Trip to explore Cu Lao Cham
Posted On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 by Vietnam Discovery
Generally, Cu Lao Cham comprises eight islands of various sizes, each of which owns a different feature and thus making a picturesque view.

Traveling from the shore, it only takes you about 25 minutes to reach Cu Lao Cham. The primitive forests and many coconut trees will catch your first sight when the boat comes closer to the archipelago. Upon your arrival, there is a market near the quay where you can buy fresh seafood, forest vegetables and herbal medicines.
Cu lao Cham Hoi An - Day tour from Hoi An
Cu Lao Cham

At present, more than 600 households with over 3,000 residents have been living on Cu Lao Cham. They mostly earn their living by catching fish and vending goods.

Acknowledged as UNESCO World’s Biosphere in 2009, Cu Lao Cham is home to a variety of rare and valuable flora and fauna species. Visiting the island, you can see historical sites which connect to the development in the past of an old commercial port town of Hoi An. 
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