Hon Tam Island - The Most Gorgeous Beauty in Nha Trang

Hon Tam Island - The Most Gorgeous Beauty in Nha Trang

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Sep 18, 2020

Hon Tam Island (or Thuy Kim Son island) is a unique combination between pristine and modern beauty. Tam Island, one of islands in Nha Trang having clearest water, is featured with the majestic natural beauty, including tropical forests, golden sand, blue sea and top- notch resorts that fascinate thousands of tourists every year. Located in Nha Trang gulf and far from the southeast of the city center almost 7 km, she has become a fabulous space for people who fall in love with ecotourism.

Here you can take part in loads of sea sports that are difficult to find out in other destinations. You will feel satisfied with the traditional atmosphere of Hoang Hoa Thon (Hoang Hoa Village) as well as get lost in the undersea world of coral reefs. Now, check it out!

I. What to Do at Hon Tam Island?

1. Sandbank

The beach is referred to as one of the best heaven seas in Vietnam.  With more than 1 km of the seaside and the beauty of smooth white sand, nobody can refuse to take a walk along the coast or lie on the deck- chair under the coconut trees’ shades. 

The water is so blue and clear that you can see fish and other marine creatures in the bottom. Tourists can immerse themselves in cool water, play with the little waves and listen to the rustling noises of the sea- breeze. Because of the considerable depth of the sea, you should take a life preserver to freely swim and play sports upon the water. 

What to do in Hon Tam island

2. Hoang Hoa Thon

Hoang Hoa Thon is supposed to be a unique village where ancient architecture still exists. It covers about 400 square meters in width. This masterpiece was believed to consist of 5 old buildings that had been constructed more than 100 years ago. You will be surprised with a variety of antiquities that are kept intact until now.

Moreover, if you set foot in Hoang Hoa Thon area, you will have an opportunity to communicate with traditional artisans who are creating a lot of appealing art works with brocades, potteries, etc. This place will give you a new experience with traditional values and inspire visitors to learn more about Vietnamese traditional culture.

3. Water Sports

Hon Tam island is famous for being one of the richest islands with an abundance of fish and other aquatic species. Therefore, this is an ideal attraction for snorkeling in the tremendous ocean to see directly thousands of stunning coral reefs and marine creatures around.

Especially, plenty of thrilling games are offered for adventurous people, consisting of windsurfing, parachute pulling, flyboard, water motors controlling and other interesting sports. This will be a new and unforgettable experience that you should not miss.

4. Sea Walker

Sea walker is a new kind of sport in several tourist attractions in Nha Trang. It is a safe sport which teenagers, elderly people, children (at the age of ten and above) can take part in. Even no swimming skill ones who are afraid of water can still join in because water is not allowed going inside the helmet diving and you are always protected by coaches next to you.

You will feel like you are walking in the land and touch directly in colorful coral reefs. During 15 minutes for one time, you are free to feed fish or take photos with the kingdom of coral reefs.

Kayaking in Hon tam island

5. Kayak boating

Kayak is one of the most fascinating games which is also used as a means to discover the magnificent paradise of Tam island. It is believed that rowing is hard to control for the first time on your way because the boat is easy to be capsized. In this situation, keep calm and paddle slowly, Kayak will move more smoothly and faster.

III. How to Get Hon Tam island?

If you set off from Cam Ranh airport, you have to reach Nha Trang city by a taxi, which costs around 300- 500 vnd( ~ $13- $21) and takes you roughly 40 minutes for 35km. In addition, the bus is much cheaper and it takes you about 1 hour to complete the distance from the airport to the inner- city.

There are several ways to leave the city for Hon Tam harbor, you can catch a bus( No.4) or take a taxi or motorbike( ~15m).

Then, you can rent a normal boat to Hon Tam Island at an economical price of 20.000 vnd( ~$1) / per capita. Another convenient choice is a high speed canoe which is 4 times as fast as and the expense is 200.000 vnd( ~$8.7) / capita.

Relaxing at Hon Tam island

IV. What to Eat at Hon Tam Island?

Hon Tam is well- known as a grilled seafood heaven that attracts numerous visitors, even gourmets. Buffet party will serve customers with perfect lobsters, crabs, oysters and other tasty kinds of fresh seafood.

If you do not have time to stay long, have lunch on the island and have to return to the pier, you will have difficulty finding a good restaurant. Therefore, take into consideration and make sure you will have a full stomach before leaving the island.

V. Tips on Visiting Hon Tam Island

  • The climate is temperate that is suitable for every season with average temperature is roughly 26.3 Celsius. However, the best time to visit Hon Tam island is between July and September because in this time, the weather is most beautiful
  • You can bring yourself a few things like: food, water, sunscreen, hat, bathing suit and a towel. Hat and sunscreen are essential in case you travel in summer.
  • Last but not least, every corner of Tam Island is not allowed throwing garbage. It is essential to have awareness of protecting the environment.

       Hon Tam island is truly a fantastic place for everyone who would like to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Immense yourself in the flow of cool water, contemplate colorful aquatic species and play thrilling sports that will make you forget to return homes. Tam island always welcomes you to come and wish you have a nice trip with your beloved ones.


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