Best Time of the Year to Play Golf in Vietnam: Ultimate Guide to Weather & Seasons

Best Time of the Year to Play Golf in Vietnam: Ultimate Guide to Weather & Seasons

Best Time to Golf on a Vietnam Golf Tour

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Jan 18, 2021

Golf is an interesting sport that has become increasingly popular. To make a brief description, a golf player will hit balls into various holes in a course and try to get the lowest number of strokes. Golfing has been introduced to Vietnam after World War I, with the first Vietnamese golf course constructed in Dalat.

Several decades ago, golf was considered the king sport of aristocracy. As a result, golfing in Vietnam was initially not so popular because many people think that it is the sport for the rich only. However, as time goes by, golf has gradually conquered a large number of players across the country due to its unique fun and fantastic experiences.

To have a successful round of golf, there are a lot of problems that must be taken into consideration. One of the most vital ones is choosing the suitable time for golfing. Many newbies wonder what the best time of the year to play golf in Vietnam is. 

Since golf is an outdoor sport, it should be emphasized that the “right” time for golfing depends on 2 main conditions: the weather and the season. In particular, the high season (peak season) is the time when golfy activities and events become busiest. In contrast, in the low season (off-season) when golf courses are least dynamic, there are very few active golfers and golf spectators booking tickets to watch the tournament. Based on the weather and seasonal variation, we can make a smart choice of time for golfing.

I. Vietnam Golfing Weather

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In general, spring (February – April) and autumn (August to October) are considered the ideal time to play golf in Vietnam. On these occasions, despite the weak sunlight, the temperature is mild and the weather is dry, which is extremely convenient to conduct an outdoor game of golf.

However, as the climate varies from region to region, from south to north, it is necessary to know about the weather conditions in different Vietnamese zones so that we can draw to the conclusion about the right time for golfing in each place. 

1. Best Time to Play Golf In North Vietnam and Hanoi

Best Time to Play Golf In Vietnam Hanoi
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The perfect time for golfing in North Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular is either late spring (March – April) or autumn (September – November). During late spring, the weather gets warmer and less humid. In autumn months, especially October and November, golfers can enjoy a cool and comfortable atmosphere with lots of sunshine and hardly any rain. The temperature is also quite mild (around 25⁰C).

Whereas, summer and winter are not decent times for golfy activities in Northern Vietnam, including Hanoi due to the harsh weather. Moving on to summer months (May – July), it is very hot (usually over 32⁰C) with lots of tropical rain. On the contrary, the weather is often cold, even chilly in winter. Sometimes there are patches of fog in the air which are likely to obstruct the vision. Towards late December, the temperature decreases remarkably, leaving people trembling in icy winds.

2. Best Time to Play Golf in Central Vietnam and Danang

Best Time to Play Golf In Vietnam Danang
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Central Vietnam is the region which experiences obvious climate transition from the North to the South. From Hai Van Pass to the North, the weather includes all spring, summer, autumn and winter while from Hai Van Pass to the South, there are only 2 seasons: dry and rainy season.

With the average temperature of 36 – 38⁰C in July and August and lowest temperature of 18⁰C in November, Central Vietnam is warm all year round. Therefore, the most appropriate time frame for golfing here is February – May since it is not too sultry and has little rain. 

From May to August, when it gets hotter, the weather is not favorable for golf holidays. From August – early November is the period of the rainy season. At that time, the coastal area in Central Vietnam is highly susceptible to tropical storms, which makes it impossible for golfers to practice and partake in golf sessions.

3. Best Time to Play Golf in South Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City

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In Ho Chi Minh City and South Vietnam, there are two distinct seasons including rainy (May – October) and dry season (November – April). Generally, the weather here is never too atrocious for golfing and you can play golf almost all year round. However, it would be worthwhile to note that the ideal time runs from November to April, when the climate is at its mildest. 

In the dry season, the temperature can rise up to 32⁰C and you should prepare some protected gears to avoid the heat. In the rainy season, there are always unexpected short and heavy showers which may frustrate you, especially in late afternoons. If you don’t want to get drenched, it is advisable to finish your golf session early in the morning.

AreaBest time to play golf
The North (Hanoi)March – April
September – November
The Central (Danang)February – May
The South (Ho Chi Minh City)November – April

II. High Season and Low Season of Golf in Vietnam

Best Time to Play Golf In Vietnam Season
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The weather in Southeast Asia in general and Vietnam in particular primarily involves 2 seasons: dry season and rainy season. The rainy season often falls into May – October with intermittent rains. During 3 months of June, July and August, the rain is even heavier in the afternoon. 

In the dry season lasting from November to April, you can expect the moderate temperature and clear sky, which is considered an advantageous factor to golfers’ experiences. As a result, the high season of golf in Vietnam generally coincides with the dry season, accompanied by skyrocketing prices. During the peak from December to February, Vietnamese golf courses will be busy welcoming a large number of European golfers coming here to avoid the extreme weather and snowy conditions.

1. Play Golf in High Season (November – April)


  • Ultimate weather 
  • Squeeze in multiple rounds per day


  • Escalating prices
  • Crowded playing conditions

2. Play Golf in Low Season (May – October)


  • Green fees are lower than in high season
  • Quieter courses


  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Unexpected rain during the day
  • You might not hit the ball very far on rainy days
  • Need to be equipped with protective gear like rain jackets, rain gloves (for wet weather) or sunscreen, hats (for summer weather)

Being an outside sport that is greatly affected by the weather, golf requires players to pay close attention to opt for the most suitable time. With these helpful guides, we hope that you can be well-informed before seeking golf sessions or golf holidays.

Best time to play golf in Vietnam

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