Hue Shopping

Hue Shopping

What to Buy and Where to Shop in Hue

Hue gets a lot of products to buy and many places to shop. The shopping scene in Hue is featured with local markets, tailor shops and boutiques, and art galleries. There is no better place in Vietnam to buy handicrafts than Hue.  Among handmade products, the Non La is a must buy item, which can be seen all around the country. It is a kind of conical-shaped hat made of woven palm leaves and sometimes, the craftmen insert poems onto the weaves to make the product more unique and vivid.

To experience something local and understand more about Hue cuisine, local markets are ideal destinations. There are some outlets and workshops in Hue where tourists can learn how to make popular handicrafts during their vacation in Hue. This Hue shopping guide reveals some of the most recommended places to shop in Hue.

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