Taco Ngon - True Mexican Cuisine In The Middle Of Da Nang, Vietnam

Taco Ngon - True Mexican Cuisine In The Middle Of Da Nang, Vietnam

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Nov 26, 2020

When coming to Da Nang, one of the first things that tourists care about is what to eat. Not only has delicious Vietnamese traditional dishes, but Da Nang is also famous for tons of different cuisine options from all around the world. Traveling in Da Nang, a tourist can find almost every kind of food, from Asian, Italian to European and vegetarian food. Among them, Mexican food is definitely something you should try in Da Nang, and Taco Ngon Restaurant is the perfect choice for that.

Location: 19 Duong Tu Quan Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang, Vietnam
Opening Hours: from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM
Phone: 090 650 42 84
Website: https://www.facebook.com/tacongon/
Delivery: Yes
Take out: Yes

I. Highlights of Taco Ngon Restaurant

Highlights of Taco ngon restaurant

Taco is one of the most famous dishes in Mexico. Taco is a simple type of food made from corn flour or normal flour, delicious with a crispy and yellow outer layer, and has various choices of fillings so customers can choose whichever one they want to have. It can be safe to say that Taco has become a popular food around the world, one of the most outstanding traits in the cuisine of Mexico.

Among a certain number of Mexican places in Da Nang City, Vietnam, the Taco Ngon Restaurant is likely to be the most favorited by both locals and foreigners. Not only has delicious and refreshing dishes with the true flavor of Mexico, but the price range is quite affordable. Coming to Da Nang, it is highly recommended that you should stop by the Taco Ngon Restaurant at least once.

1. Taco in a Taiwanese style

Despite being a Mexican dish, the Taco Ngon restaurant was actually founded by a Taiwanese owner. Her name is Ellin, and she was inspired by the simple yet colorful and diverse flavor of the Taco dish. From her original dish, “Gua-Bao Taco”, she slowly researched, discovered and came up with various different dishes with many different flavors. In her mind, Taco is a dish to have with your friends, creating a bustling and friendly atmosphere. Therefore, the Taco Ngon Restaurant is her dream to have a comfortable and lovely space to get together with her acquaintances.

Many foreign customers see her Taiwanese style Taco dishes as a “surprising little treat”. Taco is a famous Mexican dish and has been sold in many countries in the world, but not many places have a unique kind of Taco like the Taco Ngon restaurant in Da Nang.

Food in Taco Ngon

2. A diverse menu of Taco Ngon restaurant

The Taco Ngon restaurant also attracts customers from all over the world due to its diverse menu, with various dishes of taco that are suitable for many people’s preferences. If you like chicken, they will serve you with a delicious dish of chicken taco, if you like pork or beef, there are also dishes with these ingredients that will satisfy your taste. You are a fan of seafood? They have fish and tuna tacos as well! Coming to the Taco Ngon restaurant, you will absolutely find at least two or three dishes of taco for your appetite.

According to a certain number of customers that have visited the Taco Ngon restaurant in Da Nang, the Tamarind BBQ Chicken Taco, the tamarind BBQ Taco and the Wasabi Coleslaw Taco are the best ones. You definitely should give these dishes a try if you are planning to visit Da Nang. It will be even better if you can come in a group and each of you tastes a different dish of the Taco Ngon restaurant to actually feel the extreme talent of the chef here.

The best thing about this is that despite having various kinds of dishes, from the most simple one to the more complicated ones, the restaurant has such an affordable price. It is suitable for every class of people so don’t hesitate to stop by at least once.

3. There are dishes for vegetarians at Taco Ngon restaurant

Vegetarians often hesitate when visiting a new restaurant, being afraid that the place will not have available dishes for them. However, that is not something you should worry about when coming to the Taco Ngon restaurant in Da Nang. The eating place has several plant-based tacos that will absolutely satisfy even the grumpiest vegetarian.

The vegetarian tacos here are made from fresh vegetables and herbs, as well as being marinated with delicious vegan sauces that will bring out the delicious and appetizing flavor of the ingredients and the taco outer layer. Most vegetarians, when coming to the Taco Ngon restaurant, have fallen in love with the vegan dishes they found here.

What to eat in Taco Ngon

4. Ready to become a King or Queen at Taco Ngon restaurant?

Not only selling delicious taco dishes, but this Taco Ngon Restaurant in Da Nang also has a very interesting game for customers called “King & Queen”. This is the chance for you to become a King or a Queen of the restaurant and will be honored on the website of the place.

How to become a King or a Queen? It’s very simple, the restaurant will choose a new royalty every month based on the amount of taco you can eat. The person that eats the most tacos will claim the title and your victory will be announced on their leaderboard. And when you become a King or a Queen, you will receive a red Taco NGON t-shirt – which you can only earn because this shirt is not for sale. Wearing it, everyone will know that you are the King or Queen of the Taco Ngon restaurant.

Visiting the website of the place, you will see many people that had success in achieving the honored title. Are you ready to become the next winner?

5. Taco Tuesday in Taco Ngon restaurant

Every Tuesday, the owner of the Taco Ngon restaurant tries to come up with a new recipe for the taco. So by visiting the place on Tuesday, you will have the chance to taste a whole new dish of Taco that has never been shown before.

If you are eager to try out new flavors, this event at the restaurant in Da Nang is absolutely suitable for you. 

II. Architecture and Decoration of Taco Ngon Restaurant

Architecture in Taco Ngon

Despite being famous and loved by lots of foreign tourists, and having many times being listed in the topmost delicious Mexican restaurants in Da Nang City, the Taco Ngon restaurant has such a simple yet cozy space. It creates a familiar and comfortable feeling for customers when stopping by. Instead of being awed by the fancy decorations, the restaurant prefers a friendly and heart-warming space.

The restaurant is not so big, only has an average size and enough for a certain number of customers to sit and enjoy their dishes. However, people love visiting the place for this exact reason. They often love an easy-going and free atmosphere of the Taco Ngon restaurant, and that is one of the reasons why the place is loved so much.

The Taco Ngon restaurant has light green walls, with plastics chairs and tables – a signature sign of Vietnamese shops and stores. These kinds of tables are easy to set up, as customers can have as many chairs as they want. If you like, you can also choose to sit on the pavements, in front of the Taco Ngon restaurant so you can watch the sceneries of the street while enjoying the delicious taco dishes. Eating on the pavements has become an outstanding signature of Vietnam so this is absolutely a must-try experience.

Decoration in Taco Ngon

To make up for the simple walls, the owner of Taco Ngon restaurant has hung lots of lights on the ceiling, so when the night comes, the whole place seems to shine brightly under the sky. There are also colorful flags being hung on the ceiling, so it is not only shiny but also beautiful and eye-catching. This is definitely a great place to catch up with your friends during weekend nights.

On one of the walls of the Taco Ngon restaurant, they hang up a blackboard which is decorated with sparkle strings and patterns. Here you can use colorful chalks to write whatever you want, from your name, your country or your messages and take some admirable pictures with it. This is a very simple yet clever and wonderful way for customers to have some sweet memories with the Taco Ngon restaurant in Da Nang.

If you take a look at the place’s website or facebook page, you will see tons of photos of previous customers from all over the world with this black board. So why don’t you become the next pretty customer to leave a trait of you in this famous taco restaurant of Da Nang city, Vietnam

III. How to Get to Taco Ngon Restaurant?

There are many places for you to stop by the Taco Ngon restaurant, which was located at number 19 Duong Tu Quan, Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang city.

The easiest way to reach the place within a short time is to hop in a taxi. Just tell the driver the address and they will take you there as fast as possible. The only problem with it is that taxis tend to cost more money, so if you are on a low-budget vacation, this is not the most ideal option.

If you want to save money, going by public transportations is the best choice. In Da Nang, you can hop on a bus to arrive at Duong Tu Quan street. Take a look at Da Nang bus routes online for more information, and if you get lost, you can always call the restaurant’s number for help.

IV. Things to Note at Taco Ngon Restaurant

  • Don’t hesitate to try new dishes! The Taco Ngon restaurant is famous for its various dishes of taco with diverse ingredients, so it will be a waste if you just stick to your regular orders instead of giving new flavors a try. You can always ask the waiters for recommendations and don’t forget to order some drinks to make the dish even tastier.
  • Wear your best shirt for a memorable photo! As mentioned above, the Taco Ngon restaurant has a blackboard where you can write messages and take pictures with it. Don’t forget to wear your most impressive shirt and leave the restaurant with an incredible picture, as well as your own interesting story.
  • It may be different from the original Mexican taco! Being made by a Taiwanese in a Taiwanese style, the taco dishes you found in the Taco Ngon restaurant of Da Nang city might be different from the original ones you knew from Mexico. However, the new flavors will be an interesting change for you, so don’t hesitate to give it a try. You will most likely won’t be disappointed.
  • Suitable for a quick meal! If you want something simple, light and quick for your meal but still delicious and appetizing, don’t miss the Taco Ngon restaurant. The dishes here are absolutely suitable for vacations because tourists often are in a hurry to get to their next destination. The price is cheap too, so it will save you a lot of money for your trip.
  • Don’t forget to make new friends! The Taco Ngon restaurant is visited by many customers from all over the world, so the place is ideal for making friends, learning new cultures and getting to know people from various nations. You will surely make tons of sweet memories in this lovely restaurant in Da Nang city, Vietnam.

Still looking for a great restaurant with friendly staff, delicious food and affordable price in Da Nang city, Vietnam? The Taco Ngon restaurant is definitely an ideal place for that. Not only get to try an interesting crossover between Mexican and Asian cuisine, but you can also create a lot of sweet and wonderful memories here. Stopping by the Taco Ngon restaurant, you won’t have to regret anything. Let’s try some creative tacos in the breathtaking city named Da Nang right away!


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