Luong Duong Springs: a Relaxing Place for Hot Summer Days in Danang

Luong Duong Springs: a Relaxing Place for Hot Summer Days in Danang

Travel Guide to Suoi Luong Spring Eco-tourism Site in Danang

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Feb 17, 2021

Da Nang, the city in Central Vietnam, consists of many entertaining resorts to attract tourists in summer, the most crowded tourism season of Da Nang. Favored by the Creator with a variety of natural scenery, Da Nang is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy their vacation. On the way to Hai Van Pass, Luong Duong Springs (Suối Lương) (aka Luong Springs or Hai Van Park) is an eco-tourism site that all tourists should pay a visit at least once when coming to Da Nang.

Location: Hoa Hiep Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City
Opening hours: 24/24 daily
Entrance fee: Adults: 50,000 VND; Children: 20,000 VND

I. Overview of Luong Duong Springs

Overview of Luong Duong springs in Danang

1. Location

Luong Duong Springs, or Luong Springs in short, is located to the south of Hai Van Pass, the most spectacular pass in Central Vietnam. This area has various favorable conditions of an eco-tourism park, including high mountains, diverse fauna and flora, as well as many crystal lakes and springs. The natural geological conditions are reformed and improved by humans to become one of the most attractive destinations in Da Nang for tourists.  

Highlights of Luong Duong springs

2. Highlights of Luong Duong Springs

Coming to Luong Duong Springs, the very first image that tourists can see at the entrance gate is the statue of “lac bird”, a kind of bird existing in Vietnamese legend. According to ancient Vietnamese, lac birds are the symbol of Vietnamese aspirations and desire, so the image of this bird has accompanied the life of Vietnamese for thousands of years. Besides lac birds, visitors can also catch the image of Mother Au Co (the legendary mother of all Vietnamese) and her 100 eggs, which is the symbol of Vietnamese ethnic groups.

What to see in Luong Springs eco tourism

Luong Springs Park is covered by many green trees, which gives this area a fresh atmosphere, and the temperature is much lower than the outside. Going deeper inside Luong Duong Springs, tourists will catch the sights of restaurants and houses in Cham architecture, along with many household appliances of Cham people. It can be said that Luong Duong Springs is an multi-culture park, which is the intersection of ethnic minorities in Central Vietnam. There tourists can find plenty of unique features in houses of ethnic groups, including Muong, Tay, Nung and K’tu.

In the center of this park is a crystal-clear spring. Luong Duong Springs receives water from jungles and mountains of Hai Van Pass, so the water can be clear all year round. So fresh is the water that tourists can see large round pebbles at the bottom of the springs. On the rocks around Luong Springs, there are many carvings with the image of lac birds, turtles, flowers, leaves and clouds. Around the springs are thatched huts for tourists to sit and enjoy the scenery of Luong Duong Springs.

At Luong Duong Springs, visitors can enjoy the clean and cool air, listen to the sound of birds and forests, immerse in the pure water and admire the beauty of nature there. The appealing beauty of Luong Duong Springs for sure will make tourists amazed and cheerful because this is a different world without outside interruption.

II. What to See and Do at Luong Duong Springs?

What to do in Luong Duong springs

1. Swimming

Swimming in the cool water of Luong Duong Springs is a must-try activity for all tourists coming to this park. What can be more exciting than immersing in the pure water of the springs so that your soul is soothed by the freshness of the springs. The space of Luong Duong Springs is covered by the green shadow of trees, which makes the atmosphere much clearer. Playing with friends in Luong Duong Springs for sure is an unforgettable experience of all tourists.

2. Picnicking and team building

With a large green area, Luong Duong Springs is an ideal destination for outside activities, including picnicking and teambuilding. In Luong Duong Springs Park, besides arranging your own games for team building activities, you can hire a game moderator of this park who can manage your activities in a professional way. Some additional services for outside activities of tourists in Luong Duong Springs are tent-hiring, camping fire and outside stove.

Camping in Luong Springs in Danang

3. Visiting Cham Tower

In Central Vietnam, the most famous Cham Tower is in South Central. However, tourists can even see a miniature Cham Tower in Luong Duong Springs of Da Nang. Cham Tower along with surrounding reliefs and statues is a lively evidence about the architecture style of Cham ethnic in South Center of Vietnam, as well as the awareness to preserve cultural traits of people here.

4. Lien Hoa Temple

In Luong Duong Springs, there is an ancient temple tourists should pay a visit to when walking around this area. The temple is named “Lien Hoa”, which means lotus flower. This temple was moved from Hanoi to Da Nang for nearly a century and reformed in 2003. Therefore, the architecture as well as the Buddha statues of Lien Hoa Temple are quite different from these ones in Da Nang. The poetic scenery of this park and the tranquil atmosphere of Lien Hoa Temple will help visitors find their soul peaceful.

III. Best Time to Visit Luong Duong Springs

Best time to visit Luong Duong springs

The best time to visit Luong Duong Springs, in particular, and Da Nang, in general, is from early April to late August. This is summer time in Da Nang, and also the tourism season there. At that time, both domestic and international tourists come to Da Nang to enjoy their vacation in luxury resorts, entertaining parks and ecotourism areas.

The weather in summer in Da Nang is rather hot, but it is much more gentle in Luong Duong Springs thanks to its plant systems and springs. All the tiredness of tourists seems to be gone with the wind when entering Luong Duong Springs.

IV. How to Get to Luong Duong Springs?

Luong Duong Springs is about 15 kilometers to the northwest of Da Nang city center. To get to Luong Duong Springs, tourists have some transportation options, including car, taxi and motorbike.

From Da Nang city center, you follow Highway 1A or Nguyen Tat Thanh road to the north. After crossing Lien Chieu Bridge, you turn left and continue to go about 2 more kilometers to reach Luong Duong Springs.

It takes you about 30 minutes to get to Luong Duong Springs by car or by motorbike. If you follow Nguyen Tat Thanh road, you will have a chance to experience the most beautiful road on the coastal line in Da Nang.

V. Extra Tips

  • Because your trip is taken in summer, don’t forget to prepare a hat and water to enjoy your outside activities.
  • If you want to bring your own food into Luong Duong Springs, you have to pay 10,000 VND/person.
  • Besides the entrance fee, tourists need to pay some more money to experience the services inside Luong Duong Springs.
  • The interior of this park consists of some restaurants where tourists can enjoy local specialties.
  • Accomodation is available in Luong Duong Springs. The price ranges from 200,000 VND to 1,400,000 VND, depending on the type of room.
  • Remember to protect the environment of Luong Duong Springs.

If you are finding a tourism destination in Da Nang to escape from the heat of summer, Luong Duong Springs is a good choice that you should take into consideration. Getting to this park, you can find yourself in nature, enjoy your wonderful moments with friends and family and recharge your energy after tired working days. Should you have an opportunity to Luong Duong Springs, don’t hesitate to share with us your gorgeous photos capturing your unforgettable moments there.


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