Phong Nam Ancient Village, Da Nang: an Idyllic Place of Interest

Phong Nam Ancient Village, Da Nang: an Idyllic Place of Interest

Cordelia Gray Cordelia Gray | Published Jan 06, 2021

Phong Nam Ancient Village is 10 km southwest of the center of Da Nang City, on the direction of National Highway 1A. It consists of 4 hamlets, including Nam Thanh, Tay An, Dong Hoa, Bau Cau. This is considered a typical Vietnamese village, with lush bamboo groves, ancient village gate and green rice paddies. 

Unlike the bustling modern city of Da Nang, this village can be seen as a blast from the past”. Here you can find the rural characteristics at every corner, from houses to footpaths.

Location: Hoa Chau Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang

I. History of Phong Nam Ancient Village

Phong Nam Ancient Village History
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Phong Nam Ancient Village dates back to the Champa period. Like other villages in Vietnam, the village’s name has been adopted many names prior to the name of Phong Nam, some of them are Phong Le and Da Ly. 

This 100-year-old village bears many historical marks of local residents. It is home to General Ong Ich Khiem – a talented mandarin under Tu Duc reign. There are also many anecdotes about Cao Ba Quat’s visit to this area, and parallel sentences donated by Phan Boi Chau.

II. What is the Best Time to Visit Phong Nam Ancient Village?

Phong Nam Ancient Village Best Time
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In order to fully explore the beauty of this ancient village, you need to choose the most suitable time. Summer is the peak tourist season in Da Nang, thanks to the dry weather and peaceful scenery. It is an ideal time for you to visit Phong Nam Village as well. Especially, if you would like to get superb photographs, it is advised to travel in summer months, from May to July.

III. Highlights of Phong Nam Ancient Village

Phong Nam Ancient Village Highlights
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Coming to this one-century-old village, you will have a chance to penetrate into the serene ambiance of rustic life. Immense paddy fields, bamboo groves along the road and old houses create a country picture of simplicity and tranquility. For those who have seen Vietnamese historical films, you will feel a sense of familiarity and intimacy in every corner of Phong Nam Village.

You should not miss the opportunity to go to the local market where a wide range of agricultural products are displayed for sale. Although there is no sign of large shops like in a big city, it is fun to have a bucolic experience when being surrounded by simple bamboo stalls and wooden tables. Here you can not only purchase local specialties but also learn about their unique culture.

IV. What to See and Do in Phong Nam Ancient Village?

1. Contemplate Ancient Architecture

Phong Nam Ancient Village Wharf
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The most prominent feature of this village is that it still remains a series of ancient architectural works. The first one is the yellow village gate built solidly, adjacent to the old banyan tree that witnesses the long history of the village. 

Going further inside, you will be mesmerized by a number of ancient temples, pagodas and clan ancestral houses. Once visiting there, you should not ignore Dong Hoa River Wharf which belongs to Hen Hamlet – a neighborhood famous for mussel jobs for many generations. Near this wharf lies an old temple built at the Tay An River Wharf (Dung Hamlet). If you are a history lover and want to find out about Da Nang households’ lifestyle as well, Phong Nam should be added to your bucket list.

2. Partake in Traditional Festivals

Phong Nam Ancient Village Shepherd
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Apart from charming landscapes, Phong Nam has quite a lot of festivals that are worth exploring. The most notable one is the Shepherd Festival dedicated to shepherd children. This interesting festival is often held with fun team-building games, aiming to honor the value of farming as well as praying for blessed crops.

3. Taste Local Delicacies

Phong Nam Ancient Village Quang Noodles
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When exploring a destination, we will definitely have to explore its cuisine. This ancient village offers many yummy dishes to try, such as rice paper rolls with pork, Quang noodles, fish salad, Vietnamese noodle with fried tofu and shrimp paste. 

If you want to give your friends or families local food as a gift, there are a lot of options to consider, from Me Xung (sesame candy), chili sauce to shrimp paste, girdle cake. Such specialties are totally handmade products, having the countryside’s taste wrapped up inside.

V. How to Get to Phong Nam Ancient Village?

Phong Nam Ancient Village Get to
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To get to Da Nang, you can opt for one of the following common transportation types.

1. By Plane

This is absolutely the most convenient and time-saving way. At a cost of 500,000 – 2,000,000 VND/way (depending on your choice of airlines), you can enjoy a comfortable journey before reaching Da Nang International Airport. However, if you want to get cheap tickets, you need to book your flight as soon as possible.

2. By Train

This means of transport suits those who have a lot of spare time and are passionate about sight-seeing. After arriving at Da Nang Station, you will have to travel about 10 km southwest further to reach the ancient village of Phong Nam.

3. By Coach

Coach is the most popular vehicle that many visitors choose to get to Da Nang. Because there are many coach trips during a day, along with the abundance of coach companies, you can easily book a journey to the city of Da Nang. 

4. By Motorbike

With backpackers and small-size groups, going by motorbike has a lot of advantages. You will be more proactive and feel free to explore different destinations en route. As you are about to go on a long-distance trip, it is necessary to get everything well-prepared, even if you are having the intention of hiring a motorbike.

Phong Nam Ancient Village in Da Nang is a charismatic spot for relaxation and cultural experiences. Especially if you are dying for a quiet place to leave all the city’s hustle and bustle behind, Phong Nam would be a perfect shelter for your soul.


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