Dive Bar & Restaurant in Hoi An

Dive Bar & Restaurant in Hoi An

Bars & Restaurants in Hoi An

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Jan 31, 2020

For most people, Hoi An is an ancient monument city with a history of a thousand years and a wide-ranged culture. Visiting Hoi An, travelers not only contemplate the uniqueness in architecture and design of old buildings but also merge themselves in the dynamic nightlife in bars nearby. Among a host of bars, Dive Bar & Restaurant should be your priority in Hoi An.

Dive Bar and Restaurant is said to be a great place to enjoy the nightlife in Hoi An. This place always offers a range of local and international dishes. Especially, coming here you could try the extremely special and delicious barbecue with stunning flavors. Moreover, a variety of cocktails, drinkings, and coffee are prepared meticulously and served with the best quality. Enjoying a cup of coffee,  playing billiards while listening to some pieces of countryside lyrics would bring travelers amazing peaceful experiences. And these are the things making Dive Bar the best place to relieve stress in the ancient town of Hoi An.

Location: 88 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An, Quang Nam
Opening hours: Daily 10:00 pm - Midnight
Types of foods and cuisines: Vietnamese, European

Highlights of Dive Bar & Restaurant

1. The Position and Architecture

From Nguyen Thai Hoc street, you easily find the Dive Bar & Restaurant by walking 5 minutes through the Japanese Covered Bridge. Located in a bustling and hustling city with a bunch of domestic and international visitors on a yearly basis, however, Dive Bar is well-known for the peace in atmosphere, the sophistication of furniture and the uniqueness of foods.

Highlights of Dive Bar and restaurant
Photo: @janicewandering

When sitting in such a charming place, you also have a chance to enjoy the pure atmosphere and get rid of the congested atmosphere of the transportation outside. The disturbing sounds of the vehicles also disappear, in Dive Bar and Restaurant, you only smell the clean air and a sense of a peaceful time with your partners.

Unlike other high-end bars around, the position of Dive Bar is rather quiet with a capacity of up to 80 customers. The Dive Bar is divided into several areas to meet the needs of each customer.  Apart from the lively and crowded destinations from outside, Dive Bar leaves visitors with familiarity, warmth, and closeness between tourists and staffs, at once brings connections among tourists all over the world.

Dive Bar was used to be equipped with bamboo chairs and tables with a large billiard in the center, which gives visitors more space for entertainment and leisure. Owned by the Cham Island Diving Center, this Bar now is also fitted with lounge sofas, pool tables, one garden courtyard, and a small internet-connected cafe, giving convenience to tourists.

One more interesting thing in Dive Bar is that you can fee swim and dive in the Bar as well as received beautiful picture shoots in here.

2. The Combination of Bar and Restaurant

Everyone is used to thinking bars as luxurious places to enjoy cocktails, wines and have chit chat with others. However, the name of Dive Bar and Restaurant gives tourists curiosity  because the Nguyen Thai Hoc street-located Bar even offers a restaurant with first-rate recipes.

Tourists enjoy Dive Bar in Hoi An
Photo: @sarahecascone

The staff crew of Dive Bar and Restaurant are all professional with years of experience working in lavish restaurants, so most customers are very impressed with the performance of the food. Many foreign tourists spend the whole night here enjoying the tranquility of the city, drinking some cocktails after having dinner with divine foods. The colors of the light and the serenity in the lyrics create the difference for Dive Bar and Restaurant. This is the reason considering this place an absolutely mysterious and romantic destination at night.

3. The Variety in Menu

Besides being a popular nightlife spot for live music in Hoi An, Dive Bar & Restaurant is different from other bars in Hoi An by its menu. 

This place has never driven visitors with disappointment, but always brings tourists with a variety of dishes from all regions such as Vietnamese cuisines, Central-area specialties, and even European recipes.

Dive Bar also serves customers with drinks, main foods and fast foods at a very reasonable price from 30.000VND to 200.000VND, depending on the number of requested foods. Also, the restaurant has a famous desert menu known as Tapas (a savoury traditional Spanish Dessert). 

Priced between VND 30,000 and VND 200,000, Dive Bar’s menu is composed of imported beers, cocktails, and premium wines with a variety of Vietnamese and Western pub grub. You can also enjoy unique cocktails such as whiskey, drambuie, orange juice, grenadine and Paradise (gin, cointreau, orange juice) with VND 90,000 while Mojitos withVND 170,000.

You can also try your hand at mixing your own cocktails for USD30. Guided by Dive Bar’s resident mixologist, you get to make and enjoy three cocktails, a shot, and authentic Vietnamese tapas. A certificate of mixology is also awarded to you after completing your session.

In the evenings on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Dive Bar usually commences with acoustic and chilled out music genre before it gets really loud with its resident band playing an array of genres such as blues, reggae, and euro-punk-disco-rockabilly fusion.

Because of the diversity in foods and beverages, this place is suitable for people of different ages. Every day, this is the appealing destination for family and friend gatherings, group meetings, as well as relaxation,…

How to Get to Dive Bar & Restaurant?

Dive Bar & Restaurant is situated at 88 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. Let stroll 5 minutes from An Hoi Bridge if you want to reach this wonderful Bar and Restaurant.

Tips on Traveling Hoi An – Dive Bar & Restaurant

  • The best time to travel to Hoi An is from February to April every year because, at this time of the year, it has little rain and pleasant climate. Avoid going in summer because of the high temperature and the heat. Remember to go here after 9pm to ensure you don’t have to wait outside because the Bar opens at 10pm.
  • Remember the rainy season here from October to November, which prevents the tourists from moving and walking around and capturing stunning moments.
  • Vehicles in Hoi An: Hoi An is full of transportation services such as bus, taxi, motorbike taxi, and cyclo. The Motorbike rental fee is from 120,000 to 150,000 VND / day. But the most interesting transportation when visiting Hoi An is walking or renting a bicycle around the neighborhood to feel the special features of this place. The price of renting a bicycle is VND 30,000 / day.
  • You come to Hoi An on the 14th, the full moon of the Lunar month to attend the old town night. On this occasion, you will have the opportunity to see the red lanterns spreading throughout the city, a typical view of Hoi An on the occasion of the festival.
  • You should determine what type of clothes you will wear before going there. You should wear appropriate clothes to create a comfortable feeling for yourself and make you convenient. Check the weather carefully before deciding to go here in case it rains or gets colder.

The Dive Bar and Restaurant is regarded as a symbolic destination of the interesting nightlife in the ancient city of Vietnam- Hoi An. When visiting this antique city, just enjoy and save your wonderful time here through beautiful pictures, and do not forget to experience moments in the night Bars here, especially the Dive Bar & Restaurant. e brings you the variety in foods and drinkings, the tranquility of the atmosphere as well as other entertainment activities such as Billiard and swimming at a bargained price. The Dive Bar and Restaurant are always bound to serve customers, both domestic and international tourists with the best quality.


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