Bai Dat Doc, a Stunning Beach on the Side of Con Dao

Bai Dat Doc, a Stunning Beach on the Side of Con Dao

Travel Guide to Bai Dat Doc Beach

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Mar 15, 2021

Con Dao Island, a shining pearl in the North of Vietnam, is well-known for its unspoiled beauty that tourists cannot find in any other places along Vietnam. Thanks to the favorable terrain, Con Dao owns five gorgeous beaches, each one has an unique feature that cannot be mistaken for the others. One of the most beautiful beaches in Con Dao is Bai Dat Doc, where tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature and experience convenient services.

I. Overview of Bai Dat Doc Beach

Overview of Bai Dat Doc

Bai Dat Doc is about 4 kilometers to the east of Con Dao center. The beach nestles under the foot of a rocky mountain with a sloping side, so it is called “Đất Dốc”. In spite of the name, Dat Doc Beach is a relatively flat beach that has white and smooth sand, and the sea surface is tranquil with rippling waves.

Along one-kilometer length of Dat Doc Beach, there is not only a smooth sandy beach but also the mountain foot with rough rocks spreading to the water edge. The rocks in many shapes and sizes not only ardons the pristine appearance of Bai Dat Doc but also an ideal site for tourists to explore the marvellous things of the ocean.

II. Best Time to Visit Bai Dat Doc Beach

Best time to visit Bai Dat Doc

The tourism season on Con Dao Island is summer time, which lasts from May to October. Thanks to the influence of the ocean, the weather there is quite gentle all year round, even on hottest summer days. Therefore, Con Dao Island is an ideal landscape for tourists to escape from the harsh climate of summer in Vietnam and enjoy a memorable journey with your friends and family.

Due to the fact that the tourism season in Con Dao is also the rainy season in North Vietnam, you should pay attention to the weather forecast to plan your itinerary. Sunny days are the most suitable time to go to the beach, but rainy days may prevent you from these activities. However, it may not rain all the days, so just prepare for your trip on a day with fine weather.

III. Highlights of Bai Dat Doc Beach

Bai Dat Doc is considered as a paradise on the Earth. Overlooking from Dat Doc Beach, tourists will feel as if the sea and the sky merged into one, which opens a vast and impressive space of blue color.

The imposing beauty of Dat Doc Beach is the present from the Creator to Con Dao Island. The long and white sand beach, along with the crystal seawater and lush green treelines, all the things there draw a lively picture in light colors. The beauty of Bai Dat Doc can ease the soul of every tourist on the hottest summer days and keep them excited all the journey visiting Con Dao Island.

To exploit the tourism potential of Bai Dat Doc, a luxurious resort was built on the seaside. The resort does not affect the pristine beauty of the beach but ardons the modern look of the scenery there as well as provides tourists with the most convenient services.

Coming to Dat Doc Beach, tourists will have a good chance to admire the striking view of sunset moment on the beach. When the daylight disappears and the night begins, you can set a campfire on the sandy beach, hold a barbeque party and enjoy dinner with your friends or family. That is such a thrilling experience.

Not only that, the area of Dat Doc sea is the home to dugong, a rare mammal species that can only be found in some areas of Vietnam. Due to its shape, dugong is also compared with the pretty mermaid. In spite of the large size, this kind of animal is quite gentle and it will not hurt anyone. On the sea shore of Bai Dat Doc, having a chance to see a dugong means that you are extremely lucky.

What to see and do in Bai Dat Doc

IV. What to See and Do in Bai Dat Doc Beach?

1. Swimming and sunbathing

Swimming and sunbathing are two must-try activities for all tourists coming to Bai Dat Doc. Going to a beach without immersing in the water of the sea means that you have never been there. Bai Dat Doc is one of the most ideal sites for tourists to swim and sunbathe. The clear and cool water, light waves and gentle winds are all favorable conditions for tourists to enjoy these activities.

Moreover, on the beach of Bai Dat Doc, tourists can enjoy the overview of the sea, with blue sky, white clouds and green islands. Laying on the beach, you may feel the smooth of sand, the murmuring sound of waves and the warm of sunlight. All your senses will be woken up to enjoy the full excitement in Dat Doc Beach.

Walking along the beach, you can reach the foot of the mountain where the rocks are right on the water edge. The waves splash on the rocks, leaving white foam on the beach surface. The amazing appearance of this area is suitable for taking stunning and impressive photos. The only one thing you should notice is that some rocks can be quite sharp, so remember to be careful.

2. Camping and picnicking

The position of Bai Dat Doc is a great position for picnicking and setting a campfire on the beach. If you do not have much time, a day-time picnic is enough for you to join intriguing activities with your friends on Dat Doc Beach. If you have more time and want to stay overnight, you can hold a night party right on the beach.

Since the atmosphere there is not influenced by the city light, you can see thousands of stars in the sky at night. That is one of the most sparkling and impressive scenes you may never forget about the beach of Con Dao. The seafood on Con Dao is always fresh and diverse, so you should buy some seafood in the town for your barbeque party. In the cool night of Con Dao, enjoy grilled seafood and sipping some beer is such a perfect combination.

Six senses Con Dao - What to see and do in Bai Dat Doc

3. Six Senses Con Dao Resort

Six Senses Con Dao Resort is the first resort on Con Dao Island, which is located on Bai Dat Doc. This resort is the harmonious mixture between the modern and traditional architecture. Instead of changing the core value of Dat Doc Beach, the resort is seen as a splendid jewellery of Con Dao, which provides tourists with the most luxurious convenience.

Six Senses Con Dao Resort includes 50 villas facing the sea. Each villa has a swimming pool with an ocean view, so tourists can enjoy the high-class services and admire the view of Dat Doc Beach at the same time. This resort contains the breath of the ocean, the inspiration from fisherman villages and the opinion of a modern resort. If you have abundant time to stay in Con Dao, Six Senses is one of the good selections for you.

V. How to Get to Bai Dat Doc?

Since the flights to Con Dao Island are available at some certain airports and the ticket price for a flight is quite expensive, travelling to Con Dao on ship is the selection of many tourists. To get to Con Dao Island, you have to depart from Soc Trang, Can Tho or Vung Tau. It takes you about 3 to hours to get to this island, depending on the itinerary you choose. The ticket price for a ship to Con Dao Island ranges from 300,000 VND to 900,000 VND.

The distance from Con Dao town center to Bai Dat Doc is about 4 kilometers, so you can choose to go by taxi or motorbike. From the center area, you follow Co Ong Road to the east until you reach Six Senses Con Dao Resort. That is the location of Bai Dat Doc. You only have to spend 10 minutes getting to Bat Doc Beach from the island center.

VI. Extra Tips

  • The demands to visit Con Dao Island in tourism season may increase, so you should book your ship ticket and hotel in advance in case the number of tourists coming to Con Dao Island overloads.
  • You can hire a motorbike to explore Con Dao Island your way. The price to hire a motorbike ranges from 90,000 VND to 150,000 VND a day. Con Dao has only a gas station, so remember to refuel your motorbike before starting your trip.
  • Remember to prepare water, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses when taking part in outside activities.
  • Some areas on the beach might be quite dangerous unless you follow the instructions when swimming.
  • If you go on the trip with your children, you have to keep an eye on them because some areas on the beach may not be safe.
  • You should keep the area of Bai Dat Doc clean. Do not throw trash on the ground.

As one of the four must-come beaches on Con Dao Island, Bai Dat Doc brings tourists a memorable experience in nature to feel the beauty of Vietnamese sea and ocean. Some tourists say this beach is a paradise, while others compare it with a crescent moon sleeping on the side of Con Dao Island and waiting for visitors to discover. If you have an opportunity to Con Dao, you should not ignore this wonderful attraction.


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