30/4 Park in HCMC - Destination for Relaxation in Nature

30/4 Park in HCMC - Destination for Relaxation in Nature

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Nov 26, 2020

Do you yearn for a peaceful place to let your hair down because of tiredness in life? However, you also want to go somewhere around you for cost-saving. If you live in Ho Chi Minh City, it will offer a wide range of parks from which a myriad of people choose for relaxation. Each of them is a wonderful stop for the adults and children to have entertainment after hard-working days, especially 30/4 Park. This one has had a reputation for its calmness and cleanness with a large campus and a lot of green trees.

I. Why Is 30/4 Park Special?

highlights of 30-4 park

1. The location

30/4 Park which is located in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City at Ward 1 and opposite to the Independence Palace and next to Notre Dame Cathedral. It is 3.5 hectares in total area, with 2.5 hectares covered by greens. This explains why there is an abundance of plants and greeneries surrounding the park. Its location is adjacent to some nice streets for convenient transportation including Han Thuyen, Pham Ngoc Thach, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, and Alexandre de Rhodes Street.

2. The history

Rarely do many parks attach glorious pages of national history as 30/4 Park. Each building or corner of the park recalls the city’s landmarks and history. It can be the solemn and ancient Notre Dame Cathedral, which was built in the period of colonial French; or the memory-recalled stele, which is not far away from the 30/4 Park. It can also be the time when Saigon and Gia Dinh people gathered together to listen to the President Ho Chi Minh reading the Declaration of Independence on 2nd September, 1945 or on April 30,1975 the troop sung loudly a triumphal song to share a sense of triumph of national liberation.

3. The highlight

30/4 Park has been endlessly restored with a view to attracting more attention. Local governments have deployed some plans to build several “green arrays”. The pavement and small ways are paved with granite stones for elegance. Flowering plants and vegetations are supplements to the parks to purify the air. Besides, many automatic watering systems are installed for taking care of ornamental plants around the park.

II. What to Do in 30/4 Park?

What to do around 30-4 park

1. Chat away with friends

30/4 Park is an ideal place to invite buddies to chat about funny stories or talk about troubles in life. A flock of adolescents living in Saigon City often come here after the school to have entertainment. Some are excited about reviewing the learned lecture, and the others love the guitar with a passion and play it enthusiastically. Perhaps, this location has become a memorable location for those who used to go to class.

2. Take a cup of coffee with “Bệt” café style

30/4 Park is considered the familiar destination for people of all ages to enjoy a sweet taste of cups of coffee. It is not a shop where you can pop in and pop out. People sitting on the ground buy plastic cups of coffee from vendors. This is a reason why many young people call it “ground coffee” or “Bet café” style. Besides, if visitors call at this one, they will have a chance to sip cool beverages such as coconut, soft drink, tamarind juice, and so on.

Although the junk food and drinks at 30/4 Park is not far different from other places at all, tourists may not forget the special flavors because they remain “Sai Gon’s breath”. In addition, a group of people make a circle talk and sing, reflecting a vivid picture in the bustling land.

What to do in 30-4 park 2

3. Mingle in the quiet space

Besides the cheerful ambiance, visitors can wallow in the peaceful space in 30/4 Park to relieve the stress or enrich the soul. Those who desire to escape into nature are always under the study and work pressure. They are keen on walking alone on the small ways to hear the soft rustling of leaves underfoot and enjoy their solitude. It seems to be a mental medicine for them to refresh themselves with a view to working efficiently in upcoming weeks.

III. What to Eat around 30/4 Park?

What to eat around 30-4 park

Cuisine will be a part that most people are curious about, especially when we go far away from our home. Vietnam offers a wide range of foods from the North to the South. Hence, dropping in here, visitors will have an opportunity to explore many courses in the Southern part.

They are so extremely yummy and eye-catching that they can make tourists mouth-watering. Besides typical dishes of Vietnam such as bun cha, spring rolls, there is a ton of other phenomenal ones originating from foreign countries. Visitors can not take a long walk for the meal because these restaurants are adjacent to 30/4 Park.

IV. How to Get to 30/4 Park?

Private vehicles are always more comfortable and convenient than ever because you can save both time and money as well. If you travel by scooter or motorbike, then find a parking area near 30/4 Park. There is nothing more wonderful than strolling around the park without thinking of the time.

Some means of transportations from which a lot of visitors choose because the price is quite cheap, so they can spend the day at the park. The bus is popular with most tourists because it provides a range of buses. Here are some ones which reach 30/4 Park. Check it out:

  • The bus No.04 (Ben Thanh-Cong Hoa-An Suong)
  • The bus No.09 (23/9 Park – Tan Son Nhat Airport)
  • The bus No. 18 (Ben Thanh – Hiep Thanh Market)
  • The bus No.31 (Tan Quy Residential Area-Ben Thanh-Binh Loi Residential Area)
  • The bus No.36 (Ben Thanh-Thoi An)
  • The bus No.93 (Ben Thanh-University of Agroforestry)

V. Extra Tips on visiting 30/4 Park

If you are going to 30/4 Park, then following tips are useful to you

  • Summer may be the best time to go because a large number of people gather together to avoid the heat for the crowd.
  • Prepare well your foods, drinks or even musical instruments for a nice excursion.
  • You can reach there in the morning to take a deep breath in the pure air.

30/4 Park deserves to be an unforgettable destination for your Sai Gon trip. With a nice campus on a large scale, it will bring you a free and easy feeling to keep on with your daily work.


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