Call at Highland in Lung Cu Commune in Ha Giang Province

Call at Highland in Lung Cu Commune in Ha Giang Province

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Nov 26, 2020

Ha Giang’s reputation is well deserved because it is truly peaceful and pristine. If Dalat City is nicknamed a la-la land, then Ha Giang Province will be a never-never land. In reality, the life here seems to be “never-ending” that anyone can profoundly feel through high mountains, verdant hills, and even weeds. Only when you set foot in Lung Cu Commune, do you fully understand and appreciate how fabulous and fascinating this land is.

I. Why Is Lung Cu Commune Special?

Why lung cu commune is special

1. The location

Lung Cu Commune, belonging to the Dong Van District, located on the top of the Dong Van Plateau, Ha Giang Province. Around 200 kilometers from Ha Giang City, Lung Cu is from 1600 to 1800 meters high above sea level.

This site has an area of 3460 hectares and is home to many ethnic people, including H’Mong ethnics, Lo Lo ethnics, and many more. According to researchers, these days Lung Cu still conserves a diversity of historical and cultural relics under the reign of Hung Vuong.

2. The highlights

The Lung Cu Commune is on the North Pole of Vietnam, so planning a trip to this destination will be an extremely wonderful experience for you to conquer “new peaks” of glamorous Vietnamese attractions. The landscape here is stunning or even breathtaking with a variety of fauna and flora system, green vegetations, and flowering plants. Another highlight is its terrain that is challenging with the passes and hairpin turns.

Unlike booming cities like Hanoi Capital or Ho Chi Minh City, Lung Cu leads to a secluded life and simple things. The people may not possess a lot of property, but they are always friendly, honest, and full of the joys of spring. Besides, visitors can bear witness to rustic living scenes and the tableau of tribes.

II. Best Time to Visit Lung Cu Commune

Best time to visit Lung Cu Commune
  • After the Tet holiday: The peach and damson flower are in full blossom.
  • Between June and August: The temperature is really nice and mild to take a view of the Karst Plateau.
  • In September: Harvest time when ripe rice paddies are full of yellow.
  • Between October and November: “The months of buckwheat flowers”

III. What to See and Do in Lung Cu Commune?

1. The Sung La Valley

Sung La Valley in Lung Cu valley

If you set foot in Ha Giang Province, don’t miss stopping off in the Sung La Valley to explore its beauty, a wonderful masterpiece of the Creation. Situated about 20 kilometers from the Dong Van Town, Sung La Village can be described as the one in a fairy tale because it lies right at the foot of the mountain. Yellow straw roofs stand out against an uneven gray rock field.

Seen from afar, this untouched land resembles a pristine and peaceful picture, which can “pave the way” for loving lyrics or poems. This picture is a perfect combination of natural colors, including the hue of the sky, ground, holly bushes, and many more. Especially, when it turns into Spring, the valley is full of pink peach flowers. Bunches in the trees are in full bloom that fascinates many couples of butterflies and bees as well.

Countless tourists indulge in mingling themselves in the charming landscape and try to snap memory photos as beautiful as possible. Some find a calm space to listen to the clear sounds of birds, and enjoy their solitude. The other outstanding thing here that “clings to many visitors” is the bustling ambiance in the periodical market.

The market not only is a place of exchange, but also reflects the lifestyle as well as customs and practices of people in the highland. Products and other goods are sought everywhere in the large area as if it was on the occasion of a festival. Many people coming from different villages gather together to buy and sell, dance and sing.

In the market, visitors can join the crowded space which is a little bit noisy and messy, but fun and cozy. Hand in hand, shoulder by shoulder, eye to eye, everybody is greeted as if they were family, enjoying the great flavor of hometown.

Sung La Valley is also a home to roses and buckwheat flowers. Besides a large rose garden, tourists can take a panoramic view of an immense buckwheat flower field. Viewed from above, it seems like a smooth carpet that extends as far as a river. This poetic scene is a mixture of purple and pink of buckwheat flowers and green color of plants. It is so vibrant that most visitors want to put them down and fall into a deep sleep.

2. The King Meo Mansion

The king meo mansion

The King Meo Mansion, which is 100 years old, is one of the fascinating tourism destinations in the North-West. Built in the early twenty century, it was inscribed as a national relic by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in 1993, now keeping unique structures. With the special design of a large scale, this one will offer an awesome spectacle for visitors to behold.

The whole mansion, around 3000 meters of total areas, is located on the turtle-shaped high mound. According to the legend, the King Meo asked to build this mansion in his hope of bringing peace and prosperity for the people. Hence, coming to the King Meo Mansion, you both explore special structural quintessences and listen to interesting relevant stories.

3. The Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark near Lung Cu commune

The Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, Ha Giang Province, a global one, which is only in Vietnam and secondary in Southeast Asia. Dropping in here, tourists will have a chance to admire a wide range of strata, structure, along with typical cultures. With its pure and mysterious beauty, you can find a private space to relax and wallow in the cool green nature. Myriad visitors exclaimed that it is incredibly splendid because the geological beauty-spot is covered with dark green vegetations. Besides, you can adore tableaus and traditional villages which are imbued with national identity.

Reaching to the top of the park, you can see a panorama of emerald corn and sweet potato crops, and even a ribbon of white cloud floating on the top of far-flung mountains. There is nothing more wonderful than sitting in the grass and taking a deep breath in the highland. The simple and rustic beauty will make you temporarily forget the troubles and pressures in your daily life.

4. The Lung Cu Flag Tower

Lung Cu Flag Tower in Lung Cu Commune

Perhaps Lung Cu Flag Tower, which is 1470 meters high above sea level, had become a must-have destination of most tourists on their Ha Giang trip.

Traditionally, from generation to generation of Vietnamese people, Lung Cu Flag Tower is always cherished because it is a sacred iconic shape of the beloved country. It takes 200 kilometers or so for you to travel from Ha Giang City to there. This Flag Tower attaches a lot of historical stories as well as events, so it is considered a crucial landmark.

Only when you reach the top of the Flag Staff, do you fully appreciate the masterpiece made by nature. Far away in the distance, ethnic people working hard in the immense meadow, children playing hide-and-seek, which adorns the naturally rustic highland. Taking a view of ripe rice paddies and buckwheat flower fields, you will feel how fabulous and majestic life is.

IV. What to Eat in Lung Cu Commune?

eating in Lung Cu Commune

The cuisine of Lung Cu in particular and Ha Giang Province in general is extremely diverse and yummy. Those weird flavors will leave an indelible impression on many visitors. Besides some savory dishes made from pig, chicken, buffalo, tourists will have an opportunity to try out special ones such as colorful sticky rice, baked rice, and many more. All of them permeate scents of mountains and nature that you can’t miss anywhere else.

V. How to Get to Lung Cu Commune?

It is around 300 kilometers from Hanoi Capital to Ha Giang Province, so you can travel by private vehicles such as a scooter or car for trip convenience. Besides, public transportation is also an ideal choice if you want to spend your time preparing your baggage.

Lung Cu Commune, Ha Giang Province is indeed a wonderful gift from God. Its beauty is both simple and majestic that makes you can be on the ball again. This destination will bring you a “new breeze” for your trip in charming Vietnam.


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