Doc Let Beach in Nha Trang: How Special It is?

Doc Let Beach in Nha Trang: How Special It is?

Travel Guide to the Most Beautiful Beach in Nha Trang - Doc Let

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Feb 25, 2021

What an omission it would be if we did not list Doc Let Beach in the most beautiful beaches in Khanh Hoa and in Vietnam as well. It is absolutely an idyllic paradise for relaxation where people can forget anxiety in life temporarily to chill out in nature, see picturesque sceneries, and enjoy utilities in luxurious resorts.

Location: Ninh Hai Ward, Ninh Hoa Town, Khanh Hoa Province

I.  Overview of Doc Let Beach

Overview of Doc Let Beach

Doc Let beach or Doc Lech beach firstly impresses on tourists by its unique name which do not have a clear meaning in Vietnamese. “Doc” in “Doc Let Beach” means slope. This name comes from the way the locals had to pass to reach the beach before. Doc Let Beach is laid behind sand dunes so in the past, in order to come to the beach, the locals had to pass sand slopes as high as barriers. Nowadays, to develop tourism, convenient roads are built to help tourists get to the beach more easily.

Located only around 49 kilometers far from the south of Nha Trang City, Doc Let Beach is very popular and highly recommended as an ideal destination in summer vacation for everyone from the young to the old to swim because it is the shallowest beach among all the beautiful beaches in Nha Trang; moreover, this beach also has very small and light waves because it is covered by lots of small islands, which can protect the beach from fierce waves from the sea. The sparkling white soft sand spreading over 2,5 kilometers in length, clear turquoise water with calm waves, green casuarina grove surrounding Doc Let beach are beautiful things which immediately attract tourists who set foot on the beach for the first time.

II. What is the Best Time to Visit Doc Let Beach?

Best Time to Visit Doc Let Beach

Seemingly, the best time to visit Doc Let Beach is from February to September since at that time, the weather in Nha Trang is very nice, sunny, windy, and dry with the average temperature around 26,6 degree Celsius while during the time from October to January, the water is too cold for tourists to bath and especially, the rain season usually takes place from October to November.

Furthermore, if tourists can visit Doc Let Beach at the beginning of the year (around April in Lunar Calendar), there are plenty of festivals and sporty activities which bring them exciting experiences.

III.   Highlights of Doc Let Beach

Highlights of Doc Let Beach

Once tourists set foot on Doc Let Beach, almost their first impressions are white soft sand strips stretching out of sight, the fresh atmosphere with light winds blowing from the sea, cool clear water bringing back comfortable feeling of relaxation, the wonderful idyllic sceneries coming from the colorful surroundings such as green mountains and islands laying far aways, high white sand dunes left behind and brown palm-roofted umbrellas put along the shore.

Different from other beaches in Nha Trang, Doc Let beach still retains pristine idyllic appearance as its original beauty. On the day, Doc Let beach is always crowded with tourists; on the contrary, when the night falls, the beach returns to its original tranquility. There are only a few flames or yellow lights coming from camps of tourists next to Casuarina grove. It is truly a peaceful attraction that is suitable for who would like to relax in rustic and quiet places.

Do not worry that you may get bored easily with the beach owing to its peace as there are a myriad of outdoor activities waiting for you to experience, in which you are able to take part in, such as contemplating Doc Let beach, discovering surrounding islands, playing sliding sand, visiting fishing villages, etc. These experiences can make your trip more memorable.

IV. What to See and Do When Visiting Doc Let Beach?

Activities in Doc Let beach

1. Take part in outdoor activities

One of the newest outdoor activities well-liked by many tourists when visiting Doc Let beach is parasailing. You are able to join in this sport on any other beaches in Nha Trang; however, such engaging experience is nowhere to be found as on Doc Let Beach because of the majestic pristine nature surrounding this beach which you can zoom out to see from above.

Besides parasailing, water scooter is an ideal sport in Doc Let beach as well. You can hire a water scooter to contemplate the farther view from the shore. The guide staff will instruct you carefully how to use and control a water scooter. Therefore, take it easy and it will bring you back new exciting experiences.

If you don’t prefer extreme sports like those, you can consider taking part in other team sports on the beach such as volleyball, soccer, or simply revel in cool refresh clear water or stroll along the beach to watch the sunrise or the sunset on the sea. Especially swimming on Doc Let Beach is extremely safe because it is such a shallow calm beach that the water level at 100 meters far from the shore is only as high as an adult’s chest, the water is super clear that you can see the bottom clearly.

Another activity highly-suggested by tourists who have ever visited Doc Let Beach is sand sliding. Behind Doc Let beach is high large white sand dunes standing side by side to cover the beach. Sliding from the top to the bottom of dunes is also as pleased as Punch. There is only one note that this sport should be played in the early morning or in the late afternoon because the temperature on sand dunes will be very hot at noon.

2.  Go camping overnight on Doc Let beach

Normally, tourists only spend a day to visit all in Doc Let beach; nevertheless, you are able to stay overnight to unwind the absolute peace of this place or to wait to see the dawn on the sea the next morning by camping overnight on Doc Let beach. There is tent rental service on Doc Let beach; therefore, which you need to prepare is food and drink, clothes and some necessary things for a romantic night in a vintage tent on the beach.

Explore islands in Nha Trang  surrounding Doc Let beach

3. Explore surrounding islands

The Doc Let beach is protected by sand dunes behind and lots of small islands in front. Discovering surrounding islands in Nha Trang is also a beloved activity by adventurous young people when visiting Doc Let. With only about VND 20,000 per time, you can rent a small boat from the locals to explore the small islands lying around, experience life in fishing villages or simply paddle the boat faraway the shore to waive your anxiety in life, immerse yourself in nature.

4. Taste scrumptious seafood

Tasting scrumptious fresh seafood is an indispensable thing when tourists visit any beach so there is no exception for Doc Let beach. Fresh seafood such as: crab, snail, shrimp, squid … are sold and processed on the spot eaten with a little salt and pepper mixed with lemon, which is the unforgettable sweetness of the sea. Besides seafood, you have no difficulty finding other delicious specialties of Nha Trang and Central Vietnam in Doc Let easily such as mango cake, grilled chopped fish, … to buy as presents.

V. How to Get to Doc Let Beach?

Below are some convenient ways to get to Doc Let beach for your reference.

If you are in Hanoi, you can get on a bus to Nha Trang, then hire a motorbike to move to Doc Let beach. This way is cheap but takes you more time to travel from Hanoi to Nha Trang via bus; therefore, to save time, you can book a direct flight from Noi Bai airport to Cam Ranh airport, then call a taxi to reach Doc Let beach.

If you are in Ho Chi Minh city, you will have more options to choose such as catch a flight from Tan Son Nhat airport to Cam Ranh airport or get on a bus to Nha Trang then ride a motorbike or call a taxi to Doc Let or go by train to get off at Ninh Hoa station and call a taxi to the beach.

There will be more ways for you to move but above are some of the most convenient routes often chosen by tourists when paying a visit to Doc Let.

VI. Extra Tips

  • Try to plan to visit Doc Let Beach on weekdays. It tends to become busier on weekends.
  •  Follow the weather forecast so as to avoid rainy days or stormy days.
  • Prepare essential items while traveling such as swimsuits, sunscreen, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, … Especially, don’t forget to bring insect sprays if having intention of overnight camping on Doc Let beach.
  • Observe the rescue location before swimming.
  • If going in summer, avoid swimming and sunbathing during noon time (11:00 AM – 03:00 PM) since the sunlight is very strong, travellers are likely to get sunburnt or sunstrokes at that time.

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