Trekking in Halong Bay

Rachel Tran
Rachel Tran | Published: January 5, 2022

Why Trekking in Halong Bay?

A real challenge for travelers as trekking tour through Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island jungles and over quite, romantic beaches ever! Everyone needs something new to refresh themselves, and there is nothing much better than to explore a wild nature of the area around. So welcome to the most ideal destinations on earth that owns auspicious conditions for trekking here.

All these places are covered with fresh air, green tropical climate forests with unique animals including green and hawksbill turtles and golden-headed languor that will absolutely make your trekking interesting. Moreover, there are various itineraries for you to choose from short ones on cozy white sands lasting for about some hours to long and hazardous routes in the forest lasting for days and so on. As a result, it is recommended for you to ask for advices from your travel agents or experienced travelers to get the most suitable journey.


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