Lan Ha Bay: Pristine Beauty Near Halong Bay

Lan Ha Bay: Pristine Beauty Near Halong Bay

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Dec 28, 2021

Lan Ha Bay lies in the Cat Ba archipelago, in the South of the natural heritage site of Halong Bay. For many years, Lan Ha Bay attracts every traveler for its superb beauty compared with the famous Halong Bay. It Lan Ha Bay lies in the Cat Ba archipelago, in the South of the natural heritage site of Halong Bay. .

Lan Ha Bay covers the total area of about 7,000 hectares with hundreds of different small islands and private beaches, which are deserved to come and relax. The bay is home of mounts whose names are called after the shapes based on the imagination such as Hon Guoc (Wooden Shoe Islet), Hon Doi (Bat Cave), etc. Different from islands of Halong Bay, all islands of Lan Ha Bay, even the minimal ones, are surrounded densely by trees. The appearance of Lan Ha Bay is identical to the stunning Halong Bay, but the islets and rock formations are considerably smaller. The unique thing at Lan Ha Bay must be small beaches situated between two stone mountains where are suitable for kayaking, swimming and sunbathing on isolated places.

Best time to Visit Lan Ha Bay

The ideal time for local tourists to Lan Ha Bay is from April to Octover; whereas the best time for foreign ones drops from November to March of the following year. Particularly, if you get a chance to visit Lan Ha bay in its most beautiful season of autumn, you will feel relaxed by gentle winds together with the bright sunshine. To reach Lan Ha bay, you can move from Cat Ba downtown to Beo landing stage then hiring the boat or hiring the engine canoe to travel around the bay. However, the most convenient way to explore Lan Ha bay is booking a Lan Ha bay tour from Halong bay. Various itineraries at flexible time and duration with many kinds of activities are waiting for you in each tour in Lan Hay Bay.

Things to Do in Lan Ha Bay

There are a wide range of interesting places that you should not miss during Lan Ha Bay tour, including Luon Cave, Nam Cat Island, Monkey Island, Van Boi Beach, Turtle Island, Bell Island, etc.

Moving to the entrails of the bay, tourists can see many tiny sand-banks scattered on the island-base making the closed superb channels, and colorful coral ranges under the pure surface of water, opening out from Sen Island to Cu Island and then Monkey island.

Thanks to all the primitive attractiveness of Lan Hay Bay, it is the best place for tourists to enjoy the peace of feeling. Human-made is limited to minimal level to preserve the original scenes in the bay so far. In addition, tourists are served all outdoor activities, including swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, etc.


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