Dai Lanh Beach, in Nha Trang

Dai Lanh Beach, in Nha Trang

A Strikingly Gorgeous Spot in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Nov 13, 2019

Dai Lanh Beach, located about 90 kilometers north from Nha Trang city, is highly acclaimed for being a pristine attraction in Nha Trang, Vietnam. It offers tourists with wonderful natural beauty such as chalky sand, lush mountains, good swimming beach and lots of beautiful casuarina trees.  

Location: Dai Lanh, Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa
Opening hours: Open 24 hours

Why is Dai Lanh so Special?

It is said that Dai Lanh is the most noticeable coastal scenery in Vietnam. Coming to this destination, you will have an opportunity to immerse yourself in a quiet blue sea, soft white sand, beautiful mountains plus with the freshwater stream. What makes this beach special is its clear blue water that allows you to see the bottom easily. There are also rows of green casuarina trees running along the seaside. 

Dai Lanh seaside

More importantly, since the beach ground surface is gently sloping, tourists can comfortably swim far from the shore. In fact, if you swim tens of meters from the seashore, the water level is still at your chest. So, there is no need to worry about swimming safety here. 

The tourism in Dai Lanh beach has not developed much like in other beaches, so the natural landscape at Dai Lanh will make you feel astonished at its open beauty. The colors of clouds, sky, waves, and sand blending into each other smoothly but distinctively. Therefore, this beach is ideal for those people who are fans of trekking. 

In the past, during the Nguyen Dynasty, King Minh Mang decided to carve this landscape in one of the Nine Urns, which used to stand in front of The Mieu yard in Hue ancient citadel. Then, under the reign of Tu Duc King Dynasty, the beach was compiled to be among the 10 most gorgeous beaches in this nation. 

Where is Dai Lanh Beach Located?

Dai Lanh foreland belongs to Phuoc Tan village, Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province. The beach of Dai Lanh is actually located between the borderline of Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa provinces, next to National Highway 1A and 30km to the south of Tuy Hoa city. 

From Tuy Hoa town, pass through Ca Pass, tourists will find out a pretty beach right under their feet, with clear crystal water, busy boats and sparkling sunlight.

Best Time to Visit Dai Lanh

Because of the unique location, Dai Lanh weather is so unpredictable. According to the local people living in Dai Lanh, the best time for tourists to visit Dai Lanh is in the summer, from April to August. It is the time when the beach is more beautiful than that in other months. 

How to Get to Dai Lanh?

There are 2 modes of transportation you can use to go to Dai Lanh Beach. 

  • By train: The train departs from Nha Trang station to Dai Lanh at 6:35 am every day. The price is almost 45.000 VND per ticket. 
  • By bus: It will take you around 30 minutes to go from Nha Trang to Dai Lanh. But you will need to catch 2 different buses in order to reach your destination. 

What to Do in Dai Lanh?

Dai Lanh is such a pristine beach, which means it is not affected by humans a lot. It still retains its original from the beginning. Spending one day at Dai Lanh Beach, you can gain back a lot of freshness for yourself.

1. Contemplate Beautiful Sunrise

Sunrise at Dai Lanh beach

First, you can wake up early in the morning in order to watch the beautiful dawn. Next, have some food and take a rest before going swimming in the clear blue water in the afternoon. You can stroll after that to feel the romantic scene of the sunset. Finally, at night, come back to the beach again, walk along while listening to the sound of the sea waves.

Besides the breath-taking views along the beach, there are so many other interesting places near here. 

2. Visit Dai Lanh Lighthouse

Dai Lanh lighthouse

Dai Lanh Lighthouse is over 100 years old. It was constructed by the French in 1890 on Varella Cape. It has an impressive structure with more than 25 meters of height, 5 or 6 kilos of weight and 108 wooden steps leading you to the top of it to see the immediate vicinity. 

The lighthouse is built to help the ships to set a course while protecting Vietnamese national heritage and boosting tourism in the province. Recently, it has been repainted and became a famous destination for young people to check in whenever they come here. 

It takes about 20 meters to walk to the lighthouse and 15 meters to get from the lighthouse to the beach. 

Entrance fee: 20,000 VND 

3. Go to Khai Luong Fishing Village

Khai Luong fishing village

This village is located at the north end of Dai Lanh beach. Just take a boat trip and you will reach the village in some minutes. Then, you can see a lot of fresh squid, fish as well as snails that are sold at a very reasonable price. 

In addition, spending time exploring the life of local people in Khai Luong village, you can understand more about their daily life as well as culture. As a result, your knowledge will be enriched much. 

4. Head to Dai Lanh Cape

Dai Lanh Cape

The destination is worth your effort to get there. As the first place to see sunrise in Vietnam, Dai Lanh Cape, this site opens to you a giant picture of beach and sandbank. Interestingly, it was chosen for the context of a famous film in Vietnam “Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass.”

What to Eat in Dai Lanh

Vietnam is renowned for its variety of delicious food, so does its provinces and cities. Like any other tourist areas in Vietnam, when visiting Dai Lanh beach, you will also have a chance to enjoy some of the most typical foods such as squid hotpot, Beef noodle soup, Banh Mi or Banh Xeo

Where to Stay in Dai Lanh Beach?

It is easy for tourists to find a hostel or hotel along the seashore and roads of Dai Lanh. The price ranges from 120,000 to 200,000 VND.

It is highly recommended that you should try the noodles in some food stalls in the local bustling market. Then, taste the Vietnamese pancakes at lunch and the seafood hotpot at dinner. After that, walk along the street and search for some classic street food. During the day, you can stop by at any coffee shop in order to try the famous Vietnamese coffee, too. 

For all the information mentioned above, why are you hesitating to visit Dai Lanh Beach? It is truly a perfect place to enjoy your trip. So, let’s pack your bag and go to Dai Lanh!


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