Try Cat Ba Kayaking to Enrich Your Travel Experience in Vietnam

Try Cat Ba Kayaking to Enrich Your Travel Experience in Vietnam

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Nov 08, 2019

About 150km from Hanoi, Cat Ba is a popular tourist destination for those who would like to unwind. In recent years, Cat Ba Islands attracts a large number of visitors, who like discovering and experiencing the pristine beauty of this landscape. Apart from bathing in the sea, Cat Ba kayaking is also a common activity here.

Cat Ba island, with ideal geographical features and natural landscapes that are relatively similar to Halong Bay, has become popular among kayaking fans. Especially, for those who want to practically feel the marvelous beauty of this island, taking part in Cat Ba kayking activiy never make them feel disappointed. By kayaking, you can explore nearly all corners of the island by yourself, creating an memorable adventure during your trip.

1. Best Time to Kayak in Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Kayaking Best Time
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Cat Ba island has relatively similar climate features to that of Halong Bay, due to the location at the farthest end of Halong Bay.

In fact, there is no perfect time to visit Cat Ba island since the island brings different experiences throughout the year. But, for those who are going to visit Cat Ba island for kayaking, then weather conditions should be considered carefully.

You are advised to avoid kayaking in this island during summer months (from June to August) since this period is the outbreak of domestic tourism market. It is when the accommodations and services are often overloaded. Moreover, June and July are months in the middle of storm seasons in coastal provinces in Northern Vietnam, meaning that weather conditions during this period are not in favor for kayaking activity. More seriously, Cat Ba authorities even prohibit kayaking services because of such unfavorable weather conditions.

So, the best time to kayak in Cat Ba is the remained months, except for the mentioned-above ones. For international tourists, the time from November to March is best for them to travel. So, if you go kayaking in Cat Ba during this period, you can fully experience the heritage site by yourself during your kayak trip.

2. Ideal Places for Cat Ba Kayaking

Cat Ba Kayaking Ideal Places
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Home to 367 islands and covering the area of 345 km2, Cat Ba Archipelago is generally a limestone area that emerges from the sea. Among these islands, Cat Ba island is the largest. Here, there are some ideal sites for kayaking that you should not skip, which are:

  • Lan Ha Bay – coquettish primitive pearl on Cat Ba that offers different routes for kayaking
  • Three Peaches Beach – pristine place, belongs to Halong Bay and rather close to Cat Ba Archipelago
  • Dark & Light Cave – where you can see different classes of stalactites on the cliffs and ceiling.
  • Vem Cave (Hang Vẹm – Áng Thình Lình) – brings biological features of brackish water

3. How to Rent a Kayak in Cat Ba Island?

Cat Ba Kayaking Rent
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You have a few ways to rent a kayak in Cat Ba, namely:

  1. Rent a kayak by yourself on Cat Ba Island
  2. Join in a kayaking tour that is often combined with other activities on the island.

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4. Possible Experiences When Kayaking in Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Kayaking Experiences

When kayaking on Cat Ba Island, you will not need to worry about the departure and return time because the trip is flexible to fix every customer’s schedule. If you book a tour from a travel agency, there will be a car picking you up at your hotel, and then go on a boat cruise to reach the center of the kayaking place.

Along your trip, you will see a lot of fish farms, fishing villages, floating markets, hidden lagoons, tunnel caves, natural beaches and so on. There will also be a lot of local fishermen friendly saying hi to you. 

In some days, you can even see very big fish swimming around the edges of the mountain, little monkeys playing together and wild Cat Ba Langurs. It is better to go in group because you can support each other during the trip.

5. How to Get to Cat Ba Island?

Cat Ba Kayaking Get to
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From Hanoi, you can travel to Cat Ba by car. If you are in Halong, you can depart from Tuan Chau Island to Gia Luan Harbor of Cat Ba Island. You can choose to discover this location in two day – one night or three days, 2 nights.

6. What to Eat After Your Kayak Trip in Cat Ba?

Cat Ba Kayaking Seafood
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Once coming to Cat Ba Island, you will have a chance to taste so many delectable seafood like oysters, shell-fish, garrupa and vermicelli with shrimp. They are served in so many restaurants nearby. In addition, if you would like to save money, you can buy seafood on the beach and cook by yourself.

7. Where to Stay in Cat Ba Island for Kayaking?

Cat Ba Kayaking Stay
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If you want to gain luxury experience, Perla Dawn Sails, Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa, Cat Ba Sunrise Resort and Nam Cat Island Resort-CatbaBay are ideal options for you.

On the contrary, in case you want to save money, you can stay at some hotels like Ha Vy Hotel, Cat Ba Green Hotel, Luna’s House or Hoang Phuc Hotel.

Almost all the hotels and resorts in Cat Ba provide the best services to customers. So, wherever you choose, you can also feel comfortable.

8. Tips on Cat Ba Kayking

Cat Ba Kayaking Tips
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  • As kayaking requires people to be outdoors all the time, so you need to prepare yourself some essentials like sunscreen, water shoes or sun glasses
  • If you are not experienced, you should ask the local people to guide you before starting kayaking on the island, or else, you may get in trouble
  • Going at anytime but the rainy days
  • For kayaking newbies, you should go with a group of people. If not, you have to gather some detailed information about Cat Ba archipelago for safely since there are possible waves or limestone reefs that suddenly crash into your kayak

Kayaking on Cat Ba Island is so interesting. Therefore, why don’t you give it a try on a beautiful sunny day?


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