Bizarre Service of Duck Massage in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

Bizarre Service of Duck Massage in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

Experience Duck Leader in Duck Stop in Quang Binh

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Nov 17, 2020

Vacation is all about relaxing, chilling and getting rid of the daily tiredness, and massage is one of the most favored forms of entertainment to do that. Almost every tourism destination in the world has famous massaging centers for tourists to stop by, however, there aren’t many places that have such a bizarre and phenomenal kind of massage like Quang Binh Province of Vietnam. Just by the name, the duck massage service has triggered the curiosity of many people. So what exactly is duck massage, how is this animal managed to please tourists and how is duck massage in Quang Binh province.

Location: Phong Nha - Ke Bang, Hung Trach, Bo Trach, Quang Binh
Opening Hours: Every day from 08:AM to 08:00 PM
Fee: 20.000 VND / 5 minutes / person

I. Overview of Duck Massage

Overview about duck massage in Quang Binh

Massaging is a great form of relaxing for those who are looking for an escape from daily tiring life. Massage is a string of activities with hands, legs and mechanical devices to stretch, move and heal the tight or injured muscles and bones of the human body. Massaging has been used commonly in medicine, especially in the field of beauty and therapy. Massaging often brings a sense of comfort and relaxation, as well as helps people sleep better, and is favored by many people.

Not only relaxing and reducing pain, but massage also helps increase blood circulation and reduce muscle tension. For people with hypertension. massaging can even reduce blood pressure, relaxing and increasing the amount of Endorphins in the body, while increasing the ability to eliminate lactic and uric acid.

1. What is Duck Massage?

A massaging session can be carried with the assistance of different objects. While it is mostly done by hand, some people also preferred being massaged with hot stones, herbs or wooden tools. Some places even use modern machines to serve their customers. But in Quang Binh Province, there is the most bizarre, unique and surprising tool for massage: a pack of ducks.

2. How is Duck Massage in Quang Binh Province?

How can the ducks help you relax and get rid of the stress? It sounds like an impossible task, however, it is happening in Quang Binh Province, and throughout the years, more and more foreign travelers are coming to experience the strange service. 

Tourists coming to experience the duck massage in Quang Binh Province will be given a handful of duck food. The place owner shall lead them to a pack of dozen ducks. From there, the customer can choose either having a hand massage or a foot massage. If they go for the hands, they will hold the food in their cupped palms so the ducks can munch on. If they go for the feet, they will throw the food on the ground, around their feet for the ducks to feed on. The motions of pecking and nipping food from the duck’s beaks will cause a tingling feeling on the skin, making your hands and feets muscles loosen up and relax. This unique and one-of-a-kind form of massage is kind of similar to the fish massage in Japan and Thailand.

Duck massage is not as effective as the normal types of massage, but it brings not only relaxation but also fun and excitement. This is a great chance for busy city people to get along with the simple life of the countryside, as well as get to spend some time with the familiar yet lovely animal of Vietnamese farm life.

The extraordinary experience of massaging with ducks attracts the attention of more than thousands of tourists in the world. A great number of them found it “hilarious, funny and entertaining”. According to them, the ducks are extremely amusing, making them laugh a lot and giving them a wonderful time. They came to the duck massage service in Quang Binh to find not only great relaxation but also a memorable time giggling, smiling and screaming out of joy while having fun with the ducks. Some children even come home with the desire of owning an army of ducks just like in the Vietnamese farms. 

The Vietnamese staff are friendly and dedicated as well, they are willing to help and support the guests whenever they need and always make sure to tell them how to treat and play with the ducks nicely, to avoid hurting the animals. If some of you are worrying that this is animal abuse, then don’t worry, because the ducks here are fed and raised in great conditions, and they always have a positive time hanging out with the tourists. 

Duck massage has become one of the most famous attractions of Quang Binh tourism. Aside from famous destinations such as Phong Nha – Ke Bang, more and more foreign travelers are coming to Quang Binh for this bizarre form of entertainment. 

II. The Service of Duck Stop in Quang Binh

Duck stop in Quang Binh

1. What is Duck Stop in Quang Binh?

The unique duck massage service in Quang Binh Province was invented and operated by “Duck Stop” – a duck farm located near the famous Phong Nha – Ke Bang. Most international travelers will be surprised to know that the owner of Duck Stop is a 20-year-old man, named Tran Van Quynh. With his amazing creativity and managing skill, Mr. Quynh has managed to come up with such a fascinating service with the adorable animals, making Quang Binh tourism as well as foreigner’s vacation in Vietnam to be a lot more memorable and exciting.

The story of the start of the Duck Stop begins with a simple farm. At that time, Mr. Quy only wanted to have a normal place to keep his animals such as ducks, buffalos and chickens. But then there had been some foreigners, who traveled to Quang Binh for their vacation, when coming across his farm, began to feel amazed and asked him for permission to take pictures of the animals. Realizing their interest towards the farm animals, Mr. Quy began to work on the Duck Stop and turned it into a duck massaging center like nowadays.

The Duck Stop in Quang Binh Province has about 120 ducks, all of them are healthily fed and well-treated in an area called “Duck Heaven”. The name only has already enough to make tourists smile. When coming to the Duck Stop, tourists will pass a sign written “Welcome To Duck Heaven”. Each customer will be introduced about the services at the Duck Stop and start to play with the ducks.

2. What are Activities in Duck Stop?

Activities in Duck stop - Duck massage in Quang Binh

What most people don’t know is at the Duck Stop, tourists will not only experience duck massage. Aside from letting the ducks munch on the food in your palm or at your feet, a person will also have the chance to participate in a lot of other amazing activities. These are the things that make people come to the Duck Stop to experience their fun with the ducks so much.

One of the most interesting activities at the Duck Stop Quang Binh is “The Duck Leader”, where you can become the rulers of dozens of ducks. In this section, you will be given a box filled with delicious duck food that will immediately attract the attention of the ducks. You will hold the box in one hand, the other pick up a few of the food. The rest of the activity goes with you running around with that food in your palms, screaming “quack, quack” (the duck’s sound) while the whole pack of ducks chases after you with their short feet.

Have fun with duck - duck stop in Quang Binh

You can run around the farm with dozens of ducks running after. When you reach a dead-end, you will yell “quack” at the top of your lung and throw the food in your palm. The ducks will be running and eating the food you gave them. The scene will make you look like a true leader of the ducks, all mighty and powerful.

Most people find it amusing and hilarious, letting the ducks chase you around can bring you lots of great laughs and amazingly wonderful times. Some foreign tourists shared that this is the most memorable and bizarre thing they have ever done in Vietnam. Some said they had tons of fun because it was not every day that you can make the animals follow your lead and listen to your orders like that. The experience of ruling the ducks gives customers a positive chance to laugh out loud and act a little bit silly, to become weird and forget all the tiredness and stress from daily life. It is also perfect for children, who most likely only see the animals through an electronic screen and don’t have much chance to interact with real animals directly. Maybe that is why more and more people are taking an interest in the wonderful Duck Leader activity in Quang Binh Province and want to try it themselves.

After relaxing with the duck massage service and using up all your physical strength on ruling the ducks, you can relax and rest with the friendly water buffalo – a familiar and favorite animal of Vietnamese country life. You will be given a pair of plastic slippers and a palm-leaf conical hat, and climb on the back of a buffalo. This strong yet gentle animal will take you on a tour around the farm, showing you the peaceful and lovely sceneries of the countryside in Vietnam. 

Sunset over the pool in Phong Nha farmstay - Duck massage in Quang Binh

The refreshing, clean and cool atmosphere of the area will help to calm your minds and ease your worries effectively. Sitting on a buffalo, slowly wandering around, you will have a clear and vivid view of how life in the Vietnamese countryside works. You will be vast green fields, see locals working on their crops and see people do various tasks to earn a living. At some point, the buffalo even goes down a shallow stream so you can feel the cool sense of water and relax even more.

After the ride, tourists can take unique photos with the buffalo, as well as feed it and pet it. Despite its large and strong appearance, the water buffalo of Vietnam are extremely gentle and nice. Children and tourists can play freely with it without having to be afraid. 

With a string of activities, international tourists will be able to see the true countryside life of Vietnam, to experience interacting with two of the most familiar animals of the S-shaped country and to understand more about our customs and cultures. Not only that, but customers joining the services in Quang Binh Province will be relaxed and forget all the stress from daily life. There is no better way to ease your mind than laughing freely and playing with nature. Some can even consider this as a form of exercise, so you can improve both your mental and physical health greatly.

While most people come to the Duck Stop to experience the duck massage service, they also find the “duck leader” and riding the water buffalo activities to be attractive and interesting as well. And they find it incredible when only having to pay a small amount of money to have the chance to experience almost all the distinguished and remarkable sides of Vietnamese countryside life. All in all, duck massage and other activities have become must-try when visiting Quang Binh Province, Vietnam.

Nowadays many people consider duck massage as a highlight of Quang Binh tourism, Vietnam, and it will be a waste if you don’t try it for yourself. Quang Binh can be considered as the first place in the world to have such a unique service as the duck massage. If you want to look for a relaxing time, not only to relieve stress but also to laugh freely and be silly for a while, duck massage is definitely the right entertainment for you. Don’t hesitate to stop by the Duck Stop in Quang Binh and you will absolutely love it.


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