Yang Bay Eco Park, The Harmony Of Humans And Nature

Yang Bay Eco Park, The Harmony Of Humans And Nature

Jane Pham Jane Pham | Published Mar 04, 2020

About 50 kilometers from the tourism city Nha Trang, Yang Bay Eco Park offers you an amazing excursion with the marvelously beautiful landscapes and the specific cultural experiences. Thanks to the impressive scenery of Yang Bay Eco Park, it will immediately win the hearts of both domestic and international visitors. If you are looking for an ecotourism destination for the holiday of your family, or a journey with your friends to escape from the crowded city life, Yang Bay Eco Park is the best selection for you.

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I. Highlights of Yang Bay Eco Park

Yang Bay Eco Park is a tourism complex, which includes Yang Bay Waterfall and the surrounding areas. This is a destination for you not only to do sightseeing but also to explore the specific culture of the locals through the reality activities. Yang Bat Eco Park is one of the best ecotourism destinations for tourists when coming to Khanh Hoa.

Yang bay ecopark

Khanh Hoa is worth considering as a paradise for touring since this landscape does not only attract you by the white sand beaches, the crystal-clear water, shimmering sunshine but also the magnificent mountains and lush green forests. Nestling in a primeval forest with the peaceful atmosphere, fresh air and sparkling waterfalls, Yang Bay Eco Park is an ideal stopover for you to enjoy relaxed moments after all the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Yang Bay Eco Park is located in a lush valley of trees and colorful flowers, which is 570-hectare-width. In contrast to the hot weather that you often feel in North Central Vietnam, the air there is quite cool, and early in the morning there will be a little bit foggy and chilly. With the ticket fee from 100,000 VND to 250,000 VND a person, you can have an intriguing exploration there.

Due to the large area of Yang Bay Eco Park, if you do not want to walk a lot, you can take an electric-coach near the territory of this park. At the ticket booth near the entrance, you can get an instruction paper in order not to miss any exciting things there. Besides, you can have a tour guide who will take you to the most attractive places and tell you interesting stories about Yang Bay Eco Park.

II. What to See in Yang Bay Eco Park?

1. Waterfalls

Yang Bay fall

The waterfalls are the most outstanding feature of Yang Bay Eco Park. In this area, there are three waterfalls: Yang Bay, Yang Kang and Ho Che; Yang Bay Waterfall is the most imposing and beautiful, so people use its name to call  even the tourist attractions nearby.

Every fall has its own story and Yang Bay Waterfall is not an exception. According to the stories told by the locals, the last-born daughter of the Jade Emperor fell in love with a poor villager there, but the Jade Emperor did not accept this love, he made the villager turn into a stone statue. So angry was the Jade Emperor that he made a drought, all the rivers and lakes there were extremely dried. There was a toad mother and her child wailing until they were absolutely exhausted and died. Knowing that, the Jade Emperor was deeply moved and regretted, his tears flowed to the position of mother toad and her child, forming two waterfalls. The bigger fall was named Yang Bay, which means the Heaven Waterfall, and the smaller one was called Yang Kang, which means the Son of the God.

Yang Bay Waterfall is the melody of the forest, which is majestic, powerful and poetic, smooth as a hair stream of a Raglai ethnic girl. This waterfall originates from Giakang peak from an altitude of nearly 1,000 meters. The end of the waterfall is divided into two branches, one meets Yang Kang Fall forming a source of water for the vast lake below; the other mixes with natural hot spring water to create a unique thermal spring in the middle of the mountains. The water of Yang Bay is so clear that you can see through the flat rocks on the bottom of the lake; and surrounding the lake are grasses and flowers that combine together to form a charming natural swimming pool.

2. Thermal Springs

Going to Yang Bay Eco Park without taking a dip in the natural hot spring pool is such a huge omission. To get to the thermal springs, you will need to overcome two suspension wooden bridges hanging above the river and mountain. That is such a challenging and exciting experience for you. After going over all the obstacles, you will reach Ho Che Waterfall that leads to the thermal springs.

Thanks to nature, there are many pools here, each pool has a different temperature, and you can choose any lake that is suitable for you. If you like swimming in the cool water, you can choose the 19-Celsius-degree round pool, while the 32-Celsius-degree pool is a great choice for those who would like to immerse in the warm water. However, not all the pools there are used for swimming. There is one exception which plays the role in supplying the minerals for all the other one, which you are not allowed to swim in.

3. The Tree of Wishes

Yang Bay sacred tree

Near the entrance of Yang Bay Eco Park, you will catch the sight of a huge banyan tree with colorful ribbons on the stump and branches. This is the tree of wishes, or Moc Than tree. According to Raglai people, the tree of wishes is the residence of Yang Bay Forest God . The surrounding trees are the relatives of the God of Forest, while the eight large foliage symbolizes the eight faces of the God to look after the eight directions of heaven and earth.

According to the locals, this tree is very sacred. Raglai people, an ethnic minority there, often come here to incense and pray for health, love, career, peace or money. It is said that if you can tie the ribbon on the branch of this tree, all your dreams will come true. However, the tree of wishes is so high that you cannot reach the branches, you can throw your ribbon to the tree branches.

4. Fairy Garden and Pearl Island

Yang Bay tour

Fairy Garden and Pearl Island are artificial scenery built in order that tourists have a place for their gorgeous photos. The Fairy Garden is an immense garden with a total area of 14,000 square meters, where you can admire hundreds of thousands of colorful flowers blooming like an enormous carpet, which combines with the exclusive statues of animals. Pearl Island is the place where you can go on a swan-shape paddle boat to contemplate the breath-taking view of this park, then enjoy a delicious meal with local specialties.

5. Exhibition House

In the ground of Yang Bay Eco Park, there is an exhibition house for displaying and performing unique ethnic musical instruments such as Khanh Son lithophone (an ancient stone instrument), Chapi, T’rung, Tacung flute, Taleploi pipe and so on. This is a good opportunity for you to know more about the stories, historical myths and the cultural meanings of these antique musical instruments. Along with the exhibition is the chance for you to interact with the Raglai artisans.

III. What to Do in Yang Bay Eco Park?

1. The Raglai Show

The Raglai show is a unique musical performance of the locals, which is held at 12.30 daily in the exhibition house of Yang Bay Eco Park. This is a valuable opportunity for you to acquire the exclusive cultural features of the Raglai, the ethnic minority living in South Central Vietnam. You can require the musicians to play your favorite folk songs as well as join the Raglai dancing and singing. Because Yang Bay Eco Park is a popular place with the Russians, it is quite familiar to see some traditional songs of Russia there such as “Kalinka”, “Katusha” or “A wind blowing from the sea”.

2. Recreation Activities

Yang Bay Eco Park offers you a variety of entertainment activities, which not only make fun for adults but also for children. These activities include watching imitation cock-fighting, racing piglets, fishing, feeding black bears and crocodiles and riding ostrich. In particular, it is quite difficult for you to find a park like Yang Bay Eco Park where you can see Asian black bears, the endangered animal of Vietnam and in the world. The recreation experiences in Yang Bay Eco Park for sure will give you great excitement.

3. Specific Local Cuisine

In the nearby area of Yang bay Eco Park, there are not many choices for you to enjoy a meal, but in Yang Bay Restaurant, you can have a try on unique and attractive dishes. These dishes are made from crocodile and ostrich meat through the skillful hands of the chefs. The dishes made from crocodile are grilled crocodile, crocodile stuffed with lotus root, crocodile stewed with ginseng and crocodile sauced Thai style. The ostrich dishes include ostrich stewed with five fruits, ostrich wrapped in lotus leaf and fried ostrich eggs. So delicious are the dishes that they will immediately satisfy you with the flavor of the forest.

IV. How to Get to Yang Bay Eco Park?

Bus in yang bay ecopark

About 50 kilometers to the southwest of Nha Trang city center, you can get to Yang Bay Eco Park by self-driving car, rental car, motorbike or long-distance taxi without any difficulty. The entire road to the park is flat, quite wide and smooth. If possible, you should come here by motorbike to enjoy the picturesque scenery along the road with the blue sea, poetic villages, immense rice paddy fields and high mountains on the two sides.

From the center of Nha Trang, you follow the direction of Dien Khanh District and then turn to the road of Khanh Vinh – Da Lat. Here, you go straight to Dang Thach spring. Continue going about three to four kilometers, you will see a sign showing the way to the park; following the instructions, turning left and going straight ahead, and you will reach Yang Bay Eco Park.

V. Tips on Visiting

There is some extra information which might be of some help to you:

  • The park is in the process of development, so there are not many restaurants providing food services. Therefore, you should bring your own food to experience camping and picnicking with your family and friends.
  • Yang Bay Eco Park is a large area; it would be very tiring for you to walk to visit the whole park, so you can use the tram service if you want.
  • Don’t forget to bring your swimwear and extra clothes. The Yang Bay area has lots of natural swimming pools, so you should bring these equipment to freely play in the water.
  • You should follow the safety rules when visiting the waterfalls in Yang Bay Eco Park.
  • Avoid littering on the ground of Yang Bay to protect the environment.

A day in Yang Bay Eco Park will definitely help you not only forget the daily life but also drop your soul into the majestic and beautiful mountains and waterfalls. Summer is coming, we hope this share will help you with an ideal destination to escape from the heat. We wish you a nice and memorable experience in Yang Bay Eco Park!


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