Travel Guide to Ly Son Island in Quang Ngai

Travel Guide to Ly Son Island in Quang Ngai

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Sep 18, 2020

In recent years, many tourists have flocked to the pristine islands, of which Ly Son Island is a “must-go” destination in Vietnam. Different from other Vietnam trips, a trip to Ly Son Island would be really attractive and memorable, especially for those who wish to conquer and explore a new land.

Scenic Beauty of Ly Son Island

The beauty of Ly Son island in Quang Ngai

When you set your foot on Ly Son Island, you will be deeply impressed by the harmonious combination of the sun, clouds, water, mountains, and rocks along with nice and friendly local people. Being covered by the immense sea, Ly Son is captivating visitors for a plenty of stunning beaches and the black stone abysses formed by the sediment left by volcanoes jutting far out to sea.

In addition, Ly Son Island also possesses the colorful coral reefs under the turquoise sea water. All are made together to sketch a magnificent and poetic painting. Visitors can see the seaweed and many kinds of fish swimming under the crystal clear water. From Ly Son, you can spend about one hour to travel by boat to the small Ly Son Island, which has a small number of populations. The island features rocky holes in the seaside cliffs to create striking beaches.

Tourists should visit Ly Son Island – one of the “must-go” destinations in Vietnam with waves flapping on the steep cliffs all year around – to witness the sunset on the silver waves as well as to watch the destitute of planting garlic from the white sand.

Must-see Attractions in Ly Son Island

Thoi Loi Mountain

When visiting Ly Son Island, Thoi Loi is always the first stop of the tour. From the foothill to the summit of the mountain, the road is rather zigzagged and winding, so tourists often hire an electric car to get there. However, some people take motorbikes so that they can stop on the way up to capture beautiful and panoramic photos of the whole island.

Around the mountain, there are many scenic spots including the Light House, Hang Pagoda, the National Flag Pole,… After the tough pass to get to the top of the mountain, the spectacular view of the natural landscapes will make the tourists feel overwhelmed. From the top, the sea and the sky seem to harmonize together, creating a majestic paradise on Earth. There is also a freshwater lake on top of the mountain, and you can use this water to wash the sweat out of your face and your hands.

If you visit The National Flag Pole, you can look further and see the Hoang Sa Island. The Flag Pole is about 20 meters high, and the main side of the pole printed the ordinate of Ly Son Island. An interesting thing is that the stand is painted red as a match to the color of Vietnamese National flag, which is a symbol for Vietnam’s maritime sovereignty.

Hang Pagoda

About 400 years ago, from the late 16th century to early 17th century, under the Le Dynasty (King Le Kinh Tong), Hang pagoda was built by the first inhabitants of the Ly Son Island who worshipped Buddha and the founders of nearby villages. Since it is located in a large cave, the villagers decided to call it Hang (Cave) pagoda. The pagoda is a spiritual place where local people often come to pray for good luck and prosperity, especially the fishermen from the fishing villages on the Island.

Duc Pagoda and the Guan Yin Statue

Beside from Hang Pagoda, tourists who are looking for a peaceful and tranquil place can also visit Duc Pagoda, which is located on Gieng Tien mountain – a thousand-year sleeping volcano on Ly Son Island. To reach the Duc Pagoda, you will have to pass over more than 100 stairs.

guan yin statue in ly son island

The highlight of Duc Pagoda is a 27-meter-high Guan Yin statue. According to the legend of Buddhism, Guan Yin has chosen Ly Son Island to dwell, keeping the local fishermen safe from the regular natural disasters on the island.

Standing in the pagoda, you will be able to witness the picturesque beach scenery. Especially, if you like to have a small adventure, climbing Mount Liem Tu is a suitable choice. On top of the mount, you can see the volcanic crater that has become a pan-shaped area filled with green grass. Looking down from the peak of the mountain, the breathtaking scenes of the island with blue sea, white sands, immense forests and the red soil from lava will surely have you taken aback.

Unique Culture in Ly Son Island

In fact, there are a lot of spiritual ceremonies held annually in Ly Son Island. For example, there is a yearly ceremony for soldiers who sacrificed themselves to protect Truong Sa and Hoang Sa Island on the East Ocean in the Nguyen Dynasty, which is called Flag Raising Ceremony. This ceremony involves both villagers and the military, showing our respect to the brave soldiers. Moreover, Ly Son Island is also the place in which priceless, confidential and historical documents that affirms Viet Nam’s sea and island sovereignty are preserved.

What to Eat in Ly Son Island

One of the most popular ingredients in Ly Son is garlic, and the seafood is also amazing. The local people always love to cook with natural taste and smell, as well as ensure sufficient nutrition in the dish. Therefore, it is common to see Salad in the meal of Ly Son’s people.

Garlic Salad

garlic salad ly son island

Ly Son’s symbol dish is made with garlic, which is called Garlic Salad. For this dish, they will remove the outer shell of the garlic, then wash them and steam without water. After that, processed garlic is mixed with spices and a little peanut, herbs and fresh vegetable. The salad does not only taste amazing but also provides abundant nutrition for your health, prevents illnesses like cold, fever, sneezing, flu,…

Jellyfish Salad

Another remarkable dish you can try when visiting Ly Son is the Jellyfish Salad. To make this dish, the fishermen have to catch fresh jellyfish in the early morning, then soak them in water with a chopped green banana to prevent the water lost. Then, they mix the fresh jellyfish with sliced mangos, garlic, aromatic herbs, fish sauce, chili and other ingredients. Additionally, sprinkled peanuts and fried onion on the top will help boost the smell of the dish, making it an attractive, must-try dish when you come to Ly Son.

How to Get to Ly Son Island

What to see in Ly Son island
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You have to start from Quang Ngai Province in order to reach Ly Son Island. You will take a speedboat to travel to the island and then rent a motorbike to go around discovering many famous attractions on the island.

There is only one high-speed train from Sa Ky to Ly Son, which departs at 7.00am or 8.00am. Hence, you have to book tickets in advance as well as to arrange time so as not to miss the ship and wait for another day to get to the island.

Extra Tips

Since the ship will be cancelled or terminated due to bad weather, you sohuld check the weather before booking a tour to Ly Son, preferably fine and hot days to fully experience the scenic beauty and great food that the island offers.

Summer would be the best time to visit jewel island. June is the hottest season on the island, suitable for beach trips, and between July to August is the best time for fishing. During this period time, Ly Son often welcomes flocks of visitors, including families, groups of friends and big tour groups

You should prepare sunscreen and protection suits when visiting Ly Son, as the sun in Vietnam is not suitable for sunbathing, and could harm you if you stay outdoors for too long.

Thanks to the marvellous natural scenery and the beauty of the sea combined with the innocent smiles of lovely children, the friendliness,enthusiasm and hospitality of the local people living around the island, your day trip to a wild and extraordinary Ly Son will surely make you feel attached and wish to come back there many more times.


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