Deck Saigon - Exciting Culinary Experiences in Ho Chi Minh City

Deck Saigon - Exciting Culinary Experiences in Ho Chi Minh City

Luxurious Lakeside Restaurant in Saigon

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Oct 21, 2019

It will be remiss if you don’t recommend Deck Saigon in the list of windy riverside restaurants with the classiest and most romantic space in Ho Chi Minh City. Late in the afternoon, at the end of the day, when there is only weak sunshine shining on the Saigon River, Deck Saigon, lying peacefully and attractively on the bank of the river is a great option for people to avoid themselves from the hustle and bustle of Saigon city and to find peace in their soul. Now read the below to get more information about Deck Saigon and consider adding the restaurant into your must-try restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City.

Location: 38 Nguyen U Di Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City 
Opening hours: 08:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM
Specialty type: Pan-Asian cuisine
Price range: 100.000 VND ~ 400.000 VND per dish
Phone: +84 (028) 3744 6632

Highlights of Deck Saigon

Desk Saigon is one of the famous restaurants lying along the bank of the Saigon River in Ho Chi Minh City. It is located in District 2, where there are not many high buildings and apartments. It is 15 minutes away from the heart of the city; therefore, guests coming here can have relaxing moments in a peaceful atmosphere like in the countryside even when they are inside a vibrant city.

Deck Saigon lake side

Its reputation has been gained from the quality of service and delicious international menu, professional staff, and the super beautiful location from which guests can take an overview of the city at night. 

For nature-loving tourists, the location of other restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City cannot compare to the super-beautiful location of Deck Saigon. Nestled by the bank of the river flowing charmingly across the city, tourists can both enjoy exciting dining time and take a view of the river and the city. The scene surrounding the restaurant changes at each moment of the day so guests can get different feelings according to when they come. In the early morning, when the wind blows lightly to create ripples on the water surface, the river under the sunshine looks like a soft yellow silk scarf wrapping around the city. Both sides of the river are under-construction buildings, green urban areas, parks and so on. The atmosphere is fresh and full of bird voice. It is too wonderful to welcome the new day in such a poetic space. When the night comes, from Deck Saigon, tourists can see a sparkling city on the other side of the river with high towers, the symbol of the city like enormous candles under the dark sky.

Deck Saigon outdoor at dusk

The most beautiful moment of Deck Saigon is at dusk about 5 o’clock pm when the sun gradually falls down to create a colorful sky. Enjoying a romantic dinner by the windy river is an unforgettable memory for many guests. Also, from 4 o’clock to 7 o’clock, it is the happy hour in Deck Saigon, when you can enjoy drinks, cocktails for only half the price; however, a note is the discount only applies to cocktails and only the classic ones in the”comfort zone” section, plus a few special kinds in the first page of the menu..

The tasty menu containing signature Pan-Asian cuisine makes name for the restaurant. All dishes in Deck Saigon are made to perfection by professional kitchen staff to live up to even grumpy guests’ expectations. Especially, the menu is changed weekly to bring new experience for guests. Moreover, the ingredients of each dish are fresh and healthy, too. Seafood is flown directly from Phu Quoc Island, vegetables come from Dalat and meat is imported from Australia or the United States. They also have a quality wine list with famous wines imported from Europe. 

Dish at Deck Saigon

The dish making an impression on guests most are the dishes from oysters which were made elaborately to keep the fresh original flavor of the ingredients. Guests are also wholly satisfied with many other high-class dishes served here such as Wimbledon Pimm’s, roasted duck with asparagus, pan-fried Norwegian salmon crispy spinach and so on. Also, on the menu are a number of health-conscious and gluten-free options from different parts of the world like marinated tuna spring rolls and sautéed Chinese vegetables with udon noodles.

The service quality is also an impressive point to retain customers of Deck Saigon. There is around 65 staff in Deck Saigon trained professionally and supervised by an experienced western management team with more than 50 years of experience working in developing restaurants, bars, and resorts so the service quality of the restaurant is assessed widely like a five-star restaurant.   

Architecture & Decoration

Deck Saigon Architecture

Undeniably, the perfect relaxing space in Deck Saigon is one of the factors attracting guests most. Having an advantage in an ideal position, the owner of the restaurant has tried to make use of it by designing and decorating this place to a luxurious and comfortable restaurant with unique features.

The architecture of Deck Saigon is a combination of the western style and the Vietnamese countryside style. The western is expressed through the furniture and the way to divide, decorate all the spaces of the restaurant, while the Vietnamese countryside style is shown off through the natural spaces, the way to decorate them and the familiar feelings they bring.

There are three zones in Deck Saigon: an indoor area, an outdoor area, and a bar. The special point is that all of them take a view of the river. For the indoor area, this one is decorated like the other western restaurants with modern furniture, brown wooden tables, and chairs and a liquor cabinet exhibiting many famous wines.

The first plus point in the indoor space of the restaurant are tables next to the window, offering the view to the river. It is romantic to have a date in a wonderful mood under the twinkling candles, with fresh flowers and the sound of the waves. The second is the most attractive space in the restaurant, the outdoor area. The outdoor area has about five tables lying on the river. It is the most refresh space and most suitable for dating or gathering family and friends. Though there is a bar inside the restaurant, the indoor and outdoor space is always peaceful and deep in light music for guests to chat with. Both the outdoor area and the tables next to the window in the indoor area are fastly full so to have a good seat, guests should reserve in advance.

The owner also attempts to make the restaurant close to nature by building as many natural spaces as possible. The bar is an example. To reach the bar, guests have to walk through a short trail between a pond where they grow lotus, water lily, banana, and some other small tropical plants, which is a familiar image in a lot of countryside in Vietnam.

Decoration of Deck Saigon

The architecture of the bar is also unique. Different from other bars in Saigon, the bar in Deck Saigon is under a hut which only has four wooden pillars and a roof made of dry coconut leaves like ones on the beach. Coming there, guests will feel like they are relaxing and enjoying a summer vacation, yummy drinks on a famous resort. The drink is so famous that although the restaurant is not in the center of the city, no time it is not crowded with people coming there to enjoy fresh and tasty cocktails. It is suitable to relax with friends at the weekend under the vibrant music.

What Makes Deck Saigon Special?

Lake view from Deck Saigon

The other remarkable point of Deck Saigon is that guests can come there in two ways: roadway and waterway. Guests can go to Deck Saigon by boat by the routes from two wharves in District 1 and it takes them from 15 to 20 minutes to go in this way.

Going by boat to get to the restaurant is an exciting experience for guests, especially foreign tourists. Because of such a unique service, Deck Saigon attracts more and more tourists. Also, Deck Saigon provides a service that both takes a view of all the Saigon River and enjoys dining time on the river in about 1 hour for who wants to have an exciting experience like in the floating market, the specialty of the south of Vietnam. It will be an unforgettable memory!


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