Kim Quy Cave: Guide to Golden Tortoise Cave in Halong Bay

Kim Quy Cave: Guide to Golden Tortoise Cave in Halong Bay

What to See and Do in Golden Tortoise Cave?

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Dec 23, 2021

Halong Bay in North Vietnam is not only a natural heritage but it is also associated with historical events and legends about the formation of this landscape. If you have a chance to travel to Halong Bay, you will get a good chance to know more about the legends there. Of all the caves and islands of Halong, Kim Quy Island is an ideal selection for you to discover in Halong. Let’s find out what is attractive in this limestone cave!

Legend of Kim Quy cave

I. Legend about Kim Quy Cave

Each island or cave in Halong Bay has its own story, and Kim Quy Cave is not an exception. If you have a chance to visit this majestic cave, the local people or the tour guide will tell you about the story of Kim Quy God.

Legend tells that, in the 15th century, Kim Quy God lended King Le Loi a sacred sword to defeat  the Ming invaders. After the Ming Dynasty withdrew their troops, Kim Quy God asked the king to return the sword in Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi. Receiving the sacred sword, Kim Quy God came back to the sea. When he came to the area of Halong Bay, realizing that there were a lot of monsters and demons there, he stayed to help the local to get rid of them.

When all the demons were completely killed, Kim Quy God was too exhausted. He found a cave in Halong Bay and there he turned into a rock. The cave is now called Kim Quy Cave, in which Kim Quy means “Golden Turtle”. Nowadays, tourists can still see a rock in the shape of a large turtle inside Kim Quy Cave.

Hightlights of Kim Quy cave

II. Highlights of Kim Quy Cave

Kim Quy Cave is located on Dam Nam Islet of Bai Tu Long Bay, which is not far from Halong Bay. In front of Dam Nam Islet is Dam Bac Islet, and behind it is Soi Sim Island, which are some other famous destinations in Halong Bay. This cave is about 187 meters above sea level, with a length of 100 meters and a width of 10 meters.

Although Kim Quy Cave is not as famous as other caves in Halong Bay such as Sung Sot Cave, Me Cung Cave or Thien Cung Cave, this cave still makes you astonished when setting foot on the interior. From the cave ceiling, the white stalactites hang down like the chandeliers in a luxurious palace, which create a magnificent scene that you can only see in movies and films. Moving a little bit deeper inside Kim Quy Cave, you will catch the sight of small gutters murmuring all day and night.

The deeper you go into Kim Quy Cave, the more beautiful sight you will see. The most attractive things in Kim Quy Cave might be the combination of natural and artificial lights there. To adorn the striking beauty of the cave, a system of colorful lights was installed intermixing with the stalactites and stalagmites in Kim Quy Cave. These sparkling lights create a charming atmosphere inside the cave, which makes tourists feel as if they were getting lost in a garden in paradise.

In the innermost part of Kim Quy Cave is the image of wooden stakes that were used in the Bach Dang Battle hundreds of years ago. There are 30 stakes in total that can exist until today, and they are all the historical witnesses for the resilient defense war of the Tran Dynasty against the most mighty army in the world at that time. Visiting Kim Quy Cave, not only can you have a chance to contemplate the impressive beauty of this cave but you can also know more about the history of Vietnam during the feudal period.

What to see in Kim Quy cave

III. What to See and Do in Kim Quy Cave?

1. Contemplating the beauty of the cave

Kim Quy Cave with its majestic beauty can amaze any visitors entering this cave. The interior of Kim Quy Cave is a world of magnificent stalactites and stalagmites like in a fairy tale. There you can feel the atmosphere of the mysterious cave, the breath of the sea as well as the whisper of nature. Don’t forget to take out your camera and shoot some gorgeous photos to post on social networking sites and share with your friends about this wonderful journey.

2. Visiting nearby attractions

Also in the area of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay, there are various tourist destinations that are worth visiting, one of which is Soi Sim Island. With an area of 8.6 hectares, Soi Sim Island is an unspoilt area with primeval forest, which is the home for a lot of endemic and valuable species. Also on Soi Sim Island, there is a smooth sand beach, where you can immerse yourself in the cool water of the sea. This island is not far from Kim Quy Cave, so you can easily reach this area during your journey in Halong Bay.

IV. How to Get to Kim Quy Cave?

In fact, there has not been any fixed tours in Halong Bay which includes Kim Quy Cave in its itinerary. The nearest island from Kim Quy Cave is Soi Sim Island, a familiar destination of the tour No.02 in Halong Bay.

To get to Kim Quy Cave on Dam Nam Island, you had better hire a private cruise ship in Bai Chay or in Tuan Chau Tourist Wharf. This way will allow you to arrange your own tour as well as manage your time better. After about 1.5 hours travelling by boat, you will reach Dam Nam Island, and then Kim Quy Cave.

In case you want to explore more interesting things in Halong Bay, you can consider a night tour there. Most tourists will choose to go on a journey that lasts 2 days and 1 night to admire the beauty of Halong Bay at night.

V. Extra Tips

  • The most ideal time to visit Kim Quy Cave is from April to June. Besides, the time from September to November is also quite favorable for a nice trip to Halong Bay.
  • Watching the weather forecast before going on a trip to Halong Bay is necessary for you to make the best preparation.
  • You should wear comfortable clothes to move around easily in Kim Quy Cave as well as other tourist sites of Halong Bay.
  • Don’t forget to bring your necessary belongings such as hats, umbrellas and medication for motion sickness. A camera or smartphone is als needed to take some gorgeous photos.
  • You ought to follow the safety instructions of the tour guide during all the trip, especially when you are going on a boat.
  • Remember to join hands to protect the pristine beauty of Halong Bay. Do not throw your rubbish in an improper place or carve on the walls of the cave.

Kim Quy Cave in Halong Bay is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature, the masterpiece of the Creator as well as learn about the legend and belief of the local residents. If one day you feel life is too exhausted, why don’t you take your luggage and pay a visit to Halong Bay to find your soul in nature? Don’t hesitate to share with us your feelings and wonderful moments there with your friends and family!


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