Saigon Outcast - The Most Thriving Venue in Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon Outcast - The Most Thriving Venue in Ho Chi Minh City

Jane Pham Jane Pham | Published Feb 28, 2020

Opened 8 years ago, Saigon Outcast has built its reputation as one of the most exciting venues in Ho Chi Minh city. With unique features that you cannot find anywhere else, Saigon Outcast is a popular destination to expats and locals, a venue for the beautiful, bold, and weird people of the world. Cold beers, tasty food, vibrant Saigon nighttime activities can be all found here.

Location: No 188/1, Nguyen Van Huong street, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh city
Opening Hours: 10:00 am - 11:30 pm
Price: VND 100.000 - ND 550.000

Backstory Behind Saigon Outcast

Kitchen at Saigon Outcast

In 2012, two owners of Saigon Outcast, Doan Phuong Ha and Nguyen Linh, have a special vision to transform an open area into a chill spot for their neighborhood in the bank rivers and next to the modern tall buildings. So in a short time, they utilized three old shipping containers to make their idea different to others. These containers were turned into kitchens, bars, and resting areas.  In the evening, lights, music, and crowds attract a lot of locals and expats come to enjoy the atmosphere. For the overwhelming number of patrons, they decided to expand the area with more entertainment activities. Now, as one of the most iconic events venues in District 2, it aims at hosting the greatest craft beer and food festivals, music concerts, and alternative conferences in the Thao Dien area. 

Why is Saigon Outcast Unique?

Containers at Saigon Outcast

The space is so large that it can fit up to 1000 people at a time. From the sleepy area, it is now crowded and has a dynamic look, holding many events for the youth. Here, you can find so many activities to join in like watching exhibitions of the amazing pictures, getting a henna on your hands, and enjoying a BBQ with your friends. On some special occasions, the place is also chosen for live concerts of famous Vietnamese singers or some competitions for young people. 

Another special thing is that no matter what you wear and who you are, Saigon Outcast still serves you with the best services. Here, you can freely choose your favorite games to play and be who you truly are.

Besides, for those who love arts, you also should not miss this place. Known as the “graffiti paradise”, the most striking thing about Saigon Outcast is the graffiti covering many of the surfaces.

Saigon Outcast also offers an open eating area where you enjoy the food with your friends. Here, you can choose to bring your own food or enjoy the food prepared by the kitchen in Outcast.

Selling points of Saigon Outcast:

  • Chilled place
  • Awesome alternative activities
  • Ideal for artistic community in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Outside of the busy city center with chill-out atmosphere

What to Do at Saigon Outcast?

1. Join Saigon Push Climbing

Push Rock Climbing at Saigon Outcast

Located in Saigon Outcast, Push Climbing is one of the best places to climb in Ho Chi Minh city. Just call your friends and practice climbing with them. With the high outdoor wall, Push Climbing frequently has classes, competitions, and events like speed climbing, and crating stacking. There are also Man Up for guys and Girls Got Power for ladies. So don’t miss your chance to try these exciting activities.

2. Indulge in a Graffiti Paradise

Here, you can take part in life-drawing classes if you are interested in. there are also a lot of the most impressive wall arts that you will surely love.

Best Time to Go to Saigon Outcast

  • Happy Hour: If you are tired after work and already finished your daily chores, just drop by Saigon Outcast for happy hours from 4 pm to 7 pm. You can receive a 40% discount for all beverages. 
  • Thursdays: On Thursday night, don’t forget to visit Saigon Outcast to enjoy a favorite film at its outdoor cinema under the stars of District 2 sky. It starts at 8:00 pm and you can grab some beer to enjoy while watching.
  • Saturdays: Weekends are the most crowded time with many activities like flea market, food festivals, and trade expos. There are pretty many things fun for friends and families.
  • Sundays: It’s family time. Just go out of the kitchen, enjoy your Sunday with your family in Outcast. Kids can play in safe zones so you can relax.

Extra Notes from Locals

There are also Flea Market and Farmers Market monthly, Burger Fest and Taco Fest every 6 months, Rum Fest, Chili Cook-Off, Melting Pot Fest,…annually. So, you can check their detailed schedule for each event before visiting.

Generally, Saigon Outcast is a must-visit place in Saigon where there is always room to explore new opportunities and no dull moments at all. 


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