Top 3 Most Famous and Largest Fruit Orchards in Mekong Delta

Top 3 Most Famous and Largest Fruit Orchards in Mekong Delta

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Sep 21, 2020

For fruit-lovers, it will be regretful if you don’t take the chance to visit one of Vietnam’s three well-known fruit orchards in Mekong Delta.

1. Vinh Long Fruit Garden

Local people in fruit orchards in Mekong delta

Only 02 hours driving from Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh Long fruit garden lies in the central position which has been consolidated by Tien River and Hai River. The reason makes Vinh Long Fruit Garden as the top travel destination for years because of the green fruit orchards during four seasons.  Tourists can relax while enjoying hands-on experience in harvesting fresh fruit in the orchards.

2. Can Mon Orchard Village

Produce in fruit orchards in Mekong delta

Cai Mon Orchard Village – most often referred to as the “fruit kingdom” – is located at Vinh Thanh Commune in the Cho Lach District of Ben Tre Province. Apart from bonsai, visitors will surely to enjoy the pleasant scents of other tropical fruits such as langsat, mangosteen, and durian. Hardly any region’s fruit can compare to particular Hai Hoa green grapefruit and Chin Hoa flat seed durian here. This is the destination where visitors can try and enjoy all kinds of fresh fruits of Southern Vietnam.

3. Cai Be Fruit Garden

Tourists at Fruit orchards in Mekong delta

About 70 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City, Cai Be is well-known as one of the most productive fruit gardens. Its specialties include the flowery and fruity aromas of the most popular Nam Roi grapefruit, longan, and oranges. Surrounded by canals, around the year Cai Be Fruit Orchard immersing in fertility alluvial of the Tien River delta, it is a specialized cultivation areas providing fruits for domestic needs and for export as well.


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