All You Need to Know About Cycling in Halong Bay

All You Need to Know About Cycling in Halong Bay

Tips to Take a Perfect Ride in Halong Bay

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Jan 05, 2022

Whenever mentioning cycling, you might think about an in-land activity taking place on winding roads in verdant parks or tranquil lakes. However, do you know that you can ride a bike in the world heritage Halong Bay? Cycling is an exciting activity, and it could be more interesting to explore the hidden beauty on pristine islands of Halong Bay by bike. What do you need about cycling in Halong Bay? Which are the best places for cycling? What are some tips when discovering this destination by bicycle? Keep reading and you will be provided with necessary information about cycling in Halong Bay.

I. Overview about Cycling in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is no longer a strange seascape among tourists coming to Vietnam. Visiting this majestic world heritage, tourists will get a good chance to contemplate the breath-taking natural scenery and participate in a variety of experiences such as kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, cycling and squid-fishing. Off all these activities, cycling is for sure one of the unique experiences one can have when taking a tour to Halong.

Get out of your place, register to join a tour on cycling in Halong and then pedal as hard as you can and you will gain an entirely new perspective of the spectacular Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island. The land is fresh, the land is vibrant, and the land is worth cycling as well as sight-seeing with wild nature, emerald seawater, white sandy beaches and welcoming locals.

Especially, cycling in Cat Ba Island – an area of 260 including more than 300 islands covered around by water and Halong Bay is an activity you should not miss. Being the largest island in the North and the 2nd biggest in Vietnam after Phu Quoc Island in the South, Cat Ba Island provides the coolest experience of cycling from the jungle way to dirt muddy road, from the ocean view to the countryside way that you can choose for yourself.

II. Top Destinations for Cycling in Halong Bay

1. Viet Hai Fishing Village

Viet Hai Fishing Village is located on Cat Ba Island, which is one of the familiar stopovers of cruises in Halong and Lan Ha Bay. Viet Hai is a small ancient village with an area of 141 hectares, which is the hometown of10 families. Thanks to the favorable position on Cat Ba Island, Viet Hai Fishing Village possesses a diverse ecosystem, including mountains, forests and ocean. Therefore, this village has another nickname as “island inside island”.

The mother of nature favors Viet Hai Fishing Village with the picturesque scenery. The gorgeous look of this area is created by imposing limestone mountains, immense paddy fields, verdant tropical forests, and pristine sandy beaches. Peaceful life, hospitable residents and appealing nature has made Viet Hai Village a perfect place to stop to enjoy some sobering moments during your journey to Halong Bay.

Actually, you can visit this ancient village by bike or by electric car, but bicycles seem to be much more attractive for most tourists. On a bicycle, you can go along winding paths covered by the shade of green trees, reach plain thatching houses of the locals, meet the friendly locals and experience their daily life. Although you might be a little tired, it is a worth-try experience that you should not ignore when visiting Viet Hai Village. Cycling in Halong Bay cannot be better than this.

2. Trung Trang Cave – Cat Ba Town

Also on Cat Ba Island, there is a cycling route that is no less attractive than Viet Hai Fishing Village, which is the route from Gia Luan Dock to Cat Ba Town passing Trung Trang and Hospital Caves. Cycling along the roads, you will catch the sights of majestic ocean view, perched cliffs and thrilling curves. It can be said that the way from Gia Luan Dock to the center of Cat Ba Town is one of the most charming ones, especially at sunrise and sunset.

On the cycling way, you can stop by at Trung Trang Cave and Hospital Cave. With a length of 300 meters, Trung Trang Cave is a masterpiece of the creator with various stalagmites and stalactites in unique shapes and sizes. The locals call this cave “the gold and silver reserve of goddess” due to the miraculous lights inside this cave. Meanwhile, Hospital Cave is a historical relic that played a role as a boob-proof hospital during the Vietnam War. Both these two caves are the attractions you should not miss while cycling in Halong Bay.

3. Thien Long Cave – Cat Ba Town

The starting point of this route is Phu Long Port on Cat Ba Island, and on the way, you will pass by Thien Long Cave, a magnificent cave inside the mangrove forest. The scenery on the way to Cat Ba Town is a combination and transition of forest and sea, so you can see imposing limestone mountains, pristine tropical forests and lively mangrove forests. On the way cycling there, you will meet hospitable local residents, who always welcome you with their smiles and saying “hello”.

Located inside a mangrove forest, Thien Long Cave is a world of splendid stalactites and stalagmites. Thanks to the position far away from the residential area, Thien Long Cave can still retain its untouched beauty. Stepping inside this cave, you will be immediately astonished by the glorious lights, which makes you feel as if you got lost in a heaven maze. It is such a pity that you miss this route on your cycling tour in Halong Bay.

III. What is Special about Cycling in Halong Bay?

In fact, cycling in Halong Bay is not very different from cycling in other areas. The thing making this activity exciting and attractive is the exclusive experience and the breath-taking scenery of the landscape you visit. E-cart is available for you to go around, but almost all tourists prefer exploring the stopovers by bike.

While visiting the islands of Halong Bay by bike, tourists will enjoy the peaceful scenery of Halong with the calm sea, gentle waves, limestone cliffs, green forests and stunning caves. Riding a bike is a good way to exercise to improve your health, and it is also an ideal means of transportation to go around and enjoy quiet moments of life. Breathing in the fresh atmosphere of the sea, listening to the song of the forest, and feeling the tranquility of life are things you can have while riding a bike around.

Cat Ba Island is the destination that most cruises choose to stop for tourists to explore the surrounding by bike. This island consists of Cat Ba National Park, a biosphere reserve with a diverse system of flora and fauna. It is the unspoiled beauty of this landscape that attracts all visitors. On this island, you can ride a bike to visit glittering caves, immense fields, pristine houses and winding roads. Your experience on Cat Ba Island can be incomplete without cycling.

IV. Cruises for Cycling in Halong Bay

Since Cat Ba Island is one of the popular destinations on the route of many cruises to Halong Bay, it is quite easy for you to find a vessel including cycling in its itinerary. These cruises will provide you with some necessary information while taking a tour to Halong as well as cycling in Halong Bay. With the dedicated help of the cruise members and tour guide, you can fully enjoy this interesting activity.

Some cruises offering cycling in Halong Bay include:

1. Era Cruises

2. Peony Cruises

3. Azalea Cruise

4. Heritage Line Ginger Cruise

5. Heritage Line Ylang Cruise

6. Unicharm Cruise

7. Sealife Legend Cruise

8. Orchid Premium Cruise

9. Rosy Cruise

10. Harmony Boutique Cruises

V. Best Time for Cycling in Halong Bay

Halong Bay in particular and North Vietnam in general has four distinct seasons, and each season has different weather conditions. Taking a tour to Halong Bay and cycling on a sunny day with nice weather would be better than traveling on a rainy day. There are two ideal periođ to visit Halong Bay, the first one is from early March to late June and the second one is from late September to December.

March to June is late spring and early summer in North Vietnam. The weather is quite gentle with sunlight most of the time, and heavy rain has not occurred frequently. This kind of climate is suitable for outdoor activities, especially exploring and cycling. In addition, this period is also the tourism season in Halong, and this destination is always crowded with domestic and international tourists going on vacation.

The period from September to December is another choice for you to consider. If you cannot arrange a journey to Halong Bay in summer, this period is an ideal suggestion. The weather in late autumn and early winter is a little bit cooler than that in summertime, and heavy rains give way to sunlight and blue sky. Going out on these days and discovering the sites by bike will adorn your journey.

There is a period from July to early September that is not suitable for cycling in Halong. The heavy rains, tropical storms and rough sea will prevent you from almost all outdoor activities there. However, there are still some sunny days with nice weather, and if you want to travel to Halong Bay during this time, you should refer to the weather forecast.

VI. Extra Tips

Keep in mind some following tips to ensure your safe and sound trip:

  • You ought to wear comfortable clothes with a pair of sneakers when riding a bike.
  • Listen carefully and follow the safety instructions given by the tour guide.
  • Remember to check the condition of the bike before starting your trip. You for sure do not want your bike to break down on the way and your journey to be interrupted.
  • Although it is not compulsory, wear a good helmet to protect yourself.
  • Cycling in groups will be better in case you get lost or have some troubles.
  • Do not line up in a row on the road because this can be extremely dangerous.
  • Do not arbitrarily leave your group without the permission of the tour guide.
  • Stay away from the dangerous or isolated areas.
  • You need to ride on the right-hand side, and be careful because other vehicles might suddenly appear from all directions.

Cycling in Halong Bay is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have in your trip to Halong. The stunning nature of this world heritage is waiting for you to discover, so don’t hesitate to take a tour and explore Halong by bike!


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