Bai Lo Voi Beach: Con Dao Island

Bai Lo Voi Beach: Con Dao Island

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Mar 15, 2021

Con Dao Island is considered as a pearl in the north sea of Vietnam. Coming to Con Dao Island, tourists will have a chance to discover this mysterious island, listen to the stories about a difficult time in the history of Vietnam, and enjoy the breath-taking beauty of nature on Con Dao Island. One of the must-come destinations is Bãi Lò Vôi beach, an impressive beach that is right in the center of Con Dao Town.

I. Overview of Bai Lo Voi

Lo Voi beach is right in the center of Con Dao Island, which is 2.5 kilometers to the northeast of Ben Dam Port, the main port of Con Dao Island. This beach is located near various historical sites on Con Dao, which are Con Dao Prison, the palace of island lord, Hang Duong Graveyard, Phu Binh Camp and Con Dao Museum. Thanks to the favorable location, Lo Voi Beach is included in the itinerary discovering Con Dao Island for many tourists.

The name “Lo Voi” of the beach means “lime kiln”, which comes from a lime kiln near the beach. Lime Kiln is a historical site on Con Dao Island, which witnessed the crime of the French colonists on Vietnamese political prisoners. The Lime Kiln is a strong indictment about what the colonists did in Vietnam in general and in Con Dao in particular.

The Lime Kiln was established in 1864 when the colonists set foot on Con Dao Island. The purpose of the kiln was to produce materials for constructing the island. Most of the constructions at  that time were made of bricks and limestone. The prisoners had to dive into the sea to collect coral, bring back to the kiln and burn it to make lime. This dangerous task infuriates the prisoners, and they were much more angry when their labor was abused.

Nowadays, though the economic oppression policy ended for nearly five decades, the historical site is still there to remind the future generations about a dark period of Vietnam under the colony time on Con Dao Island. Lo Voi Beach is not only a natural attraction but also a historical witness on Con Dao Island.

II. Highlights of Bai Lo Voi

Like other beaches on Con Dao, Bai Lo Voi owns a long seaside with white sand and clear water. The beach nestles at the foot of a green mountain and overlooks lush offshore islands. Enclosing the beach is coconut lines, which is a familiar image in most of beaches along Vietnam. Lo Voi Beach is in the shape of a crescent moon, which is compared with a fairyland on Con Dao Island.

Since the residents of Con Dao are not too crowded, Lo Voi Beach can still preserve its unspoiled appearance in spite of the central location. Coming to Bai Lo Voi, tourists will immediately feel the fresh air, the tranquil atmosphere and the cool wind bringing the salty breath of the ocean. The gentle waves crash onto the sea shore, leaving splashing sounds into the peaceful scenery.

Every scene of Bai Lo Voi seems to be in harmony, with the blue color of sea and sky, the green color of trees and mountains and the white color of sand and clouds. The beach is a perfect picture of nature with clear brushstrokes drawn by real scenes. The appealing beauty of Bai Lo Voi will forsure take away all the exhaustion and tiredness of tourists on hot summer days.

III. What to See and Do in Bai Lo Voi?

1. Swimming and sunbathing

It is such a pity that tourists come to Bai Lo Voi without enjoying the atmosphere of the sea by swimming and sunbathing. The clear and cool water of the beach can ease any exhausted soul, embrace your body and clean all your tiredness. Immersing in the seawater of Lo Voi Beach and letting the water caress your skin, you may feel as if you were lost in a wonderland. Besides, after swimming, you can lay down on the beach to sunbathe. Sipping coconut water and enjoying the warm sunlight are must-try experiences.

2. Joining outdoor activities

Coming to Bai Lo Voi, you will be offered various choices for entertaining activities. Most of these activities are taken on the beach, including team building games, camping, picnicking, kite-flying, wind-surfing, diving to see coral reefs and so on. The only one thing you should note down is to pay attention to the instructions so as to ensure your safety. In addition, in the late afternoon, you can get a good opportunity to admire one of the most impressive scenes on Con Dao Island: sunset. This peaceful moment will help you to find peace for your soul.

3. Enjoying local foods

Near Bai Lo Voi, there are many restaurants for tourists to enjoy the mouth-watering specialty of Con Dao.

  • Cellana (ốc vú nàng)

Coming to Con Dao, tourists must try cellana (a kind of sea snail living in the sea of Con Dao). This kind of seafood can be found in some coastal areas in South Vietnam, but cellanas living in Con Dao are a little bit larger than this one in other places. Catching cellanas is a difficult process, so this specialty used to be enjoyed by the lords only. Nowadays, this is a daily dish of the locals that can be cooked in many ways. The best ways to enjoy cellanas are to boil, to grill on charcoal and to make salads.

  • Sea urchin sauce (mắm nhum)

This kind of sauce is made of “nhum”, a small species of sea urchin living in Con Dao sea. The meat of sea urchin taken to make sauce is mixed with salt, then stored in ceramic pots and set under the sunlight. After 20 days, the process finishes and the sauce is ready for being served. The typical sauce is in brown-red color and a bit thick. Enjoying sea urchin sauce, you may feel the sweet taste of sea urchin along with the salty taste of the sea. On Con Dao Island, this sauce is served with boiled vegetables, seafood and spring rolls.

IV. How to Get to Bai Lo Voi?

To reach Con Dao Island, you can travel by plane or express ship. If you go by plane, you can depart from Hanoi, Hai Phong, Vinh, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho. Going by ship, you have to depart from Vung Tau, Can Tho and Soc Trang. The ticket price for travelling by plane can be varied, depending on your departure destination. You will have to spend from 300,000 VND to 900,000 VND going to Con Dao Island by express ship.

From the center of Con Dao Town, you follow Nguyen Hue or Ton Duc Thang streets to the east until you reach Nguyen Chi Thanh Street. Bai Lo Voi is on your right hand side. Depending on your location, you can catch a taxi, hire a bus or even walk to Bai Lo Voi.

V. Extra Tips

  • The time from May to October is the best time to visit Bai Lo Voi of Con Dao Island. This is the summer time, which is an ideal period for coastal tourism.
  • You should watch the weather forecast before taking a tour to Con Dao Island. Don’t start your trip on a rainy or gloomy day; the bad weather will prevent you from outdoor activities.
  • If you want to find a hotel with an affordable price, there is a wide range of choices for you near Bai Lo Voi. The location of the hotels is quite convenient for you to explore the island.
  • In the neighborhood of Bai Loi Voi, you can visit plenty of tourist attractions that are the symbol of Con Dao Island.
  • In case the weather can be hot, you should prepare sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses when participating in outdoor activities.
  • Remember to follow the guide and instructions to ensure your safety when swimming.
  • If your group has children, don’t forget to pay attention to them.
  • You should protect the environment on Bai Loi Voi. Don’t throw your trash on the beach area.

It can be said that Bai Lo Voi is a masterpiece of the Creator on Con Dao Island. The beach is a harmonious picture of mountains, sky and sea. If you have a chance to go to Con Dao Island, you should not miss a journey exploring Lo Voi Beach. Don’t hesitate to share with us your wonderful moments with your family and friends on this stunning island!


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