My Casa Restaurant: a Unique Experience of Food and Chill in Da Nang

My Casa Restaurant: a Unique Experience of Food and Chill in Da Nang

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Nov 26, 2020

Many people have wondered why there is a place that mixes Italian food and Spanish cuisine? The combination of these two cuisines seems to be unfamiliar and unappetizing, but somehow My Casa had made it work wonderfully. The story behind My Casa Restaurant was very accidental. The two owners of the place, an Italian woman and a Spanish man, met in Italy and started to form an idea about a restaurant together. 

I. Highlights of My Casa restaurant

Outside My Casa restaurant in danang

1. The story of My Casa Restaurant

“Casa” in Spanish means “home”, so the idea of the two owners of My Casa restaurant is to create an eating place where travelers can not only refill their energy but also find a heart-warming place like home, to rest a bit after wandering for a long time. Being well-experienced travelers themselves, the owners know exactly what one needs to feel at ease after being away from home in months. That is why, My Casa Restaurant not only has appetizing food but also brings a cozy, tender and comfortable vibe.

2. The Italian and Tapas menu of My Casa restaurant

The menu set of My Casa is updated regularly on the official website of the restaurant. All the dishes are described shortly but detailed so customers can know what they are about to eat. The images of the dish are displayed as well, which makes it more convenient for those looking for delivery service. 

The My Casa restaurant specializes in Italian pasta, Spanish Tapas (the appetizers in Spanish cuisine) and some Malaysian cuisine. According to a certain number of customers who have eaten in My Casa restaurant, the pasta is the most worth-trying dish. Especially the pasta dish with slow-cooked pork with beef tomato sauce, which is called “Tagliatelle Bolognese”. Despite being the basic type of pasta, the dish has always succeeded in impressing the customers. The “Bavette Arrabbiata” dish which is spaghetti with garlic sauce or basil tomato sauce with slightly spicy flavor is also favored by many people.

Food in My Casa Restaurant

For Spanish dishes, you should try the “Spanish Wild Bread”, which is salami with spicy chorizo, or the “Fuson Tosta” which is a simple Spanish dish but had been recreated with Asian flavors. The dishes will amaze you.

Not only that, but there are also food sets suitable for groups as well as vegetarian dishes. Gluten free option is another thing available at My Casa restaurant. The chefs of My Casa always put lots of effort to appetize their customers.

3. The interesting events at My Casa Restaurant

Not only serves delicious and creative dishes, but My Casa restaurant also holds tons of bustling events for customers to enjoy. Every Friday, My Casa has the “Gentlemen’s Night” where ladies and men with a mustache will be discounted 50% for all cocktails. Every once in a while, the restaurant holds a House Event party with live music and jazz, which brings joy and excitement for customers. Every two or three weeks, there will be a special event called “All you can eat BBQ” on Saturday as well. Customers often follow their Facebook fan page to keep up with these amazing programs of My Casa. 

Besides all the wonderful events, the place also arranges events for customers such as birthday parties, year-end parties, company dinners and all other kinds of celebration. You just have to contact the staff in advance and they will have everything ready for you.

Decoration in My Casa Restaurant

4. The bar of My Casa Restaurant

What attracts customers to My Casa Restaurant not only is the delicious food, but also the high-class bar with all types of fancy drinks. The full bar is filled with excellent craft beer, cocktails, Italian and Spanish wine. There is nothing better than these charming drinks to wrap up a memorable dinner. From 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM every day, there will be free Tapa with craft beer as well.

The drink menu of My Casa restaurant is very diverse with different kinds of drinks. According to customers, Belgo, Têtê, Heart of Darkness and Saigon Cider are some of the best craft beverage brands in Vietnam that you must try when coming to My Casa.

5. Online reservation at My Casa Restaurant

During weekends and evenings, My Casa Restaurant is often crowded with people. So to make sure you have wonderful nights with delicious hot meals, you should make a reservation in advance so the restaurant can prepare the best dishes for you.

Besides calling the hotline of the restaurant, customers can make an online reservation on the official website of My Casa. You just have to enter your name, email and the information of the reservation, everything will be set up for you.

6. The special location of My Casa Restaurant

Located on the Morrison street of Da Nang, My Casa Restaurant is not very far from the ocean. When sitting in the outdoor area of My Casa, customers can feel the cool ocean breeze blowing in the air. When the sunset, the sky will be colored in a deep red and orange color, creating such a beautiful and mesmerizing scene for customers to enjoy.

Travelers can come to My Casa for a hot and delicious meal after swimming and hanging out at the beach. Not only provides a great view of the sea of Da Nang city but from My Casa, customers can smell the salty sense of the ocean and relax as well. The special location makes My Casa become an ideal place for a romantic dinner or to get together between friends as well.

II. Architecture and Decoration of My Casa Restaurant

Architecture in My Casa restaurant

My Casa restaurant was designed in a simple and cozy style, which aims to bring customers a sense of comfort and heart-warming like they are returned home even just for a short while. 

From the outside, travelers will easily spot the restaurant by its black and green sign. The words “My Casa” are carved in a very simple font, the black color is outstanding among surrounding landscapes. Stepping inside, you will feel like going to a normal Vietnamese household, ready to taste their friendly home-cooked meals instead of going to a high-rated restaurant.

Arrangement inside My Casa Danang

My Casa restaurant has two areas, the outdoor and the indoor one. The tables and chairs are simply black and green plastics with no eye-catching patterns. It is easier for customers to move and arrange chairs as they want. The motto of My Casa is simple and cozy, so they didn’t put much effort into decorating chairs and tables. However, it is the thing that attracts foreign customers, because fancy spaces are something they have been so familiar with in their hometown.

When the night falls, the outdoor area is shining with strings of lights, creating an illuminating and dreamy space. Plus the salty smell of the ocean and the cooling breeze, My Casa is truly one of the best places in Da Nang city to relax and chill.

III. How to Get to My Casa Restaurant?

Located on Morrison Street, a famous route near the beach of Da Nang City, My Casa restaurant is very easy to find. On the street, there are plenty of other tourist attractions as well as entertainment for travelers. All in all, it is safe to say that this is one of the most famous roads in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Many bus routes are going via the street. Not only that, but its location is quite near two important intersection areas which are the Da Nang Railway Station and the Da Nang International Airport, which makes it easier to travel and tourism. 

The place is not very far from Hoi An ancient town as well. All in all, My Casa restaurant is an ideal place for tourism and traveling. Customers can always grab a taxi to travel to Morrison Street or rent a motorbike to travel on your own.

IV. Things to Note at My Casa Restaurant

  • Give feedback if you want. The staff of My Casa restaurant takes their customer’s opinions seriously. After every meal, there will be a waiter or a waitress come forward to ask for your honest thoughts about the food, the services, space and everything else. They always try to improve themselves to live up with customer’s expectations, so don’t hesitate to voice your judgment if needed. If you don’t want to say it directly, you can always leave a comment on their official website.
  • Don’t arrive too early. My Casa restaurant only opens from 11:00 AM every day, so if you want to have lunch, make sure you don’t arrive at the place too early. 
  • On the opposite, arrive early if you want to have dinner. My Casa restaurant works until 09:30 to 10:00 PM every day, so it won’t be suitable for a late dinner. Therefore, make sure to have your meal early to avoid rushing.
  • Delivery is available for bills costs at least 150.000 VND. My Casa restaurant provides a delivery service, but only for bills costs from 150.000 VND. The delivery fee will be at least 20.000 VND for each bill as well.
  • Card payment is accepted. My Casa restaurant not only receives cash but also card payment (Visa, Master Card, ATM…) so don’t worry if you don’t have any money in you.

If you are looking for a restaurant with less Asian and more Italian – Spanish flavor, somewhere near the beach so you can enjoy a delicious dinner after swimming and hanging out, My Casa will be the most ideal option. The place deserves to be one of the most worth-visiting restaurants near the coastline of Da Nang city, so make sure that you won’t miss the one of a kind experience with My Casa.  


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