riders can tell you clearly about where you can visit and shopping at a lowest price. Many of them have a little knowledge of foreign language to have a short talk or “hands and feet” talk. Therefore, if you are backpacking tourists without guide, please call a cyclo and you can start your trip from any corners of the city.

 When thinking of Vietnam, tourists not only remember pho noodle, ao dai, palm-leaf conical hats, but also a simple vehicle with three wheels, which makes you “fly” around the ancient streets in Vietnam. It is the cyclo, a surprising miracle in the eyes of foreigners!


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