Hue Top Lists

Hue Top Lists

The Best of Hue

Hue is the only province in Vietnam that has five cultural heritages recognized by UNESCO. This ancient city is home to many worth-visiting sites, including a number of pagodas, kings’ tombs, French-colonial buildings, and Imperial city complex – the most important UNESCO World Heritage Site of the town. 

Coming to Hue is coming to a land with ancient and sacred places, with gentle and discreet smiles behind the conical hats of Hue girls cycling on the old-town streets to the poetic Perfume River, or brilliant sunset on the peaceful Tam Giang lagoon. 

All create the attraction of Hue, which is always mysterious, both familiar and new. Here, we introduce a helpful guide on Hue Top Lists to help visitors grasp an overview about the best of Hue.

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