Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach: Guide to the

Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach: Guide to the "Three Peaches" in Halong Bay

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Dec 24, 2021

Halong Bay is no longer a strange destination for all tourists coming to Vietnam. This world heritage contains thousands of limestone islands and mountains; each one has its own legend and mystery, which makes visitors eager to take a tour discovering this stunning destination. With an appealing beauty like in a fairy tale, Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach is an ideal selection for you to escape from the burning weather of North Vietnam.

History of Ba Trai Dao islets

I. History of Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach

Every island of Halong Bay has its own stories, and Ba Trai Dao Islets are not an exception. These islets accompany the sad love story between a fairy and a fisherman.

Legend tells that, once upon a time, the youngest daughter of the Jade Emperor visited Halong Bay and fell in love with a poor fisherman here. So strong was their love that the fairy wanted the fisherman to live with her forever, and she decided to steal three divine peaches from her father.

When the Jade Emperor knew the truth, he was extremely angry. He used his magic to turn the three divine peaches into three large mountains. The mountains were so gigantic that they separated the fairy from her lover. Since then, the youngest fairy and the fisherman could not meet each other anymore, and the islands that divided the couple have been called Ba Trai Dao (which means “three peaches” in Vietnamese).

Thanks to the attractive story, Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach nowadays are visited by a lot of domestic and international tourists, especially the couples. Many newly married couples and many in-love couples come to these islands to listen to the story, and to enjoy the wonderful vacation with their lovers.

Highlights of Ba Trai Dao islets

II. Highlights of Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach

Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach is located at Lan Ha Bay, which is right on the southeast side of Halong Bay. Near Ba Trai Dao Islets is Cat Ba Island, a well-known tourist destination of Hai Phong City. Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach is only about 22 kilometers from the mainland of Halong City, so this location is relatively suitable for those who want to visit Halong Bay within a day.

As its name, Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach include three smaller islets like three giant peaches on the sea. The beach of Ba Trai Dao Islets is in the bow shape, which embraces the three islets; each islets is about 23 meters in height. These islets are located in an airtight area, which is enclosed by imposing limestone mountains. Covering on the mountain peaks is a diverse system of plants, many of which are bushes and vines. The beauty of the mountains are adorned by colorful flowers blooming on the perching cliffs.

Ba Trai Dao Islets do not only have impressive mountains, this area also has tranquil sea with gentle waves. So shallow is the sea level that on some days, you can even see the sea bottom with interesting creatures. The water of the beach in Ba Trai Dao Islets is clear all around the year thanks to its offshore location. Coming to this area of Halong Bay, what can be more thrilling than immersing yourself in the cool water then participating in the joyful games with your group there.

What to see and do at Ba Trai Dao islets

III. What to See and Do at Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach?

1. Swimming

It is such a pity that you visit Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach without swimming and sunbathing there. The beach area of Ba Trai Dao Islets is not too large, but its beauty is enough for you to enjoy the sea-related activities. The water of all offshore islands in Halong Bay is always considered as the clearest water, so you should not miss the chance to experience this one of the most exciting activities in Ba Trai Dao Islets. With a white sand beach and crystal-clear water, Ba Trai Dao beach is no less impressive than any other beaches of Halong Bay.

One thing you had better notice about the beach of Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach is that the beach is quite narrow, so it is easily submerged by the tide. When the beach is under the sea level, you should not swim there because this can be quite dangerous. During the day, there are only two or three hours when the beach is above the sea level, and if you want to swim on this beach, you should do it at that time.

2. Kayaking

Kayaking to enjoy the beauty of the islands and caves in Halong Bay is no longer a new activity for tourists. On a cruise ship, you might enjoy the most convenient tourism services, but only by rowing a kayak yourself can you find the feeling of being connected with nature. In Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach, with only 150,000 VND, you can hire a kayak to sail around the islands and explore the beauty of nature there.

From the small kayak, the whole pristine beauty of Ba Trai Dao Islets will appear in front of your eyes. Thanks for being isolated from the residential area, the nature of Ba Trai Dao Islets is still well-reserved. On the steep gray and white cliffs of the islands are wild plants, which resiliently stick on the arid soil, in spite of the salty wind and water. Under your boat is a lively world of marine creatures with colorful fish, impish crabs and shrimps.

3. Taking photos

Discovering a new place, you might want to take some photos to remind you about the wonderful trip as well as introduce that destination to your friends. Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach are an ideal place for you to have gorgeous photos. With the blue water, green mountains and impressive limestone cliffs, this area is a stunning background for all your photo shoots. Remember to pay attention to your safety when taking photos. You should not climb on the mountain cliffs since this can be extremely dangerous.

Beauty of Ba Trai Dao islets

IV. How to Get to Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach?

Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach is about 22 kilometers to the southeast of Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. Actually, there aren’t any fixed cruises to this site, so you need to hire a canoe or a cruise ship to get to this destination.

If you travel in a small group, you can hire a canoe to visit Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach within a day. The travelling time is relatively long, which can take you about 10 hours to move from Bai Chay to the area of Ba Trai Dao Islets.

In case you travel in a large group and want to experience a night tour in Halong Bay, you can hire a cruise ship. Not only can you enjoy the best quality of the convenient services on the cruise but you can also visit all the sites you require in Halong Bay. Just arrange your plan and tell the ship owner, and they will take you to wherever you want to go.

V. Extra Tips

  • The best time to visit Halong Bay is from February to June and from September to October. The weather of Halong Bay during these times is quite favorable for tourism activities. Therefore, you should not miss this primetime to visit Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach.
  • You should prepare all the necessary items for outside activities, including swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses and umbrella. In case the weather is burning outside, you should not go to the beach at noon.
  • You can only go for a swim on Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach two or three hours a day. So if you want to swim there, you should learn about the tide circle there.
  • The area around Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach does not have many restaurants and other tourism services, so if you want to enjoy some foods there, you need to prepare them before starting your trip.
  • Follow the safety instructions when taking part in activities on the sea to protect yourself. Wear a life jacket when you are rowing.
  • Don’t forget to protect the environment of Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach. You should not leave your garbage there.

Although Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach are not as popular as other islands and caves in Halong Bay, this site is still a worth-visiting place for those who want to enjoy the feeling of peace and relaxation when visiting Halong Bay. Thanks to the development of tourism in Halong Bay recently, more and more tourists get to know about this wonderful destination. If you are wondering where to go for your vacation, Ba Trai Dao Islets and Beach in Halong Bay is a great choice for you.


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