The Exotic Beauty Of Hon Chong Promontory, Nha Trang

The Exotic Beauty Of Hon Chong Promontory, Nha Trang

An Impressive Collection of Boulders in North of Nha Trang

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Oct 22, 2020

Hon Chong Promontory standing at La San foothill, Nha Trang is an incredible group of boulders stacking one another without any special adhesive substances. Especially, there is the largest square-shaped rock lying on the highest and having a huge five-fingered hand indentation on its side overlooking the sea.

According to scientists, this site is the consequence of the tide’s erosion over a hundred years, yet there are three typical mythical stories about the formation of Hon Chong.

Location: Vinh Phuoc, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province
Opening hours: 6 am - 6 pm

1. History of Hon Chong Promontory

History of Hon Chong Promontory

The first story was about a giant sitting fishing on the stones and suddenly a gigantic fish stroke at bait then pulled him away. While trying to cling to the rocks in order to pull himself back, his hand left a deep imprint as shown today. 

Another folktale told that, a long time ago, when a giant came to this place to enjoy the sightseeings, he encountered a group of fairies bathing. And because of watching them mesmerizingly, he slipped so unexpectedly that he only could hold the ridge slightly and made it collapse, leaving an image of a neat hand on the big stone.

The last story is far more meaningful, making up the name of anonymous boulders. It happened on a stormy day when colossal waves sinked a couple’s ship and drowned two of them in the water. While the husband tried his best to hold the wife tight as well as cling to the biggest rock, he left his handprint on it. Although they were not able to survive from the harshness of nature, their great love was commemorated by the way local people call the offshore group of rocks Hon Chong, the husband, and the onshore one nearby Hon Vo, the wife.

2. Highlights of Hon Chong Promontory

Highlights of Hon Chong promontory
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As one of must-visit attractions in Nha Trang, Hon Chong complex is the intersection between harmonious nature and bustling coastal city, which can blow any tourist’s mind when standing zooming out the eyesight as large as possible.  

Initially, it is obviously the unique handprint on the square-shaped rock that visitors should pay a visit in order to enjoy the marvelous creation of nature. Becoming more appealing when it comes to dawn or sunset, the group of boulders is an idealistic stop for people wanting to immerse into the interference between day and night, sea and mountains. Moreover, there are many other sightseeings to look from afar at Hon Chong Promontory. 

Finding a high flat firm rock to stand on, tourists will have a chance to see a beautiful white sandy beach with coconut and casuarina trees lined up along the shore, and behind those trees is busy Nha Trang city highlighted by well-designed architectural works especially at night.

Hon Yen, Hon Tre, Hon Do, Cau Da Port, Co Tien Mountains are main sites which can be clearly seen from Hon Chong. Because of several islands in different sizes surrounding the whole area, wind speed and typhoon impact are reduced, leading Hon Chong to become a safe bay to have holidays at. 

Another place called Society’s Premises of Nha Trang Gulf is where passengers could witness the beam house – an ancient architecture of Hue. It is mainly made from wood and has 60 columns with vibrant, sophisticated sculptural motifs. The club is not only to display pictures and objects related to symbols of nice gulfs all over the world, but also to introduce passengers to the typical life of local people as well as unusual cultural features of Vietnam.  

3. What to Do at Hon Chong Promontory?

What to do in Hon Chong promontory

Visiting Hon Chong destination, travellers will take part in a variety of interesting activities. If people would like to join physical activities, climbing on big rocks or swimming in the blue sea are finely appropriate for adventurous minds. Besides, joining local inhabitants in picking up sea snails and seaweed when the tide ebbed away is considered a fun experience for many tourists as well.

To those who like to spend time running away from hectic schedules and seeking for a tranquil dreamy place, walking along the white sand beach or sitting on a rock will absolutely clear people’s mind, reflect themselves and figure out solutions for life. There is also a book café near Hon Chong Promontory for people to both sip a delicious cup of coffee and read a good book or contemplate the peaceful blue sea.

4. What to Eat at Hon Chong Promontory?

What to eat in Hon Chong promontory

After contemplating Hon Chong’s highlights, it would be a deep regret if not tasting seafood here. In the early morning, local fishermen will check on fish and other kinds of seafood such as scrimps, crabs and oysters stuck in fishing nets. Visitors can join them and buy fresh lively seafood with affordable prices. 

5. How to Get to Hon Chong?Promontory?

It is about 3.5km north from the center of Nha Trang to Hon Chong. Tourists can go there either by taxi or motor and bicycle. Since the area is now extended for tourism purposes, it is truly easy for people to drive to Hon Chong rather than overcoming steep hills.

6. Tips on Visiting Hon Chong Promontory

To ensure visitors will have fully enjoyable experiences at the scenic spot Hon Chong Promontory, here are some tips to check out:

  • It is clear that everyone wants to retain memories about a trip in pretty photos, then it is advisable to come to Hon Chong in the morning since the site is so crowded in the evening that unable to take nice pictures.
  • Climbing on one big rock and overlooking blue sea are really interesting, yet travellers should be careful of slippery black boulders and wisely choose a firm flat one.
  •  Traditional instrumental performances will be played in Hon Chong club every Wednesday. Then it is recommended to consist of Wednesday in the travel plan to Hon Chong.

Indeed, Hon Chong Promontory will satisfy even the most demanding visitor thanks to the harmony of nature’s arrangement, man-made work and local stories. Yet all of the highlights above are not as worthy as direct experience. Just explore it by yourself and share your feelings about it!


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