Spoil Your Taste Buds at The Garlik Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City

Spoil Your Taste Buds at The Garlik Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City

The Garlik Restaurant, Saigon Offers A Mix of Vietnamese & French Cuisine

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published May 04, 2020

As you come to Ho Chi Minh City, not only do you admire many famous landscapes, unique historical and cultural sites, but you are also deeply impressed by a diversified cuisine with various reputed specialties. 

With the development and integration of the city, Saigon cuisine culture has changed a lot. It not only keeps traditional cuisine value but also learns the cuisine quintessence of many countries all over the world to create delicious and appetizing dishes.

If you are food-lovers and want to explore the fusion gastronomy, The Garlik Restaurant will be a great suggestion for you. It is a favorable and familiar hangout place of gourmets who love Vietnamese – French cuisine.

Location: 216 De Tham, Pham Ngu Lao street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.
Opening hours: 8:00-22:00
Phone: (+84) 28 392 04 888
Website: www.thegarlik.com
Specialty type: Vietnamese
Price range: 350,000- 500,000 VND

Highlights of The Garlik Restaurant

Although The Garlik Restaurant is located in Saigon city center which is so noisy and bustling, it remains attractive thanks to the perfect combination of an peace and romance space and tasty cuisine. 

Inside The Garlik restaurant

Aiming to serving Vietnamese dishes in a modern and creative style without omitting the cuisine traditional origin and value, The Garlik Restaurant is always charming in the eyes of domestic and foreign eaters.

The Garlik Restaurant is proud of a rich menu consisting of a wide variety of mouth-watering foods and drinks. The menu is a harmonious and unique mix of Vietnam and French cuisine with various flavors and variations.

Some dishes which make the restaurant’s reputation include wonton with goose liver, grilled five-spice beef, French roasted quail, grilled prawns with salt and chili, etc.

food in The Garlik Restaurant in Saigon

With high-quality raw materials chosen from prestigious suppliers, The Garlik Restaurant processes and cooks skillfully to convey fully the culinary essence of three regions Vietnam for city food-lovers.

The dishes here are not only delicious and tasty but also decorated beautifully. Each dish owns unique recipe, harmonious color and perfect flavor combination.

In fact, the food is not the only factor helping the restaurant retain their customers. What also makes The Garlik standing-out and attractive towards gourmets among many restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City is its staff attitude and good service quality.

The staff makes a strong impression on customers by friendly smiles, professional and enthusiastic service style. They are always willing to recommend the most well-known, worth-trying dishes for customers. Your meal will be served as quickly as possible after you order the menu. 

Architecture and Decoration

Architecture and Decoration in The Garlik restaurant

The Garlik restaurant’s space was designed and inspired by the cozy, luxurious, and elegant European style. The restaurant offers you a quiet, comfortable and romantic corner in Hanoi. It has two areas with two different styles which are suitable for people with different hobbies. If you are interested in classic style, you can choose the small, cozy room with a simple interior and warm yellow lights. If you love something modern and liberal, you can enjoy a meal in the second room with white paint. Each corner of the restaurant makes you fascinated by bringing you different experiences and emotions.

How to Get There?

The Garlik restaurant is settled in Saigon city center so it is not difficult for you to find and get there. If you stay in District 1 or near the city center, simply use Google map to walk there. If your accommodation is far from the restaurant, you can select one of the popular means of transportation such as a motorbike, taxi, car,… 

Tips about The Garlik Restaurant

  • The Garlik restaurant has its fanpage on Facebook so you can make comments on its quality as well as share your feelings after enjoying the meals here.
  • The manager and staff always listen to your feedback, reply to you because it’s the greatest way for them to understand customer’s expectations, realize the weaknesses to overcome and continue improving the quality more and more in the future. 
  •  To attract the customers, the restaurant has many special offers: 10% discount on the lunch meal (300,000 VND) and dinner meal (650,000VND), 20% discount on House Wine & House Spirits and Liqueurs. However, the special offer does not apply on special occasions such as New Year, Independent Day, Women’s Day,…
  •  Outside, the menu price does not include VAT and service fee so the restaurant always collects 10% VAT and 5% service fee.
  •  Especially, if you bring food and drinks from outside, you must pay an additional charge.

The Garlik restaurant is an interesting dining place which both domestic gourmets and foreign eaters love. Coming here, you will have an opportunity to enjoy a lot of familiar and tasty dishes in a sophisticated and contemporary Europe style space that you hardly found anywhere else.

If you want to find a peaceful corner to escape from the bustling city and relax after stressful working days besides your friends and family, the Garlik restaurant, with cozy space, delicious foods and drinks, and professional service, will satisfy all your needs.

(Photo credit: The Garlik)


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