Rogue Saigon - Best Bar to Enjoy Craft Beer In Saigon

Rogue Saigon - Best Bar to Enjoy Craft Beer In Saigon

A Famous Saigon Bar and Club

Jane Pham Jane Pham | Published Feb 28, 2020

For beer lovers who have a chance to travel to Ho Chi Minh city, especially at night, you should not miss Rogue Saigon, a hidden craft beer bar in District 2. A popular destination for not only local but also foreign visitors, it is promisingly a great place to get away from hustle and bustle city life and immerse in beautiful melodies.

Location: 2nd Floor, 13 Pasteur street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city
Opening hours: 4:00 pm - 2:00 am
Price: VND 50.000 - VND 300.000

Why is Rogue Saigon Special?

You must have heard the name “Saigon Outcast” when coming to Ho Chi Minh city. Rogue Saigon is a second expansion after its big success. Rogue Saigon is a cool rooftop bar offering performances by famous DJs which is situated in the busy banking ward of District 2.

The best part of the bar is the excellent craft beer which is well known as the best one in town. Initially built as a speakeasy on the upper floor of an antique building, it is now the rawest bare-brick hangout in the city for all craft beer lovers. 

Rogue Saigon

At 13 Pasteur street, you will find its entrance looking like an unmarked doorway which leads to a bland service staircase. Reaching the second floor, the main bar and an air-conditioned room appears, providing a view over the streets. However, you should go to the rooftop where you can get the best and the real magical view. From here, you can see the Bitexco tower – a famous skyscraper in Ho Chi Minh city, and the nearby heritage buildings. The roof has many seats and there is a retractable roof in case of rain. 

What to Eat and Drink at Rogue Saigon?

Its drink menu is various and refreshing with a wide selection of quality wines and whiskeys. However, the local craft beers are the most special and tasty drinks that win most of their customers’ hearts. Equipped with 20 TAPS, it pours pure craft brews and seasonal bottles. The food is also a plus point with various dishes like juicy burgers and delicious appetizers.

There are also some imported items selected by owner Linh Nguyen. The drinks are served in 3 sizes: 195 ml, 330 ml, and 500 ml. Top dishes include King Cong Burger, Rogue Classic Burger, Lord of the Wings, Peri-Peri Chicken Sandwich. You can either get table service or order your food and drink at the bar. Compared to other places, the price in Rogue Saigon is a little higher. However, it’s worth your money.

Drink at Rogue Saigon

When to Visit Rogue Saigon?

Each day is a special day with different activities in Rogue Saigon. On Tuesday, it offers plenty of free food to share from 8 pm. On Wednesdays, it’s Jam Sessions when you have a chance to show your singing talents in the venue. When Thursdays come, you can join in a roaring team, fight for the first place to get the prizes. Friday is the time for listening to amazing vocals from solo artists and talented bands, from Jazz to Pop and Rock. Weekend is a time for parties and escaping from work. In Rogue Saigon, you can rock with the hottest DJs, experience the top songs on the rooftop.

Rogue Saigon is always a good choice for those who are looking for the best nighttime in Saigon thanks to its craft beer and beautiful view. Let’s call your friends and rock tonight!


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