Co Thach Beach: Travel Guide to Seven-Colored Stone Beach in Binh Thuan

Co Thach Beach: Travel Guide to Seven-Colored Stone Beach in Binh Thuan

Contemplate the Strange Beauty of Co Thach Beach

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Feb 10, 2022

Perhaps people know Phan Thiet through some specialties such as fish sauce, dragon fruits, or baby rice, but little ones think that it is well-known for untouched beaches. Each year, an influx of people from different places come here to relax and have entertainment. One of the most fascinating destinations is Co Thach Beach, which will surely stun you by its strange beauty.

Location: Binh Thanh Commune, Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province

I. Why Is Co Thach Beach Special?

Why Co Thach beach is special 2

Phan Thiet has had a reputation for the deserted and romantic beauty of beaches. Among which, the Co Thach beach is considered a legendary one famous for its seven-colored stone beach. The beach is about 90 kilometers from Phan Thiet City and 300 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. Though being unspoiled by tourism, it is calm and charming enough for tourists to visit and to relieve stress after exhausting days.

Only when travel companies discovered and explored, did many ones know Co Thach Beach. This proves that it is extremely wild and quiet. The great thing about Co Thach is neither the depth nor the length, it is an extravagant collection of stones. Originally, we admit that they are senseless and inanimate things because they have no feelings and movements. However, colorful stones on Co Thach Beach make us ponder whether they are soulful or not.

Why is Co Thach beach special

When the sun shines on the beach, stones become sparkling with seven hues of the rainbow after the rain. Seen from afar, the panorama of Co Thach Beach resembles an exciting and vivid picture, which is in harmony with the sky and the land. The stones go ashore, side by side, as if they embroidered an endlessly iridescent carpet. If you set foot here, don’t miss collecting some stones for a trip.

At dawn, tourists will get stunned when they take a breathtaking view as in the heaven where the sea meets the land. The imposing rocks with odd shapes stand freely under the blue sky. This place of interest will be a mysterious gift for avid travelers and people who are curious about discovering new things. Some visitors are into strolling along the beach and sometimes sing the lyrics of a song in praise of the beauty of life.

II. What to See and Do at Co Thach Beach?

Hang pagoda - What to see and do near Co Thach beach

1. Drop in Chua Hang Pagoda

Local people name Chua Hang pagoda (Grotto pagoda) because it is located on a mountain that is about 64 meters high above sea level and surrounded by a lot of grottos. The temple is more than 100 years old and is a national monum. Near Co Thach Beach, where the waves hit all the time. The pagoda deserves to be a wonderful spiritual destination for tourists to contemplate and enjoy the time. Days gone by, it has been restored with gloss paint, but it still remains ancient. Being a valuable historical, cultural, and artistic heritage, it captures the quintessence of antiquity. Vietnamese people nowadays are always proud of old architectures reserved by the next of kin.

2. Experience “Moss Hunting”

If you come to Co Thach in March, you will have a chance to take a fanciful view of rocks and mosses. The weird thing here is that rocks are covered in dark green mosses. Many photographers and visitors must be early birds by sunrise to catch a unique view. They will wait tightly until the first ray shines on the immense moss mosaic.

Some quickly mingle themselves in the magical space to snap a photo or listen to the lovely sounds of the beach. Navy blue, sky blue, green, pink creates the stunning natural masterpiece stirring the blood. Co Thach Beach is also brilliant in the sunset. When the sun goes down the mountain, it leaves beams of sunlight on the horizon. Whoever will feel as if they got lost in the maze when they face the magnificent spectacle.

Mud bathing - What to do when visiting Co Thach beach

3. Try out Mud Bathing

Besides sunbathing on the beach, tourists should try out mud bathing in Vinh Hao Commune, Tuy Phong Province, Binh Thuan Province. This place at which a lot of people call every year to bury in smooth mud with a view to both cleaning the skin and relaxing. The surrounding is the splendid scenery with green trees and ranges of mountains. Going around on the small ways is a nice idea to enjoy the pure atmosphere and find out subtle differences between here and the others.

4. Go on an Excursion to Mui Ne Hill

Mui Ne Hill nestles after the ranges of mountains, so it looks tranquil and pristine. Compared to the small desert, the destination will be an indispensable tourist attraction on your trip to Co Thach Beach. On temperate and cool days, visitors indulge in playing with colorful sand or taking a seat to catch the strong winds. Mui Ne Hill resembles a simple picture with sand and weeds that reflects the secluded life. Therefore, it is completely suitable for the ones who are under the pressure of work and study.

III. What to Eat at Co Thach Beach?

What to eat when visiting Co Thach beach

Co Thach is famous for food from the sea with fresh ingredients such as lobsters, crabs, oysters, fish, and so on. Thanks to the typical recipe, the courses here are totally different from other establishments. If you want to find something for a memory, then drop in seafood markets. They offer a wide range of souvenirs made of seashells. To save money, you can ask the resident for Lien Huong Market because goods there are so cheap that you should buy some for your family members or buddies.

Binh Thuan Province is “the land of dragon fruit” with large dragon fruit fields that make millions of visitors blown away when they come in. In the evening, the light bulbs on the dragon tree become bright as the myriad stars in the sky. Many adolescents stand by the tree and make gestures while the others collect some pinky fruits. What a vivid scene! It is 180 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, so you can ponder which way is the best to get there.

IV. How to Get to Co Thach Beach?

Co Thach Beach is not far from Ho Chi Minh City, so the means of transport are available such as motorcycle, coach or train.

1. By Motorcycle

It is not complicated at all for you to get there. You only drive on the 1 Highway until you see the Lien Huong (Tuy Phong) conjunction. Then, you turn to the right and the destination will be in front of you. If you travel by scooter, try to enjoy exciting moments because the landscape is quite nice.

2. By Coach

Traveling by coach may be convenient for you to prepare the others for your trip. Moreover, it will help you control your time when you go with many people. Besides, you shouldn’t worry a lot about taking an umbrella, a raincoat, or the weather conditions in common.

3. By Train

Getting to Co Thach Beach by train is also considered a new experience to know more about Binh Thuan Province. Because there is no train stop in Tuy Phong, tourists need to reach Phan Rang or Phan Thiet. From the windows of the train, visitors can see the local scenery with trees and houses side by side. However, it will take a lot of time and money if you decide to go this way.

V. Tips on Visiting Co Thach Beach

If you have an intention of going to Co Thach Beach, some tips below will be useful to you.

  • Co Thach Beach is always fascinating, but it is the most brilliant in March when the moss carpets cover the rocks.
  • Visitors need to explore all the tourism areas at Co Thach Beach to fully appreciate the great trip.
  • Some essentials should be taken such as a water bottle, camera, map, coat, etc.
  • Going with beloved people will be more wonderful than traveling alone to share the joy of the trip.

The magic of the nature of Co Thach Beach will lead you to a peaceful and charming life. You will have time to purify the soul and wallow in the fanciful and fairy world, which is far different from the overcrowding and tight one outside.


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