6 Best Things to Bring on a Helicopter Tour for First-time Travellers

6 Best Things to Bring on a Helicopter Tour for First-time Travellers

Preparing for a Helicopter Tour in Vietnam

Cordelia Gray Cordelia Gray | Published Jan 29, 2021

Embarking on a helicopter tour can be an exhilarating experience to travelholics as they would have a bird’s-eye view of the landscapes. To make your trip as rewarding as possible, remember to note down several things to bring on a helicopter tour

Because most places offer short rides (12 -15 min tour) or medium rides (up to half an hour), you do not need to bring too much stuff along. You just need to pack the most crucial items in order to enjoy a perfectly pleasant outing.

1. Valid Identity Papers

Helicopter Tour Identity Papers
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When going on a helicopter tour, identity papers are of great importance to conduct check-in procedures at the helipad. You should keep them in a small bag and always carry it with you during the flight as well as the whole journey.

In particular, if essential things such as identity cards, passports or birth certificates are lost, it will be time-consuming and complicated to apply for re-issuance. As a result, you are advised to check their validity and keep them carefully. In case you are allowed to bring notarized copies, you should take advantage of it and leave the original papers at home.

2. Medicines and Medical Instruments

Helicopter Tour Medicines
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Don’t let sickness ruin your interesting tour. As the helicopter is prone to swoop and change its direction suddenly, you may feel a little bit dizzy, even experience nausea and vomiting. Hence, it may be a good idea to bring common medicines and medical equipment like abdominal pain medicine, pain reliever, fever reducer, motion sickness medicine or bandage. In case of an emergency, you are highly recommended to put them in a small handbag to use on the spot. 

In addition, for passengers with special health problems, sometimes you need permission of the travel agent if you want to bring these kits on board. Under this circumstance, it is required to inform the airline staff in advance to get the most accurate advice. 

3. Photography Equipment

Helicopter Tour Camera
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Of course you do not want to miss out on the breathtaking moments when flying through the sky and looking down at the scenery below. In that case, a smartphone or camera will help you capture the best shots. Recording videos is also a preferable method to preserve precious memories. Make sure those devices are fully charged before the flight. 

However, it is important to know that your selfie stick should be left at home to avoid distracting the pilot and getting in other passengers’ way. 

4. Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Helicopter Tour Sunglasses
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Helicopters often possess massive windows. It means that you will get exposed to lots of bright sunlight while revelling in the panoramic flight. When you travel in summer months, even in colder months, the sunlight tends to be strong and intense as soon as you are off the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your eyes and skin with sunglasses and sunscreen. 

One thing you should keep in your mind is that hats, scarves or any loose clothing items are prohibited on the helicopter. It boils down to the fact that they can fly into the helicopter’s rotor system and cause damage to it. But you may rest assured that you can always wear them to the heliport, then leave them in personal safety lockers.

5. Wet Wipes and Dry Cloths

Helicopter Tour Tissue
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When you are on a helicopter, there may be no restrooms. Also, it is not always possible to ask for a towel right away. In that case, it will be very convenient to have wet wipes or dry cloths available. You can easily prepare them in advance from home. 

6. Earplugs

Helicopter Tour Earplugs
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Helicopters may cause loud noise when flying, which will hinder some travellers from enjoying their good time. With those who are sensitive to noise, it is considered an irritating problem. In case you are not provided with noise-cancelling headphones, carrying your earplugs along will help you avert the noise effectively. 

Special Notes

Helicopter Tour Notes
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  • It is advisable to keep long hair pulled back during the flight.
  • Minimize carrying heavy objects, sharp objects, flammable substances, metal corrosive substances and bulky luggage onto the helicopter.
  • Loose jewelry, keys, backpacks and books are not allowed on board.

For those with wanderlust, a heli tour would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Remember to dress for the occasion and be aware of necessary belongings to thoroughly enjoy your itinerary.


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