Waterfront Restaurant & Bar in Da Nang: What People Say about It

Waterfront Restaurant & Bar in Da Nang: What People Say about It

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Nov 26, 2020

There are many delicious restaurants in Da Nang city, but not all of them have the same popularity as the Waterfront restaurant and bar. Its eye-catching appearance as well as delicious dishes, ever since being opened in 2010, has never failed to impress customers from both domestic and foreign countries. Its string of activities and events also earned the attention of travelers, making the restaurant to become one of the most interesting places to hang out in Da Nang city, Vietnam.

Location: 150 - 152 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
Opening Hours: 09:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Phone: 0905411734 / 02363843373
Website: https://waterfrontdanang.com/
Delivery: Yes
Take out: Yes

I. Highlights of Waterfront Restaurant

Highlights of Waterfront Restaurant

1. The meaning of the name “Waterfront”

One of the reasons that make this restaurant so famous is its location. Being built on the bank of the Han river – the most mesmerizing river of Da Nang city, the place attracts the attention of many tourists. When the night falls, the street lights around the river are lighted up, and there will be boats traveling on the water, creating an illuminating and shining landscape. Sitting in the Waterfront restaurant, customers can have a full view of the sceneries along the Han river, which is a popular activity for foreigners when traveling to Da Nang city, Vietnam.

It is safe to say that the restaurant was located right in front of the Han river, giving its customers the perfect chance to sightsee the stunning landscapes here. This is why the place was called “Waterfront”.

2. Waterfront is a nice restaurant and also a high-quality bar

The Waterfront restaurant is a 2-level building, with the first floor being the high-quality bar and the second floor being the restaurant with delicious meals. Customers can stop by the place for an appetizing dinner, or simply for a drink to chill with friends.

Both floors have indoor and outdoor seats. On the first floor, chairs are being arranged outside, on the second floor is a large balcony with umbrellas and wooden tables, decorated by illuminating lights. The doors are always opened so customers can feel the cooling breeze from the Han river. It also makes the space much more refreshing, people inside won’t feel suffocated when sitting indoors for a long time. 

The Waterfront restaurant serves hot and delicious meals, while the bar serves expensive and famous branches of alcohol, as well as non-alcohol drinks for children and women if needed. In the alcohol drink menu, there are various types of drinks such as sparklings, champagne, wine… from many countries like German, Australia, France… In the non-alcohol menu, customers can choose between coffee, juice, mocktail… with various refreshing flavors.

After enjoying the meal, customers can come downstairs to drink and talk, making new friends, while taking in the lovely sceneries of the Han river. The intelligent combination between a restaurant and a bar helps customers have diverse options to choose to spend their nights, making their stay in Da Nang city even more memorable.

Food in Waterfront Restaurant in Danang

3. The diverse set of menu combines Western and Asian cuisine at Waterfront restaurant

The menu set of Waterfront restaurant in Da Nang city consists of high-class dishes, being combined and invented by a team of well-experienced Western chefs. Their food combines Asian and European cuisine, creating new and unique flavors but still tasty and easy to digest.  

Like many other restaurants, the Waterfront also has different sets of the menu for different courses, from starters, mains to dessert. There are also side dishes like salad and sets of dishes for large groups of people. Each set of the menu has diverse dishes from meat to seafood, vegetable to fruit. Each dish in the Waterfront restaurant especially includes a portion of protein, vegetable and a delicious sauce. The dish provides enough nutrition and energy for an interesting vacation, or just for a night of hanging out. Despite using refreshing, clean and high-standard ingredients, all the dishes of Waterfront restaurant have reasonable prices, suitable for a money-saving trip but still have high-class food in Da Nang city. 

There are astonishing Vietnamese dishes at Waterfront restaurant, such as the Vietnamese Caprese Salad and the Vietnamese Fresh Rice Paper Rolls Mixed Plate – which are the two outstanding dishes that foreigners should try. If you want to taste some Western flavors, don’t miss the Fine Apple Tart and the Grilled Salmon Salad.

Not only that, but there is also a list of Waterfront’s signature dishes, such as Waterfront Signature Burger, Chef Cường’s Chicken Wings Vietnamese Style and Waterfront Money Bags. If you want to try something out of ordinary, these are the perfect options for you.

Waterfront restaurant and their exciting events

4. Waterfront restaurant and their exciting events

The Waterfront restaurant is not only a place with good food and drinks but also a perfect destination to hold various events such as birthday parties or get-togethers. Whether you want to have a private dinner for 25 on the upstairs balcony or a party for a hundred, the Waterfront restaurant can arrange it all. The restaurant even provides decorating service for customers if needed.

Asides from events being held by customers, the Waterfront restaurant also has some spectacular parties of itself. Every year, they often have bustling celebrations such as the Halloween party or the Year End party. If you happen to visit Da Nang city at this time, this will be a must-visit place.

5. Vegetarian food are available at Waterfront restaurant

If you are a vegetarian and can’t digest meat, the Waterfront restaurant also provides a certain number of vegetable dishes as well as salads. Customers will have to ask the staff for a recommendation, because the menu set of the place doesn’t have a section for vegetarian, but the dishes are displayed in the same section as other non-vegetarian dishes. 

The most remarkable vegetarian dish in the Waterfront restaurant is Oven-Baked Vegetable Pastilla – which is a mixture of different fresh vegetables, cooked with special oriental spices, and lastly wrapped in filo pastry sheets and baked in the oven.

6. Music night every week at Waterfront restaurant

Every week on Friday and Saturday night, the bar on the first floor of the Waterfront restaurant holds a music night with harmonious melodies. The music is often Western, but sometimes there is Asian music as well. This is a great opportunity for young people to gather, make friends and relax after a long tiring week. The event also helps make weekend nights in Da Nang city become more exciting, especially for those who like to hang out around the Han river. 

II. Architecture and Decoration of Waterfront Restaurant

Decoration of Waterfront Restaurant
Source: nguyenviettrung1992

The Waterfront restaurant was located in front of the Han River in Da Nang city, so it is a well-known destination for locals. The glass walls make the place more outstanding, its dedicated decoration also helps to attract the attention of travelers. When the night falls, the restaurant seems to shine brightly on the street.

The Waterfront restaurant was decorated in a Western-style, the main colors are brown, black and grey, creating a fancy, high-class but still warm and friendly environment. Most chairs are leather brown, while the ones outside the pavement and the balcony are wooden. 

The restaurant on the second floor of Waterfront is very wide, with enough space for more than a hundred people. Brown chairs and tables are arranged evenly. Large windows are built on the walls, allow natural daylight to come in during the day, and help customers enjoy the scenery of Da Nang streets. The high ceiling is full of small yellow light bulbs, shining with gentle light. The structure of the room makes the space inside the Waterfront become much airier and less stuffy.

In the bar on the first floor, there are sofas and cushions, allowing customers to lean back and relax while enjoying their drinks. There are also stools for those who like to watch the bartenders making their drinks. Behind the bar, there is a wide glass closet displaying expensive branches of wine, making the place even more eye-catching. The 6-level closet with hundreds of bottles in the Waterfront restaurant has never failed to impress the customers.

The European style but still has a little bit of Asian culture design of the Waterfront restaurant makes an impression on the traveler’s mind. It is one of the reasons why this place is so popular and favorite.

III. How to Get to Waterfront Restaurant 

The Waterfront restaurant was located on Bach Dang street, near the Da Nang International airport. It only takes 12 minutes to drive from the airport and even less time from the Da Nang Train station.

Many bus routes are going via the Bach Dang street. If you want to get to the restaurant as fast as possible, the taxi will be the ideal option, despite having a higher price. Tourists often spend their evening eating at the Waterfront restaurant while hanging and walking along the Han river, which is the perfect activity to do in Da Nang city, Vietnam.

The best way to get to the Waterfront restaurant is to take some time exploring the areas around the Han river first. The absolutely refreshing scenery and the cooling atmosphere will ease your mind and help you relax easily. After that, there is nothing better than to spend your dinner at a fancy restaurant and bar like Waterfront, while taking in the evening landscape of the river.

IV. Things to Note at Waterfront Restaurant

  • Remember to contact for reservation if going in large groups. If you are planning to have a meal with more than 3 or 4 people, it is best to contact and book a table beforehand. The restaurant is often crowded at dinner time, especially at weekends. To make sure you get a table and are served thoroughly, reservation is highly recommended. You can call the restaurant hotline or make an online reservation on their website.
  • It is possible to order for delivery. Customers can order food and have it delivered at their house from Waterfront restaurant, this type of service can be made by calling the place’s phone number or on their website. 
  • Ask for a recommendation. The menu set at the Waterfront restaurant is very diverse with different courses and dishes, so before deciding what to eat, you should ask the waiters and waitresses for recommendations. If you are going with a large group of friends, each person should order a different dish to fully enjoy the unique cuisine at this restaurant in Da Nang city.
  • Consider the right time to visit the Waterfront restaurant. The Waterfront consists of both a restaurant and a bar, so if you want to check out both areas, you should consider coming early to have your meal, then spending time to relax at the bar. If you have a tight schedule, you may not have enough time to fully enjoy yourself as you wish. 
  • There are menus in different languages. The Waterfront restaurant, besides having the menu in Vietnamese and English, also has translations in Chinese, Japanese and Korean on their website. If you are from these countries, check out their menu on the official website of the Waterfront restaurant.

The Waterfront restaurant is considered to be one of the highlights of Bang Dang street, Han river in Da Nang city. Looking for a high-quality place to chill, a place that is worth spending money on? The Waterfront restaurant and bar makes the perfect option. Visiting the Han river is something no one can miss when visiting Da Nang city, the most dazzling and friendly city in Vietnam, and as you do, do not ignore the chance to give the Waterfront restaurant a try. The place has been stopped by and loved by thousands of international tourists, why don’t you be the next one?


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